Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wrapping It Up

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Title: Wrappng It Up

LOT: The Strickland Farm - Fraiser, Camryn and Trudy

Last Visit:
Camryn's Happiness

Hey. Like, this is Trudy. I'm... ummm... gonna talk to you a minute, okay? Like my dad, well, he is old and everything and just doesn't think about much of anything, like I can tell anyways. It is just me and my parents now at the farm. Like, we don't do much farming anymore. Everything is growing up in weeds and all. Well dad still has his prized cowplant and everything. (I don't go near that thing, if you know what I mean. It is totally wierd).

But anyway, dad talks alot about his younger days, and the time he spent growing up in a house with 10 kids, like no privacy and everything. He was the oldest boy so he like took care of his little brothers and sisters. But like all his brothers and sisters, I guess they are my aunts and uncles are gettin' old too like dad. Uncle Niles came by the other day and him and dad stood out in the yard talkin' about the good old days.

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Yeah like I guess it was nice to see Uncle Niles. He doesn't come around much anymore. He says the lumbago gets him. Like, what is lumbago?

Well, since dad isn't farming much anymore, he spends alot of time with me and Kyanne helpin' us study and stuff. He says he wants us to do well in University. When he starts talkin' about that stuff, he can go on for hours talkin' about his days at the greek house with alla his friends. Then he tells me about great-aunt she
died repairing a stereo. I'm like WHAT? How can somebody be so like, clumsy? Dad says her ghost still haunts the house where she was livin' when it happened. That is just too creepy to think about.

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So it's like Kyanne is totally maxed out on her studies. She is Oh did I say that? Don't tell her I said that, okay? Like I am really impressed by her smarts. She ought to have it easy in college. Me, I am strugglin' a little.

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Both dad and Kyanne have it upstairs. That is all they ever liked to do! Is study and read books. Me, I would rather just get on the phone and make friends. Or go out.

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I met this boy. Geesh, I can't even remember his name. But my gosh he was just so nice and we stood out in the yard and talked all day long one Saturday. I was tellin' him how Kyanne really seemed to do everthing she set out to do. Dad called her an over achiever. I don't think I have the motivation to hold down and after school job and do all my studies! No sir!

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Trudy Strickland
Aspiration - Popularity
LTW - To Become A Hall Of Famer
9 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac - Aries

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Kaynne reaches the top of her teen career as an Emergency Medical Technician and becomes an over achiever.

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Well, it isn't like Kyanne studied totally all the time. We have that spinny thing-a-majiggy thing in the basement. Like all our friends who come over to visit get on that thing. Kyanne likes it to. I got where I could spin pretty well on it, like, I ran alot on the exercise machine. I got my bod in shape! I hope to work my way up in professional athletics...women's basketball. Yeah. So the dance-o-sphere was a peice of cake for me.

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Well, Kyanne is gone to college, and it is just me, mom, and dad here. Mom and dad talk about selli' this house, but I don't know if they will. They might sell it and move out while me and Kyanne are in college. I guess we'll be comin' back home on vacation to a different place. Won't that be weird.

Accomplishments this round: Fraiser - 2nd LTW , max all skills Kyanne - Impossible Want - max all skills.


QueenofSimtopia said...

When I saw you had updates I imediately started reading. Then my sister kicked me off my comp. I was ticked! But I am so happy now! Boy the Falls is aging fast, generation 5 doesn't seem to be to far off!

Bubbs said...

You are getting so close to finishing! What will we do? Great update!

SpongebobTanu said...

look out Wen, i'm still hoping to beat you despite how close you are to finishing...hehehe.

Alexis said...

Great job! I loved the narrative coming from Trudy--sounded just like a teenager. Onto the next chapter!

Katie said...

I can so relate to Trudy. My parents are probably going to sell the home I've lived in since I was little right after I leave for college. I am going to have to come home to a different house, and a different room, too! That's just weird. This blog is so interesting even though I cannot keep track of any of the characters. I basically just read and try not to worry about who they are.

Heather/Simaholic said...

WTG on getting Kyanne's IW want already! I think the earliest I've ever pulled that one off is in uni. Trudy grew up to be a beauty! I love the way you've done her hair and lipstick. I just can't imagine them selling the farm though.