Sunday, April 16, 2006

Terrance And Maris Move In

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Title: Terrance And Maris Move In

Lot: McClelland - Terrance, Maris and Nicholaus

Terrance and Maris Last Seen:
Univeristy, Week 12

Terrance Narrating: I finally asked Maris to be my wife when we graduated from Sim State and moved back to Prosperity Falls. Whilst in my senior year, I bought my grandparent's house from their estate. It's not terribly big, but great for a new family just starting out. It has lots of windows so we can get the feel of the outside even when we are in the house.

Now, Maris has this dream of working for the newspaper doling out advice through a column. I set up a computer and desk for her to do her work. So far she hasn't approached the editor of the Prosperity Falls Gazette to sell him on the idea. A couple of things got in the way. The biggest one being...

Maris decided to work a regular job for a while. (Her LTW is Captain Hero) I didn't understand that, but more power to her. Me, I am workin' too. Well, we are doing other things. I am also keenly interested in robotics. I bult this little gizmo that waters the flowers, then it *poof* just sort of transports itself back to its station.

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It's great. Saves us from having to spend time watering the flowers, and saves us coin by not having to employ a gardner. Well, another thing that has slowed down Maris in her quest to be and advice columnist, is she got pregnant probably on our wedding night.

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We had Nicholaus. Man he is the greatest little guy, but boy does he have a set of lungs! It feels great to be a dad, and Maris is totally 'all about Nicky'. But boy, does he have us wrapped around his little pinky! We are thinking of a second child, but not yet. Maris wants to work a little more, then try to get on at the paper so she can be a stay at home working mom. Sounds like a plan to me.

Since I got out of college, I met up with one of Maris' s sisters downtown. Lillith (Strickland) Capehart. I heard she had a run-in with resident Grand Vampire of Prosperity Falls. And I have seen for myself. Lillith is indeed a vampire. But that didn't stop her from remembering anything about her former life as a mortal!

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Man, we had a great time talking about our college days. We even did the Secret Society handshake together. I wanted to bring her back to the house to visit with Maris and introduce her to her new nephew, but she had to get back to her own family. I found out she is building robots too, and has one that waters her plants. But she told me her hydrobot broke down. I got a couple of pointers to keep that from happening.

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But man, there is one thing I gotta mention. There's this one chick, see. Lisa Rameriz. She is married to Checo Rameriz and they own a furniture store in Bluewater. Man she keeps comin' over and swooning over me. I hate that. I am afraid she is gonna cause trouble between me and Maris. Doesn't she have anything better to do?

Editor: This concludes Round/Week 12. I might do some Uni before I start round 13 the Bostic Homestead, home of Andre and Yasika. There are currently 12 kids in Uni, need to get some of that worked through! :)


QueenofSimtopia said...

Thanx for another great update!

Alexis said...

That Ramirez woman better stay away--far away. You don't mess with the Strickland clan as far as I'm concerned, and that covers Maris and her man! Great updates and good luck with all those kids in uni!

Heather/Simaholic said...

Lisa Ramirez shows up in more places. I wonder what her aspiration is. She is always swooning over my male sims too!