Sunday, April 16, 2006


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Title: Babymakers

Lot: Strickland.4 - Bulldog, Madelyn, Jeannie, Felecia, Lia and Melissa

Last Visit:
A Coupla Pups

Bulldog narrating: I am in heaven. Hey you might not think changing poopy diapers and wiping spit up off your clothes heaven, but that is what me and Madelyn were made to do. We are parents, and lovin' every minute of it. If we don't have a baby in the house or in the makins', we are talking about it. (They are both Family Sims). And Madelyn and I were double blessed with (cheesecake) twins! Yes, Lia and Melissa were born, and Madelyn is pregnant again. I am beside myself. But I digress. Lemme show ya... *whips out wallet and a long string of pictures fall out*.

Here is our Jeannie. She is growing up to be a fine girl. She paints the most wonderful pictures for us, of course we proudly display them on the refridgerator. She has been a big help in helping us take care of her three younger sisters, love her heart. She is falling into her roll as Big Sister like nobody's business.

Look at this picture of Felicia. What a beautiful girl! She is gonna break some hearts, alright. Gawd...I am such a lucky man. I can only hope I can live up to being a good father to my girls. My Madelyn has been such a great mom... *wipes tear* how can I live up to everything? Now I know what my parents felt giving birth to ten of us....and are now adopting children since all of us are grown and gone.

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Well, I guess one of the things I can do is do my best to support my wife and kids. I advanced to General in the Military. Yep, I am the top dog and answer to no one but the President. So far, he hasn't asked me to go anywhere dangerous in the world. I think I would die before I even left US soil if I had to do that. Madelyn also reached the top of her job. She is now Captian Hero. The Falls needed another one. Keep it in the family, I say. Her older sister Doris is Mayor, so they work together real well. Criminal Mastermind Zaed Robbins has been strangely quiet since my family has taken over law enforcement.

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I spend my spare time looking through the telescope at the heavens. Since I was promoted to general, I no long fly for NASA. I hear my brother Fraiser went mildly crazy looking through the telescope so much, mumblin' about Aliens and such. Wanted to get taken. What is that all about? He got to the point where he wasn't making good decisions for his family, and now they are being forced to move out of their house since Fraiser has no inclination to work the farm anymore. That is all he used to talk about in college, working a farm. He let his fascination with the telescope rule his life. Well, I am not gonna let that happen to me! No sirrie! My family comes first!

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Hey, looking through a telescope can't compare to what goes on inside the house. How can I deny these precious beings that have been put into my care? Here I am holding one of the twins. Which one, I couldn't tell ya. Here is a picture I took of them in their bed.

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Maddy and I went out to double stock up on every thing when we found out she was carryin' two. We didn't know what was in store for us takin' care of two babies instead of one, but it has been the grandest adventure of my life. Having twins is better than any view I had ever seen from outer space. Maddy has been such a trooper through it all. Carrying two at once really taxed her body, but she whipped it right back into shape, and was able to fit back into her Captian Hero uniform in no time. She is amazing.

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Well, I guess that about sums it up. Me and Madelyn are goin' all the way. Gonna fall into the footsteps of my mom and dad, Chevy and Kirstee Strickland. We want 10!

Accomplishments: TOC Bulldog - General, Madelyn - Captian Hero.


Katie said...

Oh, man, you're crazy. Crazy and brave. Another ten! Good luck and great update.

SpongebobTanu said...

10 woman? 10?!? have you warned JavaJan about the scoring yet? lol.

Alexis said...

Oh, how wonderful! What a great Easter gift for us. Bulldog is a wonderful father and his wife is great too! Ten more kids for the Falls--yay!

londonsim said...

I've been catching up with your stories and love them! Also, thanks for coming by and checking out my new prosperity families.

Melissa said...

Awww! I finally made it to Prosperity Falls! And as a Strickland. I couldn't feel more honored. Great updates as usual, Wen.

Heather/Simaholic said...

Those Stricklands are just baby making fools, lol. I'm glad to see Bulldog not letting this alien fever go to his head and that he is keeping his mind on his family, where it should be for a family sim :o)

ciyrose said...

Another's no wonder you need a break between are a lot to deal with. I seem to barely be able to keep up with 3 or 4, 10 is just insane to me. the stories, they are all great!

I know I'm so far behind. I'm trying to get through everyone blogs, and I've been reading this on for like a month now, but it's great.