Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Plan Executes

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Title: The Plan Executes

Lot: Robbins.2 - Quavi, Daphne, Zaine, Mich, Joan, Jessica, Narcalos and Narcarlius

Last Visit:
Devious Plans

I am Quavi! Why, there is really no need to announce my identity. Why my name will be famous in the ranks of all Anotothians. My being is superior and my seed is stronger than that of my puny brother Zaed, who is in charge of our Mission. My brother only managed to produce 4 children for the Anotothian mission on earth.
Jati, Jenn, Lynn and Xuan. Me, *jabbing chest with thumb* I have produced 7! With more to come! Let me start here. The first thing I consider, is managing the financial aspect of my compound. Yes, I have made piles of simoleons that carry my through training

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I have reached many milestones that make it possible for me bring much training material into our training room that make it possible for my children to study and train for the mission.

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Every day we file out of the house in our uniforms like a true Army. The two babies that my wife Daphne produced at one time are now children. They must attend school so we don't appear suspect. All my children attend the same private school my father Timo found for us. It was an excellent learning institution. After all look how well I turned out! That is right. If only all my offspring could be as strong as I. These two girls, Joan and Jessica will grow up to be fine bearers for the Mission. Their wombs will produce many for our expansion an ultimate take over of Earth!

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Mich Robbins
Aspiration - Pleasure
LTW - 50 1st Dates
ZERO Outgoing Points...will reroll

My two sons Mich and Zaine have already stepped in and show promising signs of leadership and authority in the Plan. Mich works hard in the creativity department, which I am sure will bring the Mission some fantastic automation or machine to facilitate our means.

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Zaine took a strong lead in the house the day the headmaster came to visit, and my human wife set a fire in the house. Zaine smartly kept Headmaster Korey outside in deep analytical conversation to keep him un awares of the kaos inside of the dwelling. BAH! It is a wonder. All my children carry Daphne's DNA and blood as well as mine. It is a wonderous they are growing up as Anatothian as they are! My wife Daphne is sometimes. Through my father's notes, we know humans lack the logical thinking and training abilities Anotothians possess. How difficult is it to cook salmon?

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My children will carry on training and conversations on their own without my lead. They are all aware of the Planet Anatoth, and how the King sent my father Timo forth to this planet to produce our race here. Oh the wonderful debates I hear whilst I am training and working with others in the compound! It is music to my Anotothian ears.

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If there is a lapse in judgement, a human slip up, Zaine or Mich is quick to put the offender back in line. The girl Joan shows signs of human emotions, (she no doubt was passed these from her mother) but Mich was quick to show her The Way. My daugher Aazia who has left for University has found a human that makes money as well, a Malcom Landgrabbe. Mr. Landgrabbe is a pilliar in the human society in Bluewater and owns two businesses. She will be able to carry on in expansion, and may be able to get into local politics as well there! Mr. Landgrabbe owns a large home where Aazia will be able to keep many children.

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My wife Daphne gave birth to another set of two children. At least she is being productive inbetween being emotional! This time she gave me two fine sons, Nacarlos and Nacarlius. Neither child exhibits my coloring, but they both carry it in their DNA. Nacarlos has my yellow hair, whom I got from my mother Meadow. But the boy Nacarlius, is special. This is where my seed has come through yet again. Even though the boy does not have the Anotothain golden skin he has our ears and eyes.

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When the boy grew up to toddler, it was evident. Daphne made a comment that his ears were deformed like mine. I quickly pointed out how his eyes were yellow like mine, but that he did have the skintone of my mother Meadow, and the brown hair of Daphne's father, his grandfather, Chevy Strickland. In Daphne's eyes that made him a fine son. He was a mixture of everyone in the bloodline. But I know better.....

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I have spent extra time with this one as he seems to stand out amongst the rest of the children I have produced here in this house. Already at his young age he has engaged in intelligent discussions with me regarding our Mission. He is already laying out his plan for his contribution to the Mission. First he is aware that he must get retain a good education. I have assured him that I will see to it that he is placed in the best halls of learning on earth. Then he has planned out that he will take his time and make lots of friends to better infiltrate the humans.

Of course we have talked about Anatoth. We have already had meetings with Zaed and have determined Narcarlius will marry Jenny Trimble, the product of Shane Trimble's visit from Our People. Oh how deliciously grand this is. Our mission is marching on better than I would have ever dared hope.

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In the mean time, I carry on like nothing is different in front of my wife Daphne. For a human she is very sweet and unassuming. She has born all 7 children I have given her without one whimpering sound or one word of regret. I do not believe I could have married a better womb, er, human to further my Mission. But the time has come her womb will no longer give me children. It is old. It is time to move on to the second phase of my plan.

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The Alien Joy Capehart has graduated from Sim State University and has moved into a house in Prosperity falls with my nephew Xuan. Xuan does not carry the Anotothian DNA, and has not one bone in his body that wishes to partake in the Mission. I have grandly offered my seed to Ms. Capehart for reproduction in the Mission, and she agreed to this in exchange for safe refuge. Xuan has agreed to marry her to make it look as though she is having his babies for the Mission when in reality her womb will be housing my children.

Until next time! I hope to tell you about more Anotothians on this earth!


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Extremely Un-Anotothian - Quavi has food on his mind inbetween Daphne giving birth to two kids at once! Come on Quavi, get with the program!

Note - Narcarlius is special in the fact he is a third generation 'pointy ear'. It took 16 births in the third generation of pointy eared Sims for this genetic trait to show up again.


Lori said...

Congrats on the ears! I was sure that trait had died out..


QueenofSimtopia said...

Gee those Anotothians are really mean. Poor Daphne doesn't even know her husband doesn't care about her. Oh well, tons of cute kids, and the ears make up for it in my mind!

Bubbs said...

Their wombs will produce many for our expansion an ultimate take over of Earth!
My wife Daphne is sometimes.
I do not believe I could have married a better womb

I love reading Quavi's comments about his womb holder...oops wife and his daughter's. lol

SpongebobTanu said...

hahah, she must be show "The Way". love the human emotion stuff.

Alexis said...

Congrats on the ears--they always breed out so quickly it is hard to get them past G2! I can't wait to see how Xuan ends up feeling about his soon-to-be wife and Quavi...he seemed to be having some real feelings for her before.

ASimWen said...

Alexis, Hehehe the Xuan and Joy house are just two lots away...I can't wait to get to it. It will be fun.

Katie said...

It's always exciting when an interesting trait shows up. I feel so bad for Quavi's family! They are going to have to show some human emotions when they try to find a wife/husband...

Heather/Simaholic said...

I love how you have their mates planned out as toddlers. It really fits in with the whole character of the story. Poor Daphne, she is so sweet and has no idea what a crazy man, er, Anotothian she married. It is exciting to see the ears show up again. YAY!