Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Struggling Young Family

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Title: A Struggling Young Family

Editor - Something new added this lot: From now on I will be including a link in the Lot Description below. Click it, and you can view the house in the Prosperity Falls Walkthru.

Lot: Capehart.1 - Terrance, Maris, Nicholaus, Sandy and Samuel

Last Visit:
Terrance And Maris Move In

Terrance narrating: My gosh. It is rough just startin' out. Me and Maris, even though we have three kids now, still feel like we are newlyweds. Heh. We are into the wearin' matchin' clothes and everything, right down to our underware. We started out in life together in the same house my grandparents started out in.
Jayrus and Tosha. My mom was born here, Tosca. Heck, I have looked at some old pictures of this place and she was just a baby toddlin' 'round here without floor covering and stuff. Now I look around and I feel fortunate.

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Well, I guess you know what we just finished doing. It sure wasn't to advertise our fashion sense to the neighborhood. Man, when your'e in love with somebody you get kinda relaxed around them. I can say that about Maris. She is my friend. Yeah, we have nicer stuff than grandpa and grandma had here. Expensive furniture and wallpaper. Things are better for us than it was for our grandparents back in those days. That means I can provide a better life for my family.

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But it hasn't been easy. I come home from work some days and I am so tired I feel like I just wanna pass out right on the side walk. But it is all worth it for Maris, Sandy, Samuel, and Nicholaus. I have been doin' pretty will with promotions and getting some cash in the bank. Maris hasn't yet started her newspaper job, she is still workin' in law enforcement. Well, she took time off to have Nicholaus. Then she got pregnant again while she was training for a promotion, so that slowed her up a little bit.

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It was one of those unplanned things. Man, granny and grandpa's house is really small, I really didn't know how I was gonna fit another member of the family in. But you know how it is; where there is a will, there is a way.
Maris at first seemed like she didn't want to be pregnant again; things were not moving quickly enough for her in her career. She studied hard every minute she wasn't chasin' after Nicholaus. He had become a very active toddler, then finaly a boy. She sure loves Nicholaus.

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Maris did make it to the top of her career, she became a Captian Hero. She was set for life; really. But she declared she needed to know a little something about the darker side of life if she was gonna be successful in the bid to be the Prosperity Falls advice columnist.

She got a job in the Paranomal field. She's got this telephone lookin' thing that she put out in the flower beds...says it makes a good bird bath lookin' thing. Well, is sure doesn't have any water in it. My water bots still have to water the flowers around it. Anyhow, she loves her job. It was right in the middle of climbing the ladder upwards with the "Phone A Phaker Paranormal Services" company that our kids were born.

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Meet (natural)twins Samuel (my boy)

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and Sandy, my daughter. Samual inherited blonde hair from my mom Tosca, whilst he has my skintones. Sandy takes after the Stricklands. Got her grandpappy Chevy's skin and purple eyes, and her mamma's red hair. No one would ever know they are twins. They look nothing alike.

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Life was so hectic when the kids were first born. At times we had two nannies at the house givin' me and Maris a hand. That in itself got confusing for us sometimes. But we sure appreciated the help. Maris' dad Chevy came by too to look after his new grandchildren. It is a wonder with everything he has goin' on at the homestead with opening a new adoption agency.

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Finally things are starting to lighten up a little. Money is no longer a problem. Nicholaus is in elementary school, and the twins are in preschool. Maris and I are still working and have a tidy sum in the bank. I piddle around with robotics, and now have expanded into flower arranging.

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Maris and Samuel

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Maris and Sandy

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Yep, life is good. And getting better all the time in Prosperity Falls.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round - Two new Sims - Sandy and Samuel born. Maris - TOC and LTW - Law Enforcement, perm plat. Terrance - TOC and LTW, Science and Law Enforcement, perm plat.


QueenofSimtopia said...

Great job Wen. I really like this family, they are quite down to earth (literally, comparing them to some of your sims...). Maris is really pretty, and the twins are adorable!

Bubbs said...

Natural twins? Wow! That's great, I love natural ones. :) What will we read when this ends?

ASimWen said...

It will be a great finish. I am already thinking about it. A lovely farewell. But dont' worry! There are still approx. 12 rounds to go!

KeyKel69 said...

Yeah! I'd missed having prosperity updates. Did you add ANOTHER challenge when I wasn't looking (I know about Fellowship)?? I can't wait b/c I know my namesakes are soon. :-)

ASimWen said...

Actually yeah....there is another project I am doing. Viosinage-Partagé. It is a shared hood between me and three other players. You can see it at: So far my entries are round 3, but you can read all of them, I am sure the other players would love it.

SGX1018 said...

Wow, this is a really great family! Congrats on the natural twins, it's funny how they don't look anything alike, that happens all of the time in my game. Maybe Maxis should make twins identical, never mind. Great Update!

Katie said...

Yay! Another update! They are so cute, and you're right, the twins look nothing all. Maris is beautiful as well.

Mandie said...

Yay twins! I just love new babies! Lol, that's my favorite part of the game!

Alexis said...

Great update! I'm glad to see Maris and Terrence so much in love still...even with all of those kids! The twins are cuties--they don't look alike, but they are both very cute!

Heather/Simaholic said...

Awww, Terrance and Maris in their matching clothes is so sweet ::gags::

YAY! Congrats on the natural twins! Terrance is right, those twins sure do look very different. I love seeing sim genetics play out! They are so cute! Sandy looks like such a happy little girl!