Sunday, June 11, 2006

University Week 13, Second Entry

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University Week 13, Second Entry

Lot: Home of Joy Capehart and Xuan Robbins

It is I! Xuan Robbins, here to tell you about the end of one life, and the beginning of another life. I have left the life of a student at Sim State University, where the women and the fun was plentiful! Yes! The females were at my beck and call. However, duty calls. My father Zaed Robbins is head of the Anotothian Mission on planet earth. He has chosen the Alien Joy Capehart for me to marry and procreate with, to spread our kind on this earth. BAH! That is not for me! I don't carry any Anotothian DNA whatsoever, as discovered by my Uncle Quavi. Uncle Quavi and I have come up with a plan that will keep the Race going, and keep me out of it, and happy. It will also keep my father happy. I do not believe in what my father and my uncle are doing, but I respect them for their goals. So here I am.

The first thing I had to do was move out of the Greek House Crumplebottom where I lived with Jessie Capehart and Gertrude Strickland. Yes, I moved in with the Alien in her home. I had to find a way to propose the idea of marriage to her; but it seemed so difficult. I decided I just needed to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get the job done.

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Joy was very glad to see me, and at the very moment I set my foot in her home, she was all over me. Yes, she wanted her share of Xuan! Even though her face was repulsive to me, the other parts of her worked just fine! I merely closed my eyes! But then something happened. She called out the name of another during our throes of passion. "Who is Joe?" I demanded to know. The Alien smiled coyly at me and whispered, "His name is Joe Carr. My lover." I relaxed. "Oh is that all?" I said. We went back to the art of making love. Again she calls out, "Oh Goopy!" I shouted, "Who is Goopy?" She sweetly answers, "He is another of my lovers." Right at that moment I felt at ease! This Alien, this Joy, was just like me! Gladness filled my heart!

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I knew I had to find a way to get this Alien to marry me....this female Alien who obviously had fire running through her veins. I wanted her for myself! This vixen could easily satisfy me every minute of every day! But then there was the problem of the pact I had made with my Uncle Quavi. The Mission. Oh yes. Joy will have to bear childern of my Uncle's seed. No doubt he had been there in the very bed I was laying in as well and had staked his claim on her. No matter. I can lay with a pregnant Alien as well as one that has a flat belly. The children will be my Uncle's concern.

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After much consideration and numerous conversations with my father, the day came when I asked this Alien to marry me, and become a Robbins. We both dressed up in our finest clothing, and I asked her just like father advised I should. I got down on one knee, and showed her the rock father said she would like. The Diamond. She accepted it with grace, but seemed concerned. I knew what was going through her mind. All the nights of passion, gone. Well, Joy my sweet, I will keep you busy! You will not even think of the others once you are with me. I gave her as much consolation as I could.

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The day of my graduation from Sim State came. Joy insisted that we have a party. Mother and Father came, as well as my siblings Jenn, Jati and Lynn. Zaed had to pretend as if he didn't know Joy, and had a lengthy conversation with her out on the lawn. Mother was thrilled with the knowledge I had met someone to settle down with. She loves Joy.

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After the party was over, I Joy. She will follow me, to be sure, and we will start our life together.

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Oh, yeah, um, this is Joy. Yeah like Xuan asked me to marry him, and I figured, what else could I do? My dad Tryce back at the Capehart Homestead had all kinds of stuff going, a new home business, and then there is brother...he graduates from Sim State too this year. Dad has always been kind of funny about me, sometimes I wonder if I was adopted or something. I know I look different. I just kinda feel like there isn't a place for me there.

Anyway, Jessie is going home to take over for dad with the home business...and I guess he has a fiancee, Gertrude Strickland. Well anyhow, if he hasn't asked her to marry him by now, the boy is slow. And then there is that wierd uncle of Xuan's...Quavi, with the deformed ears. Haha! He came around and know. We did it and everything...then he made a deal with me...he said he would make sure Xuan proposed to me and everything....he would make sure I was taken care of for the rest of my life with Robbins money. But I had to do one thing for him. He said I had to have his kid. I was like, what?

The guy told me if I had his babies, he would see to it that I was finacially secure for the rest of my life. I was like, wow...I didn't know Xuan had money. I figured I could pop out a couple of rug rats for the Robbins family. Don't matter to me where they come from. That is, I don't care who the daddy is. I'll do that for money.

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Well I had my graduation party and everything, and one of my boyfriends happened to be walking by the house right then. I gave him a sweet goodbye kiss, this was the end of it for us. I was gonna be a married woman soon, with a big ol' belly full of Robbins Cash...errr... I mean baby.

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So that's it for me. I left the place that I had lived in for four years...had alot of great boyfriends and good times there. Thanks Sim State. See ya around.

LOT: Martin Strickland and Joslyn Capehart

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Martin finally asked Josyln to marry him, right before graduation. It was such a rushed engagement, the happy couple couldn't take time to change into their Secret Society uniform for me so I could get a nice graduation picture. Martin is the heir to the Strickland homestead. He and Joslyn will keep it going back in the Falls. Hey Martin...that Benjamin Long look has to go. You are going shopping as soon as you get back home.

LOT: The Greek House Crumplebottom: Jessie Capehart and Gertrude Strickland

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Jessie Capehart is heir to the Capehart Homestead, and luckly is a Fortune Sim. He will take over the home business for his dad Tryce. He has not yet asked Gertrude to marry him, but it is coming. Gertrude is a knowledge sim, and loves Jessie, but the two have no bolts. It will be fun.

LOT: Jodi-Ann Strickland and Kelsey McClelland

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Jod-Ann and Kelsey have competed thier Junior year at Sim State, and will graduate next round. Kelsey seems happier as a Knowledge Sim; he changed his aspiration last round.

Lot: Justice Strickland and Karin Capehart

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Justice finally popped the question to Karin, who gladly accepted the nice big rock he offered her. Karin is still very far behind on skills, and being that the Greek House Crumplebottom is chock full of Career Rewards, she and Justice moved to the Greek house when Jessie Capehart and Gertrude Strickland graduated and moved out. Justice and Karen, like Jodi-Ann and Kelsey, only have one more year to go.

LOT: Valentine Capehart and Tanu Capehart

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I guess it was the round for marriage proposals. We....uh... *cough* won't discuss Valentine's choice for an evening gown. I like the Sims to dress up when they get ready to propose marriage. We will make sure Valentine gets a new gown to finish out her college career, and that she has a nice wedding gown to wear back in the Falls. Valentine and Tanu are now Juniors, and will graduate at the end of next round. Valentine has been showing Tanu had to arrange flowers, and she has been working on toymaking. Tanu currently has a bronze in flower arranging, Valentine holds a gold in flower arraning and cashiering. She holds a silver in restocking and a bronze in toymaking. These two have been busy.

LOT: Kolton Strickland and Lynn Robbins

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If you are paying any attention to this blog at all, you will remember last University update I stated Kolton and Lynn would be married. Well, when I opened the lot this time I realized much to my chagrin they were first cousins and would never think beyond a chaste family kiss. So I decided to let the two find a love at University. Kolton is a Pleasure Sim and has a wish to have 50 first dates. Well, he will still get 'em, I would like him in perm plat. He so far has had 27. He is currently showing a power want for 30. But during a date (he got without the matchmaker's help, I will have you know) he fell in love with this dorm beauty, Carla Olshfki. How is that last name pronounced? Dunno. Both of them even spun up the want to get engaged. It escapes me right now what her aspiration is. Being that he was now engaged, I had to move him and Lynn to a house so he could continue his dates, and not let Carla find out about it. Kolton and Carla have two bolts.

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Lynn has fallen for Kevin Beare from the frat house Urle-Oresha-Cham-House. Lynn met Kevin when he came to the dorm to have a first date with Kolton, Yeah, wierd, huh? I realized they were getting along really well, and before I knew it, I realized I had another two bolt couple. So this means Kevin is a playable character because of being in the frat house. So I will work him into rotation next round. Kevin is a Family Sim, and Lynn is Knowledge.


Lot: The Little 5 Room Dorm - Regis McClelland and Jenn Robbins

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Ah, I love these two little lovebirds. Regis is the son of Johnson McClelland, and Jenn is the daughter of Zaed Robbins. See, they are so crazy about each other they wear his and hers matching clothing. Upon leaving for University, Regis let his mohawk grow out and had his facial tatoo removed. He is now sporting this wonderful ponytail, and a gold earring. These two are a great match, still at two bolts. However, Jenn got herself mixed up with resident Romance Sim, Markey Capehart later on.

LOT: House - Karen Strickland, Aazia Robbins, and Scally Capehart

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Ah-HA! A match I could carry through. Karen is the daughter of Fraiser and Camryn Strickland, and Scally is the son of Tomas and Roxanna Capehart. Scally needs some work done with his skilling, but Karen is just about maxed out.

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I had no mate for Aazia Robbins, so I decided to let her look around. Looks like she latched onto a good one....Malcom Landgrabbe of Bluewater. He is a Fortune Sim and Aazia is Popularity. Another two bolt couple. They have had a couple of great dream dates, but he has yet to bring her a nice present. Cheeeeeep Skate!

LOT: Bubbs Strickland and Markey Capehart

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Bubbs Strickland is Justice Strickland's little brother. Here you see Justice helping his brother get into the Greek House Crumplebottom. Wow! Look at that schnoz Bubbs has! He got that from his mother, Nichole, the teen cashier. Coupled with the flat face of his dad Niles Strickland, that nose really is prominent. Hey, I don't have a mate for Bubbs. Who do you think would make a good mate for him based on the size of his nose?

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Markey Capehart is a Romance Sim with the want to have 20 Simultaneous Lovers. He will make it. Here he ensares pretty Alien Jenn Robbins. Nah, nothing will go further than this. Markey has already lost interest in her. She happily went back to her Alien fiancee, Regis. Markey will get married though, he is slated to marry Kyanne Strickland, Karen Strickland's sister and daughter of Fraiser Strickland. Hmm...Kyanne is a knowldege Sim. This could be interesting.

Odd Pic Out:

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Sim State graduate Xuan Robbins gives his proud mother kiss.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: All graduates: Secret Society, Greek House, Summa Cum Laude Graduate.


Alexis said...

Great job so far with this uni round. I'm trying to get 14 through uni right now in fellowship 1 and I hate it! I don't know how you've managed so many rounds of uni with this 'hood. Keep up the good work!

Bubbs said...

Great job! I love the great update. I can't wait to see your alien couple have babies. :)

gingerrr2908 said...

Interesting and exciting to read! As always. I have to admit, out of all games and out of all updates, yours is the only one that I read from cover to cover so to say. I follow the story and look forward to another bit (and the same is true for Fellowship updates!)

SpongebobTanu said...

EEEE!! how exciting for Tanu!!!

QueenofSimtopia said...

Well! Congrats on getting through some uni lots! Your alien couples are so cute, it seems that the leopards are kind of dying out though, not so many as their were before! keep it up

Catootje73 said...

Wow, I'm engaged! You're very brave to put them all through colelge. With me only knowledge and fortune sims get uni, for the others it depends to the total number of YA's and on their lifetime want.


Katie said...

Oh, man, I have a lot of catching up to do. I have under my favorites on the internet the page where it is just the prosperity and fellowship challenge links with no frills, and for the longest time it has said forbidden, not letting me access it. Well I finally got to your main website only to find a million updates. It's exciting though, more for me to read! And after, I can try and study the family tree and get my characters straight. And I agree, you have amazing patience to play Uni like that. I cram as many young adults as I can into one Uni household, so I can play them all at once. Great updates, I really enjoy this blog.

Heather/Simaholic said...

Well, I'm glad that things are going to get sorted out for Xuan and Joy but Joy seems a bit like a gold-digger to me. I am afraid Xuan is going to find himself hurt by his uncles advances on his woman.