Friday, April 21, 2006

The Stricklands, Week13/Chevy's Head Gets A Makeover

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Title: Chevy's Head Gets A Makeover

Lot: The Strickland Homestead - Chevy, Kirstee, Carla and Woody

Last Visit:
The Stricklands, Week 12/ New Beginnings?

Well, hayelle. This chere's Kirstee. Hay ya'll 'member when mah girl Gertrude was snatched up
by them Aliens? Well, they came back to mah house again, yep they did. 'Cept this tahm they took mah Chevy. *sob* Well, he didn't come back bein' his same ol' self thet he used ta be. *sob* He came back with a....with a.... gawd Ah can't say it. He came back with poultry stuck to his head!!!!! Them Aliens did him over alright. *wails* Then...then... *hiccups* when they brought him back... *sob* they jest kicked him right outta the space ship lahk he was nuthin!!!! He's my CHEVY....

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Well, Ah decided raght away Ah still loved him an' all. Yep, jest because his head was now a home fer a chicken, didn't mean nuthin'. Well, the thang clucks ever now an' then, but Ah think Ah kin ignore thet. Chevy don' act lahk it's nuthin' at'all.....lahk it's the most natural thang in the worl' to have Miss Prissy up there lookin' a the earth from the vantage point atop his head.

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Well, his momma Carla came outta her grave to see whut alla the comotion was about. Hayelle, she has been comin' around alot lately. Skeers the kids have to death. She never bothered me and Chevy's natural born kids much, but she really seems to be after our adopted kids. Yep, iffen ya'll 'member, we brought little Carla into our home. Well, she grew up real purty lahk. Chevy named her after his momma. Supposedly.

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Ah got a lil' suspicious when we brought 'nother chile' into our home, an' Chevy named him Woody. Well, lemme see here. He named alla our 10 kids after the TV show Fraiser. This chere is soundin' strangely lahk the TV show Cheers.

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Well, Ah reckon Ah kin live with it. It ain't lahk they have a bunch of awful soundin' names on that show. Norm, Sam, Cliff and Coach. Alright. Good old fashioned names! Strong names!

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Miss Prissy disappears offen Chevy's head only when he gits ready fer bed. Ah reckon thet is a good tahm to vacate the premises. But mah goodness...the whole thang left Chevy bald! Yes....either he's gotta a chicken up thar, er he's got nuthin'. Mah Chevy lost his beautiful hedda hair.

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Well, hit don' matter. Chevy is Chevy. He's still a good daddy to the kids no matter iffen he's cluckin' or talkin'. Well, ya'll know how me an' Chevy love kids. We now have over 25 grandchildren, and now we have 12 children. Soon we will have 13 children. Chevy has called to have 'nother chile' adopted into our happy family. Raght about thet tahm he or she comes to live with us, Ah think me and Chevy and the kids will move to our own place, and let Martin and Josyln take the homestead. Me and Chevy wanna git our foster home goin'. Well, Ah'll talk with ye agin. Gotta see if Miss Prissy is hungry....

Berry Nosey reporting! Folks this is the first time I have ever witnessed something like this in all my days of investigative journalism. This is the second time I have been called to the Strickland home to investigate an alien abduction. The first time it was the teenaged daughter, Gertrude who was sucked unceremoniously into the alien space ship and taken for a joyride. Ms. Strickland came back from her experience none the worse for the wear. Many residents of Prosperity Falls have been abducted by these aliens, and miraculously, the adult males come back pregnant with alien babies. The teen-agers seem to be unaffected by this happening. However, it looks like elderly males might be inflicted with a member of the poultry family implanted upon the top of their heads! If you will remember, Senior Citizen Tosca McClelland was abducted, and came back completely normal! This is really something to behold, and a strange miracle of nature to say the least. You can bet I will keep an eye on this one. This is Berry Nosey, signing off!


Katie said...

Haha, I downloaded that chicken head, too. That didn't happen naturally in the game, right? I mean you put it there? Looking forward to the next update.

ASimWen said...

Yeah...he had it on when he got abducted. I have been dying to use the chicken head, but couldn't figure out a way to work it in. I found a way!!!!! hehehe

Alexis said...

Oh, poor Chevy. Those family sims do not like to be abducted. I can't wait to see the foster home these two start, and the adopted kids are adorable. I love Chevy and Kirstee, I think they're my favorite in all the Falls.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Unique way to use the chicken hat!!

Rachel said...

The chicken hat was freaking hilarious!!!

Heather/Simaholic said...

I love the way you used the Chicken head! LOL! Very, very unique! I've yet to figure out a way to work some of those crazy hats into my stories. Very nice. And Cheers huh? I'm curious what the next TV show will be.