Saturday, May 27, 2006

Useless Move (or) The Canbius Curse

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Title: Useless Move (or) The Canbius Curse

Lot: Bostic 14 - Tomas, Roxanna, Markey, Scalley, and Florentilla

Last Visit:
Strange Disappearences

Alfred Hitchock narrating: Good evening. I had thought my last report to you would be my last for this rather, er, strange family. If you will recall, this family has been plagued with angry ghosts, disappearing graves, alien invasions, and generally disturbing occurences. In fact, the nocturnal spiritual activity had become so bad for the Tomas Capehart family, they were driven from their home, the Gentleman's Club, leaving behind the three graves of Kamika Robbins, Lucas Turner, and Morgan-Rose Bostic, forever. However, it seems once a famiy is cursed, always cursed!

Take a look at this house the Capeharts moved into.

This house was once occupied by the Canbius family, from PAS. (Pass A Sim, TS2 Challenges Group). The Canbius Family was cursed with Zombieism, poor Cotter Canbius. (Editor's note - Links to some Canbius Stories: Canbius Gen 3, The Canbius (Cotter The Zombie) , The Continuing Saga of the Canbius Family, The Treachery Within, Canbius Craziness, and Canbius PAS). While the house looks mostly innocent, inside lurks someting dark and sinister....let us porceed.

If you referred to the above Canbius Stories, you will note that the Maude the Cowplant has been uprooted and grave markers from past family members are on the lot. Nay, they have all been moved to the community graveyard. That was the most attractive thing about the house for Tomas Capehart. It seemed when the family first moved into the house, they might have struck upon some good luck...a life of normalcy that the rest of us take for granted. I digress. Here are some pictures of their life in the Canbius House.

Tomas Capehart and his wife dance with joy after moving into this wonderful 3 story house. It has all the entities of the luxury life; expensive antique furniture, electronic toys, plenty of study materials for the children, and a beautiful patio on the third story where Tomas Capehart was able to set up his Alien Orb and his telescope.

The eldest son Markey was always willing to help with his younger siblings, and was on his way to a life full of romance for himself. In fact, Markey was doing so well, he got an after school job and earned the Young Entrepaneur's Scholarship from Sim State. He eventally left for college, wearing his work uniform, at that. What a hard worker young Markey is! His plans for the future is to move right back into the Getnleman's Club upon graduation. His father Tomas Capehart has bequeathed to him much of the furniture in the structure.

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After all, the Gentleman's Club is for Gentlemen...of the Romance Persuasion...that is Mr. Markey Capehart to the core. In this house, Markey's younger brother Scally grew to teen-ager hood....

Scally Capehart
Aspiration - Family
LTW - Graduate 3 Kids From College
6 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 0 playful, 9 nice
Zodiac - Gemini

Yes, Scally is a rather serious teen. There is no doubt in my mind he will successfully raise three children and put them through Sim State. And he will do it right here from this house.

Now then...the first sign of trouble for the Tomas Capehart family, may have been the appearance of one Quavi Robbins. He just came right into the house without so much as announcing himself. It seems he showed up on the day of young Florentilla's birthday. Now, the Robbins family in Prosperity Falls have developed a stigma attched to them. There are rumors floating around town the Robbins are not of this earth....that they have some sort of agenda. That they IN FACT may be responsible for the recent rash of Alien abductions that have been plaguing the male citizens of Prosperity Falls. Isn't it a coincidence Quavi Robbins placed himself in the Capehart home...the day of this little Alien's birthday? I think not.

Now then, there is one more thing that happened in this house that put the family over the paranormal edge. Tomas Capehart did spend some evenings stargazing, as it was his hobby. But the Aliens left him alone. It is what his wife Roxanna did!

Roxanna Capehart was stricken with Vampirism! The same Count who bit Roxanna's distant relative, Lillith (Strickland) Capehart, took delight upon introducing Roxanna to the Way Of Life.

And so, another Vampire is born in Prosperity Falls. It seems the Tomas and Roxanna Capehart Family cannot get away from the Paranormal Society Pages. (Editor's note - I did not plan this....I was on the downtown lot playing a Sim from a different lot, and I saw the Count come gliding onto the lot. I always follow any Maxis Vampires when I see them to see what they do...this was the first thing he did. Incidentally, this is the same place Lillith Capehart was bitten, at the Corner Shoppes.)

And so life goes on for the Capeharts. Tomas cares for the family during the day, whilst his wife serenly sleeps in a coffin. Will Tomas Capehart be able to cure his wife of this disease for the UnDead? Only time will tell.

Accomplishments this round: TOC Tomas - Visionary in the Art World


Alexis said...

Wow, how interesting that Roxanna got bitten by the same vampire that bit Lillith! I wonder if she will get cured quickly or if she will live as a vampire for a while? Hmmmm...sounds like the residents of Prosperity Falls are catching on to the Anotothian plan!

Bubbs said...

Great update. You know I had to go reread all our Canbius fun from PAS, :).

ASimWen said...

Heh. I did too. This entry took me forever to write.

Heather/Simaholic said...

Oh man, if its not one thing its another. I'm not sure how I feel about the grand vampires biting sims at random. It can really make a mess of things. Poor Roxanna. Will Tomas cure her or will she like being undead?