Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Capeharts, Week13/Tryce The Sellout

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Title: Tryce The Sellout

Lot: The Capehart Homestead - Tryce, Michelle, and Tanu

Last Visit:
Tryce The Commentator

Hey, this is Tanu. Yep, I snuck in here to do the reporting 'cause I think my dad Tryce went completely wacko. Like man, he did something I never would have thought any good snow leopard would do. But the lure of Simoleons was too much for him I guess. Well, when I was real little, he used to tell me all about the snow leopard's home getting polluted and how they were dyin' off and stuff. He told me how my grandpa Giovanni moved his family here to get away from it after my grandma died of the poisons. So I thought, well, we would just continue the way Grandpa had everything set up, you know, living out in the open air and stuff. Then BAM my dad flipped out. If Grandpa were here today.... *shakes head*. I think becoming and
Icon and a Best Selling Author did somethin' to dad.

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See, some of this happened before my birthday. Yeah, that long ago. I have been living with this nightmare for a while now. I thought maybe mom would object but she fell right into it with dad. Anyway, one day I got off the bus with my bud Woody Strickland. Man, Woody walk right over to this post sticking up out of the ground. I didn't notice it when I got on the bus that morning, so dad must have put it there while I was at school. Well before I know it, Woody is stuffing simoleons into it. $43 to be exact! I got to lookin' around, and dad had installed a hot tub, and there was strangers sittin' in it! And dad was there talkin' and laughin' like I don't know what.

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I looked around some more, but there wasn't much else changed. Except mom had gotten some chairs for the poker table Grandma Calista left us. Man, there was people bowling on my bowling alley, dad soakin' in this hot tub and yakkin' it up with folks, and my mom was lookin' like quite the card shark at the poker table.

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It's like, I couldn't believe what was goin' on. I tried to go on about my business. I played computer for a while, then I did my homework. It wasn't so bad, I guess. I didn't like hot tubs, and I didn't know how to play poker, but I could bowl. At least I had people around to bowl with all the time. That was kinda cool. But then I had my birthday.

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Tanu Capehart
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become A Mad Scientist
2 neat, 9 outgoing, 8 active, 6 playful, 6 nice

There was all kinds of people around when I grew up, and some of them started complaining about it. I'm like man, give a guy a break. It seemed like mom and dad was more concerned with keeping thier 'customers' happy than having my birthday with me. But then after a while mom snapped out of it and took time from playin' poker to help me with some studyin'.

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It won't be long now I will go to college. I managed to win several scholarships, so I think I am gonna get the heck outta this crazy place. But I did hear dad tellin' mom he finally made it to his life's make $100,000 simoleons. He also said his business was a level 8, what ever that means. I think my grandpa Giovanni is turning over in his grave. Granny Calista did come and look in on everything. She went around scaring people, but nobody left. Aunt Pajeria came too, and did the same thing. Hey, people can complain about a guy's birthday party, but they aren't gonna complain about gettin' scared by a ghost? That don't make sense to me.

Accomplishments this round: Tryce - LTW - To Make $100,000 - Perm Plat Michelle - TOC - Ecological Guru


Katie said...

I really liked this update. Great idea to charge for time on your own house lot! I might have to try that. Haha, that's great, Tanu thinking his dad's gone crazy and all.

Alexis said...

Oh boy, aren't those customers a pain sometimes? I had them all complaining when a sim had a baby on the lot, and I even had some who didn't like one of the residents of the house and they would constantly complain about him. Loved the updates!

SpongebobTanu said...

OOOOH check that Tanu out! he's is turning into such a hot-hot-hottie! hehehe. i'm like a real life female version of him...and i even have the same name! what are the freakin' chances of that! hehehehe. i can't wait to read more about this house!

Rachel said...

Great Updates as always! Thanks for all the laughs for my lunch break!

QueenofSimtopia said...

Quick question, how many points do you have?

ASimWen said...

Dunno...I really need to update the scorecard and see. lol I will post to Yahoo Groups when I do that.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Hey, another question, you know the pic at the top of this entry, well how did you take it. I tried and all but the pictures just end up showing the roof of my house, no family photo or anything.

ASimWen said...

How do I make the picture? I use the graphics program Paint Shop Pro. I click on the house in the game I am getting ready to open, which just brings me the information about the fam and a pic of them....I switch to Paint Shop Pro and set up a screen capture. I switch back to the game with the family and right click with my mouse anywhere on the screen. I switch back to PSP and there is a shot of the entire screen. I select out a square around the family and save as a new image. Wah-Lah!

KeyKel69 said...

Uh.. it's been two weeks without an update.. I need my Anothonian fix! I have to see my namesakes! :-)

ASimWen said...

OH my is gonna be a while before I get back to that lot. I am playing Prosperity Falls every two weeks, besides. On the off week I play Proseprity Fellowship. This is my week for the Falls (now) but I am doing a long boring Uni round. :(

KeyKel69 said...

What and no link to the Prosperity Fellowship blog? Hmmmm? :-)

Heather/Simaholic said...

I can appreciate how annoying having those customers on the home lot can be. Oh my goodness they get in the way. It always seemed like the ones on my lots are always in the bathroom when one of my sims really has to go. It is annoying.