Sunday, June 25, 2006

Who Said We Had Aliens?

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Title: Who Said We Had Aliens?

Lot: Strickland.3 - Roz, Shane, Sheri, Robin, Jenny, Kelly, Alexis and Rocco

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Roz narrating: Well lordy. Huney what all kin Ah tell yuh? Mah man Shane has done it. And done it agin. Well, Shane had installed an elevator in th'house here a while back and huney, he ended up takin' thet thang raght outta here. Yup, whilst his belly was huge with Alien babe, he got busy an' uninstalled thet thang.

Well, the reason wuz it kept smokin' and carryin' on, even after he fixed it. Mah good golly, he wuz upstairs on the second floor of the house, it wuz sparkin'. He got his tools raght out and commenced to bangin' on thet thang, Ah mean this house literally shook with his industrial prowess. He said he could only envision one of his family members gettin' in th' thang and plummeting down to our end. So. He got in it, and glided down to the first floor of the house, all safe and sound. An do you know thet thang still refused to stop smokin'? Huney Ah am telling you th' truth. It kept it up on th' downstairs switch. For a whole day! Shane said he could fahnd a thang wrong with it at 'tall, so he got raght on the phone and called the contractors. Yup, Ah now have me a beautiful staircase, and a third floor on th' house. Well, th' reason why he added th' third floor wuz 'cuz our family was expandin' at such a rapid rate! Oh huney! Ya'll won't believe it unless Ah lay it raght out fer ye! Listen to this!

'Member last tahm Ah talked to yuh Ah mentioned thet he had looked through thet 'scope outsahd, and thet he got tuh see the Aliens? Well, mah man Shane's belly just grew and grew, but thet shure didn't stop him from wonderin' around and showin' all the Sims in Prosperity Falls his beauty. No sirree. So we got to thinkin' his belly was biggern' mahn ever got when Ah was with Sheri or Robin.

Thet's raght...still wondered around nekkidern' a jaybird..well Huney of course thet didn't bother me a bit seein' his big ol' belly, but thet raght there just reinforced th' idea thet mamma was never gonna come an' visit. Huney Ah am gittin' on in age an' Ah jest shore do wish mah mamma would come along an' see mah house an' alla my kids in their home environment. Ah reckon she is all wrapped up in gittin' her foster home started. Well anyhow. Thet raght there is it. Mah momma won't visit 'cuz of Shane's beauty.

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Well anyhow in th' meantahm me and Shane's girls was growin' up. See, here is a picture of mah Robin all growed up into a chile. Ain't Robin jest th' most beautiful thang yuh have ever seen? 'Course ah am not prejudicial a'tall. An' mah goodness, does thet lil' girl lahk t' study. Yes ma'am, always has her lil' nosey in a book she does. She is a studious one. Now mah girl Sheri, yeah, she will study, but she has designs on gittin' hitched and havin' a whole passle of kids lahk her granny, mah momma. Thet raght thar is why it wuz so easy fer mah Sheri to take on th' responsibility when Shane's Alien babes came into the worl'.

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Sheri Trimble
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Become A Captian Hero
3 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 2 playful, 10 nice
Zodiac - Libra

Huney, see in thet picture whar Shane's belly is lookin a lil poofy? Well, yep, he somehow got preggers again after his twin girls Jenny and Kelly was born. An' mah goodness they are jest the cutest lil thangs Ah had ever seen in muh lahf. Thet won thar Sheri is holdin' is Jenny. Ah kin tell 'cuz of the black eyebrows. Here is one of me totin' Kelly.

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Ah didn't mahnd one lil' iota heppin' takin care of them Alien girls. After all, they came from Shane. Here, Ah know this one is Kelly 'cuz she has the purtiest brown hair..see the eyebrows? Well, Ah was tellin' yuh how Shane had gotten pregnant again. Well honey it wasn't 'cuz he looked in thet telescope in the front yard. It was cuz he went dancin', see. Ah kin tell that comment is clear as mud in yer mahnd. Lemme explain.

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Now Huney we had heard th' same thang had happened to Tomas Capehart, which resulted in his beautiful daughter Florentilla. But you know whut, it is jest one of them thangs yuh don't believe until yuh see it with yer own eyes. Raght after Kelly an' Jenny were born, mah Shane decided tuh take a spin...Ah mean raght after. Them girls wasn't hardly settled into their new surroundins' yet. Shane musta stayed in thet thang all naght long whilst Ah tended the new arrivals. An' before yuh know it, after 'bout 7 hours of spinning, mah Shane disappeared. Yup, poof. Mah goodness, Ah wuz worried, yes Ah wuz, but Ah couldn't jest start frettin' cuz Ah didn't wanna upset the children. Ah patiently waited an' Shane did come back spinnin' away as if nothin' happened. Then his belly started expandin', so we knew whut was goin' on.

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Our girls seemed to take it all in stride. Here is a pic of Robin takin' note of the impending arrival. Lordy, but thet girl doesn't miss a thang! She wuz hard pressed to go to school ever day when it got close to Shanes tahm. But th' day came an' thank goodness it happened on a Saturday when both of our girls was home from school to hep with the new babes. Yes, Ah used a plural thar. Shane had two babes again! Ah wonder it it wuz somethin' he ate???

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Editor: Big mistake. The babies in this picture aren't Jenny and Kelly. Their names are Rocco and Alexis, a boy and a girl.

Huney, we wuz all so surprised an' pleased when Shane delivered two more green babes. Why, we think they are just the cat's meow! But Ah guess nobody was more surprised than Shane. He shore got tired during all this baby birthin'. Goodness, but it made me go gray, it did. Darlin, Ah never thought havin' kids could be so stressful, but looky here! This tahm the tables was all turned every which way! This tahm it was the man doin' alla the birthin' not the woman. Ah guess Ah kin reckon now whut the men folk go through when their women is 'bout to birth.

Click on the thumbnails for a better look.

In th' meantahm, Jenny an' Kelly grew up a little bit to toddlers. Ain't they jest prescious? Ah mean, they don't have much of a nose, but huney thet is a non issue. As you kin see, mah girl Sheri wuz thar for the twins when they grew up. Mah o mah whut a wonderful momma she will make!

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Even though Ah have aged to an ol' lady, and mah man Shane has birthed more babies then Ah had ever have in mah lifetahm, Ah still find Shane tuh be the most attractive and kahnd man in this worl'. Well, as fer runnin' his new business, the gym? Ah managed tuh make it down thar once or twice during Shane's baby bearing. It is doin' well, but Ah really don' know thet he will git his 5 top level businesses in his lifetahm. Oh well, he is still quite the money earner tho. Why, Shane even managed to figger out how to make money whilst he slept!

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Yes! Shane reached his impossible dream of reaching $100,000 simoleons earned in his lifetahm while he slumbered. Well, Ah know mah man Shane is just the best thang a woman could ever ask fer. Well huney, see ya next tahm...them babies is whimperin'. Talk to ya later. Here, take some of this cheesecake home with yuh, we are all kinda burned out on it 'round here. Thar's doggie bags in the kitchen.

Accomplishments - Shane - Impossilbe Want - Reached $100,000 simoleons earned.


QueenofSimtopia said...

Wow! That famiy does have a lot of alien babies! Wow, a teen, a kid, 2 toddlers and 2 babies. How do you manage???

Bubbs said...

How does one make money in their sleep?? How??? Lol - great update

SpongebobTanu said...

i love the accent!! i had to read some parts a couple of times over.

Alexis said...

Wow, that's a lot of alien babies! I love that my namesake is an alien...can't wait to see what she looks like grown up a bit! Great update and good job getting Shane's IW!

ASimWen said...

Heh...I would have missed the IW if I hadn't seen the green numbers floating up out of the corner of my eye. I was checkin' the babies. I always keep a finger close to the "P" button to quickly pause the game so I can get a picture. :)

Katie said...

Man, two sets of twin aliens! You must have been surprised. I love the end part about taking cheesecake home, priceless. Made me sad I couldn't really take a doggy bag from the kitchen...

Heather/Simaholic said...

What a crazy full house you've got going there! Wow! And go Shane! He is really popping out those aliens :o)

ASimWen said...

I think Shane is through birthin' babies. *smile* He turns elder next round. I love little green kids.

GreeneyeLia said...

I see that I am already showing my most flattering self :-) That pee-picture really had me in stitches!