Saturday, May 20, 2006

University Week13 - First Entry

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University: Week 13 - First Entry

In Playing Order:

Lot: Joy Capehart

It is I! Quavi! The Anotothian who will spread more seed than any other of my race on this earth! I have wooed the Alien Joy Capehart in her residence whilst she attends the human halls of great learning, University! I have conceived of an melded a plan with my nephew Xuan, who is betrothed by my older brother Zaed to marry Joy Capehart and multiply our race on this land. My nephew Xuan, while being a great lover and no doubt can make many children, has no desire to do so. That is all good; he carries no Anotothain DNA, and therefore his children would be useless on this earth in furthering our Mission. I am willing to deposite my seed in Joy's womb to make the Anotothain children, thus, keeping the mission going, and Zaed would be none the wiser.

It turns out that Joy Capehart is an extremely hot blooded female; she always wants me! I am looking forward to the day Joy leaves that place and returns to Prosperity Falls where I can impregnate her with my children. Of course, Xuan will be there, but no matter. He will have his own interests to attend to. He will be Joy's husband in name and for monetary value only. She has not agreed to this set up yet. Or perhaps, Xuan and I can manage this fiaso without her knowledge. That remains to be seen.

Editor: Joy did extremely well this round, her Junior year at University. She met her LifeTime Want and had 20 woo-hoos with 20 different Sims, now she is perm plat and ready for anything the Anotothians have to dish out to her. She turned out to be a lot of fun for me to play, she was the first Romance Sim I had ever worked up to that particular LTW. Next University round will be her last, she will graduate and be ready to start spittin' out babies for Quavi and Xuan.

Lot: Martin Strickland and Joslyn Capehart

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Nothing great happened with Martin and Joslyn personally. Joslyn has gained alot of weight.They finished up their Junior year, and will graduate next Uni update. They will reside in the Strickland Homestead and carry on the Strickland name. They got robbed by the female robber, but the cops came and hauled her away. Martin no longer spun up the wants to spend time with Joy Capehart, so I did not pursue that, I didn't want Joslyn to catch them together.

Lot: 80 Crumplebottom Road - Greek House - Gertrude Strickland, Jessie Capehart, and Xuan Robbins

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It is I! Xuan! Oh yes! I am the greatest lover ever! Here you see two women at one time leaving me 'love gifts' after I let them spend time in my bed. Ha! Both of them left me the wonderful dancing machine! I shall leave one of the machines as a token of my presence at the Greek House...they shall remember me long after I leave. And, I shall take one of them back to Propserity Falls with me. Yes, I moved to the Greek House. For someone as great as I , I could not stay in the dormatory any longer. I had to live in the same building my father Zaed lived in!

There is only one thing about living here. I have come across something for the first time in my life! I found someone who doesn't like me! Yes, this Sim did not fall in love with me upon first sight like most usually do! I didn't know how to deal with it. That Sim was Jessie Capehart. I kept catching glimpses of his steely eyes.... when I had my women over so I could woo them. One day he began to poke and slap me. I was ready! I never really thought the warrior fight moves my father Zaed taught me would come in handy but they did! I beat the Sim Jessie Capehart handily and swiftly. I learned of and felt a new high beating a Sim like I had never felt making love to a female!

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I almost felt as though I had soiled my lover's hands....but then what a rush! My hands are still fit to stroke a lady in all the right ways; but also they are ready to turn into weapons of steel at a moment's notice. I must get more of this!

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Editor: Xuan's excapades at University are almost over, as well as much of his bragging. *smile* Again, I have had a blast with this Romance Sim. He thinks everyone should automatically love him, male or female. But now he has gotten a taste of the darker side...fighting! Who knows what he will do back in the Falls? Here in is Junior year at University, Xuan reached his LTW to have 20 Woo-Hoos with 20 different Sims. He is now perm plat. Xuan is turning out to be one of my very favorite characters in the Falls.

Gertrude Strickland and Jessie Capehart, along with Xuan, only have one more year of University to go. Jessie and Gertrude will reside in the Capehart Homestead. That will be great, as Jessie is a Fortune Sim, and he will inherit his father's home business.

LOT: Samarah McClelland and Jati Robbins

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I'm Jati! I am only just now speaking up as I am what the earth women call 'the strong and silent' type. My fater is Zaed, the Anotothain. I shall follow in his footsteps and run the Anotothain Mission on earth. I shall run the home center; and find mates for our people when need be. I will keep notes of our findings here on earth to pass down in lessons. My earth woman is Samarah McClelland. Her father is Johnson McClelland and her mother is Tosca (Capehart) McClelland. We have both graduated from Sim State University Suma Cum Laude; and have moved to my father's house. I am ready!

Lot: Kelsey McClelland and Jodi-Ann Strickland

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Kelsey decided to reroll his aspiration at the end of his Sophomore year, and rolled Knowledge. His new LTW is to become Cheif of Staff. Easy and doable. Jodi-Ann and Kelsey are now ready to begin their Junior year, and will reside in the McClelland house with Tosca and Johnson after graduation.

Lot: Justice Strickland and Karin Capehart

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I love this couple. They have two bolts and have constant autonomous hugging and kissing, they are truely in love. They have finished their Sophomore year, did not reroll thier aspirations. Why mess with perfection? They will eventually move to the Greek house so Karin can get some skilling done on the career rewards there. They have achieved all Universtiy has to offer as far as Propserity Points go. Now just waiting for graduation.


Lot: Valentine Capehart and Tanu Capehart

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Meet the parents of Generation 5 of Prosperity Falls! Valentine is a G4, and Tanu is a G3. Now you are saying WOAH! They have the same last name. Yes, they do. But Valentine's father, Manuel Capehart was adopted into the Capehart family, so the game doesn't recognize the two as related....Valentine's grandmother is Janelle Capehart, sister to Tryce Capehart, Tanu's father. Confusing, huh.

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These two had no problem falling in love...they are another two bolt couple! It was cute...getting their first kiss as YA's. Yeah, they were 'saving' themselves for each other.

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Awww! Valentine thinks Tanu is "HOT"! :) This was so romantic right after their first kiss! She's doing that 'sizzle' gesture!

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Lots of autonomous hugging and kissing here too. These two are in love! They will reside in a new lot.

LOT: Kolton Strickland and Lynn Robbins

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Kolton is the eldest son of Fraiser and Camryn Strickland, and is a Pleasure Sim with a want of 50 first dates. Lynn is the daughter of Zaed and Synclare Robbins. They will eventually get married, but will not fall in love until Kolton has gotten his 50 first dates from the Matchmaker. They are currently residing in a dorm.

Accomplishments this round: Xuan Robbins and Joy Capehart LTW met - 20 WooHoos with 20 different Sims - Perm Plat.


Alexis said...

Whew! Great job with all those YAs! The 20 woo-hoos is one I haven't gotten yet, although I have got the 20 loves. Ugh, I dread the pleasure sims! I have one with the LTW of 50 1st dates that I'll start working on next round. Great job!

Rachel said...

Great job on 2 20 woohoos, man I've never even tried it once!

Paige said...

Wow! It seems you have been insanely busy with your sims! I just love long updates! I just went on an update spree as well, with almost 10 new updates in 3 days! Hehehe I just love it.

Katie said...

Great job, keep it up! I don't know if I could handle all that Uni!

ASimWen said...

Heh Katie...I play Uni on speed 2 or 3....have to...otherwise it would drive me nutz!

Melissa said...

Great job with Uni. You have some really good looking YAs. I'll be sad when you finish this challenge. I love reading your stories.

SpongebobTanu said...

Tanu is HOT!! in sim and real life! hehehehe!!!!! i'm so happy. Wen in my game is doing very well as well. He has graduated and just moved in on his own. His sister just moved in with him. He is very sexy as well!

Heather/Simaholic said...

YAY! WTG on the 20 woohoos! I've never done that one myself. It has always seemed too daunting of a task to me. Although not as bad as 20 simultaneous loves. Congrats!