Monday, April 17, 2006

The Bostics, Week 13/Yasika - Mother Earth

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Title: Yasika - Mother Earth

Lot: The Bostics - Andre, Yasika, Dovie, Zeon, Java Jan, Raliegh, Keykel and Keywon

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Editor's Note: This entry marks the beginning of the 13th round in Prosperity Falls.

Yasika is here! Yes! I, who have birthed many on earth to further the mission set forth by the King of Anatoth! My body is strong and fruitful and readily accepts the seed of my earth husband, Andre Bostic. The greatest lover the earth has ever seen, and whose fertility is boundless. Our mission is to spread the DNA of the Anotothian peoples across the face of the earth until we number in the majority of the population of the planet! Where as my brother Quavi has managed to get his earth wife to carry two Anotothians at once, I too have done the same within my own womb! Yes! I had two babies at once. And, to try to multiply even more, I have suggested to my dear husband he should stargaze every night in hopes of being noticed by the Anotothians that have been impregnating the earth men with our beings. However, the earth peoples know them as Aliens. The entire mission of the Anotothians is unknown to everyone except we who are actively procreating. But, Andre has not been called to duty. So we press on. It shall be up to me, here in this house, to carry on.

I have birthed 4 sons and one daughter. My daughter Java Jan is growing quickly, and soon she will be able to birth many as I have done. I have been diligently teaching her the ways of the mission, how she will be the mother of many. Her mind is thirsty for the lessons received daily via computer from my brother Zaed from his home across town. In fact, we have two computers so my son Zeon can continue his studies as well!

Zeon Bostic
Aspiration - Popularity
LTW - To Become A Celebrity Chef
8 neat, 3 Outgoing, 5 Active, 10 Playful, 4 nice
Zodiac - Aquarius

My son Zeon is so handsome he will not have trouble mating with the earth woman my brother Zaed has chosen for him. It is Trudy Strickland, daughter of Fraiser and Camryn Strickland. Yes, I can see it now. Zaed will arrange for the two to meet and mate. She will become impregnated with Zeon's seed, and an new generation of Anotothains will begin!

My son Raliegh is growing as rapidly as Java Jan. His features are definetely Anotothian, and he carries the DNA inside of him, to spread over the earth. And yes, Zaed has chosen Raleigh's mate already. It will be Veronica Capehart, daughter of Vampiress Lillith Capehart and Hall of Famer Manuel Capehart. Strong DNA, there. Ahh such multiplication! *eyes glinting*

Babies Schmabies! (Dovie takes over the report) Stop yer yappin' Yasika. Well, I will be damned if I didn't get rid of that kid Chantell and more kids came pouring into this house. Yep, Yasika and Andre had two more! Twins! Gawd, I find myself constantly picking the little brats up and changin' diapers. Hey, somebody has to do it to stop all the cryin'. Some days I think I will go nuts knee deep in rugrats.

It seemed like I was the only one around much of the time to help the brats grow up. That one kid, Keykel, has the same durn yellowish eyes Java Jan and Yasika has. Gad...those eyes are the creepiest peepers I have ever seen in my life. He's got the freckles like my brother Andre. Bein' around all these kids makes me think more than ever about leavin' this joint and shackin' up with my fianceƩ Lee.

My, myself, and I....helpin' these kids to walk and to talk and to behave like nice kiddies. Seems as though Yasika always had the older ones down in the basement helpin' 'em learn how to punch the punchin' bag and how to make chocolate. *sarcastic tones* Oh yeah...those are truly things they need to know to suceed in life! *Jabbing herself in the chest with thumb* It is me! I'm the one who is teaching the little darlings how to walk and talk! I am spending more time with them than I ever did Chantell. What do I get for it? Huh? No life, that's what! I go to work all day slavin' away, then I come home to the sour smells of poopy diapers and spit up. *clicking blood red nails on tabletop* I gotta get away....need a plan....

Your'e being dramatic, Aunt Dovie. (Zeon chimes in) It ain't so bad, living in this big family. Hey, if you need a breather, just do what I do. I take off and go downtown to meet with friends and have coffee. Yeah. Hey I met Barry-James Strickland, you know, the son of ex-Mayor Kerris Strickland. Yeah. The great-grand son of one of the founders of Prosperity Falls, Landell Strickland. Hey you know what the strange thing is about Barry-James. His mother Kerris is mom's cousin. (Thinking to self) I wonder if he knows about the mission. It is great to meet relatives here. Hey, Barry-James and I have become great friends. Maybe we will sit down and talk about the mission some day.

Odd Pic Out:

Nanny began bathing one of the twins in the sink when Dovie walked away from her pancakes on the stove to get the other twin upstairs. The fireman patiently stood by whilst nanny finished bathing the babe! No one caught fire, miraculously.


Trudy said...

OHHHHHH! I've finally been paired up! Can't wait to see the kiddos! Wait, I don't even think I'm a teen yet. Must check, nope not a teen yet, oh I hope I get family! I've been chosen to populate the earth with Anotothians! Shoot, weeks before my house comes up again, I'll have to sit and bite my nails impatiently!

QueenofSimtopia said...

Great plot! That Zeon is pretty good looking for a non CAS sim.

KeyKel69 said...

(wipes tear from eye) I have TWO namesakes and both Anotothians? I'm so proud... :-) I can't wait to see them grow up!

ASimWen said... have been one of my most loyal readers! Yes! You deserve TWO Anotothians!

Katie said...

Yay, another update! I really enjoyed that one. Zeon is so handsome! And twins, yay! I think the Anatothians need an enemy that is finds out what their mission is and tries to stop the aliens from taking over...Barry-James, perhaps? BUH-Buh-buuuuuuuuuh. Fun. Can't wait for the next update!

Alexis said...

Wow, so many babies! I guess those Anotothians are really multiplying--are they the majority in the Falls?

ASimWen said...

Alexis...believe it or not..the surname with the most people is Strickland coming in at 31. Robbins comes in at 18, and Bostic comes in with a measley 13. Second is the Capeharts with 28 members. However, this doesn't take into account the fact things like Yasika the Anotothian married a Bostic...her kids are named Bostic....If you want to view stats...check out the family tree at

Heather/Simaholic said...

The fire picture is very bazaare. At lest the baby was in the water, lol. I can only imagine what Dovie is thinking surrounded by all those kids, lol! I'm sure she's ready to pull her hair out.