Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Robbins, Week13/The Alien Gets Abducted

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Title: The Alien Gets Abducted

Lot: The Robbins Homestead - Zaed, Synclare, Jenn and Lynn

Last Visit:
Zaed's Lamentations

It is I, Jenn! A pureblood! There is only a trace of blood of the human Meadow in my viens. I am a pureblood, then. My father is the great Zaed, and he received me during a visit with our people,
who came to him to give him information about our Mission. My grandfather is Timo, who was the first Anotothian to set foot on this planet earth. What great lineage is behind me! I come from a family of giants, and I have much to live up to! This I can do! And I shall continue to birth pureblood Anotothians to this earth, to make our DNA even stronger. I shall tell you how I plan to do this, but first. I wish to relay to you other information.

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It has happened to the Great Zaed, just I read in Timo's notes. I fear Zaed has completely lost his mind. He actually called his human place of employment and said he would not be coming to work on a particular evening. Zaed was not ill! He giggled in a silly human fashion whilst on the cell as if there were some big joke. I am not surprised. I still have his notes on the computer to learn from. He is still the Great Zaed to me. Now then. Before Zaed completely lost everything, he did manage to find me a mate. He has chosen another Anotothian for me. His name is Regis McClelland.

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Regis is the son of Johnson McClelland. Being that his father is human, he probably does not know of the mission, but I shall teach him. Then together, we shall teach our children. (They have two bolts) If I were a human romantic, I would say how better to fall in love than under a full moon and a falling star? I think I even thought of it because of the influence of Meadow in my veins. I shall have to squish those feelings and thoughts in the future. At any rate, I became of age with little fanfare.

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Jenn Robbins
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become A Mad Scientist
1 neat, 9 outgoing, 10 active, 7 playful, 7 nice
Zodiac - Sagitarius

Then, my sister Lynn became of age too. While she is not as pure as I am, she does have Anotothian DNA inside of her, and shall do a fine job spreading our kind over the land.

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Lynn Robbins
Aspiration - Knowledge
Aspiration - To Become A Mad Scientist
1 neat, 9 outgoing, 3 active, 10 playful, 10 nice
Zodiac - Libra

Now, my sister and I have been studying hard. We have been reading Timo and Zaed's notes, plus we have been studying the heavens. Not for hopes that our people would come for us, but in hopes of learning about astrology. My people had different ideas. They decided it was time for me to see other things.

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Yes, they came for me. They came for me much sooner than they did Zaed. What have I done to deserve such greatness? Lynn is not predisposed to jealousy, otherwise I am sure she would have said something. But she was glad for me. I hope she too can see our people in the future.

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I do know that Timo is still with us, in spirit if not in body. I sense his presence. Sometimes I think he is unhappy with Zaed. I do not know why he would feel this way; in my opinion Zaed has done an admirable job with the Mission. He has found me a mate. I do not know if he has found one for Lynn, only she is privy to that information. If he has not; then I am sure Jati will, our older brother who will be taking over the home base operations. My brother Xuan was going to do so, but I am of the understanding he has received other orders. I am under the advisement that these orders are top secret, so I know of no details.

So, Lynn and I will be leaving for the human halls of learning shortly, where we will connect with our prospective mates. Until then, this is Jenn! The pureblood!

Odd pic out:

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Zaed goes back to bed on the porch after witnessing Jenn's abduction.

Accomplishments this round:

IW's for Jenn and Lynn achieved - Max All Skills


Katie said...

IW's? Are those I wants? Teehee. Another great update. Sheesh you update quickly. There's another one I still have to read, so off I go!

Alexis said...

Wonderful update. I can't wiat to see Jenn's babies with Regis--two aliens, er Anotothians producing. I don't think I've ever done that--I wonder if the baby will look at all the human-sims in these guys' DNA.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Aliens galore! Gotta love them, even for their quirks.

Bubbs said...

Loved the update! Can't wait to see who I find, heehee. Jenn needs to watch it with her 'pure blood' part, lmao.

Heather/Simaholic said...

Very cool that Jenn got herself abducted and got to talk to the Anotothians on the home planet. I love how she refers to herself as a pureblood. Regis seems like a good mate for her. I am interested in seeing if Zaed loses his mind like Timo or if he is able to hang on to parts of it.