Sunday, March 19, 2006

University Week 12 - Second Entry

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Do The Smustle!

Title: University Week 12 - Second Entry, for rnd 12

Lot: Residence of Martin Strickland and Joslyn Capehart

Martin and Joslyn are getting ready to start their Junior year, and opted not to change their aspiration after final exam for Sophomore year. Martin is a Knowledge Sim, and Joslyn is a Fortune Sim. They pretty much stick to the program, going to class, makin' the grade and spending quite evenings together. Both have gained entrance to the SS, and are still working on the Big Sim on Campus and the Greek House points. Those will come easily in their Junior year. Although they are terrible in love and have two bolts for each other...Martin did have a small daliance on the side.....

Joy Capehart
(Name incorrect in the Pic...should be Robi Charvat)

Joy is 9 woo-hoos into her Woo-Hoo 20 Sims want. Her public/private woo-hoo list includes: Xuan Robbins, Goopy Gilsboro, and Prof. Seth London. Her private woo-hoo list includes: Bug Man Robi Charvat, Professor Elmer Schehl, and Martin Strickland. Joy was going to limit her woo-hoo's to folks who lived outside of the Falls only, but Martin rolled repeated wants to flirt with Joy despite being in love with Joslyn. He only has one bolt for Joy, while he has two for Joslyn. This leads me to wonder if Knowledge Sims have a special attraction to Aliens??? At any rate, Joy was glad to accomodate Martin and gave him an Alien woo-hoo whilst Joslyn was at class. Next round, he will get his public woo-hoo with her. ;)

Joy got herself a makeover to try to be more attractive to other Sims. It seems she was having trouble with other Sims constantly making fun of her and pointing at her in public because she looked so....well....Alien. She feels better about herself now and has more confidence and the woo-hoo's are pouring in.

Jessie Capehart and Gertrude Strickland

Next is Jessie Capehart and Gertrude Strickland in the Greek House Crumplebottom. These two have ZERO bolt attraction. Ah well, not all matches are made in heaven, especially in the Sim World. Both have accomplished SS and Greek House (obviously) but are still working on Big Sim. They will have plenty of time for that over the next two years. Gertrude is a Knowledge Sim, and Jessie is a Fortune Sim, they both prefered to stay with their aspiration at end of Sophomore year. Even though Gertrude is maxed out on skills, her cooking isn't always great. Jessie thinks this is stupid.

Samarah McClelland and Jati Robbins

Samarah and Jati have one year left in University, then it will be off to the Falls to further the Anotothian Mission. Both have accomplished all Uni points. Samarah is a Family Sim who didn't have much time to develop skills before moving on to Uni. She had to go when Jati was ready. He was maxed out in skills and ready to turn adult. Had to get out of Zaed's house. Samarah had managed to get all the skills needed to fulfill her LTW, that of a Captain Hero. Jati will move his earth woman into his father's house, as Zaed's heir. Xuan was going to move in as the heir with his Alien bride Joy, but he has other ideas. (In truth, Jati carries the Anotothian DNA, where as Xuan carries none at all. The Editor wanted to keep the bloodline in the house. The fact that Xuan has NO Anotothian DNA will play a large part in future storylines).

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Xuan Robbins

It is I, Xuan! The greatest lover the Earth World has ever seen! You see? I can get the women to do my school work and kiss me too! I never have to write my own papers. The girls are willing to do it to get a chance in my bed later on! The earth women are so soft and alluring..unlike that Alien Joy Capehart to whom I am betrothed by my father Zaed. I respect Zaed and all the studies he has written. I respect the Anotothian Mission. But I just cannot see myself partaking! I must go forth and give my seed to her and produce childen with her. BAH!

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I came upon my Uncle Quavi in town and we began discussing the Mission. I explained that I would rather be kissing the earth women than slaving at an earth job and coming home every day to that green skinned thing. Uncle Quavi smiled and nodded, like he really understood. YES! Perhaps if I can get someone else in the Family on my side, my father Zaed will understand my dilemma. I can only hope!

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Xuan has accomplished 8 of the 20 Woo-Hoos he needs to get to LTW. His private/public list includes: Joy Capehart, Virginia Jitmakusol and Professor Brenda Sims. His public only list includes Melanie Kody and Christy Stratton. He has moved out of the Pinenut Plaza dorm and into the Greek house with Jessie and Gertrude so he will have access to the photo booth so he can accomplish both public/and private woo-hoos with out danger of being caught.


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Freshmen Justice Strickland and Karin Capehart

Justice is the son of Doris and Niles Strickland, and Karin is the Alien daughter of Tomas Capehart. Justice and Karin discovered they were destined to be together just this week. Karin wasn't quite ready to leave for Uni skills wise, but Justice was ready to turn adult in just two days, so had to get the heck outta his dad's house. Karin has a difficult road ahead of her to get the skills needed to reach her LTW of Chief of Staff. Justice is maxed on skills. They have already in their freshman year been admitted to SS and the Greek house. They are living in the haunted rental.

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Freshmen Kelsey McClelland and Jodi-Ann Strickland

Jodi-Ann left for University the day of her brother's wedding, and the day of her father's death. She got a nice in heritance from Marc-Henry, as did Kelsey who was also a friend of Marc's. They were able to fix up their new rental with the $7,000 they received in addition to their high scholarships. They did their house with the Mission style furniture, and Jodi-Ann spent a few simoleons on a makeover. She turned out to be extremely pretty and exotic looking. She has her mother's Anotothian eyes, but not her skin.

They have accomplished SS and Greek House, still working on Big Sim. Kelsey is one unhappy camper because unlike Joy Capehart and Xuan Robbins, he has not been allowed to pursue his Romantic tendacies. He will reroll at the end of his sophomore year.


SpongebobTanu said...

Xuan cracks me up!

Alexis said...

I love all these sims! It's a great idea to send all betrothed to college together even if one of them isn't quite ready for it--you need to keep that love strong!

As for Xuan...I wonder how his storyline will play out. You got me intrigued with his DNA holding no Anotothian characteristics and this playing a large role in upcoming updates...

Catootje73 said...

Oh my, I'm at uni already. Well, RL Karin can be very disciplined, hope this Karin will succeed brilliantly ;)

Heather/Simaholic said...

Xuan and Quavi would make an interesting duo. Xuan with his need to have woohoo and Quavi with his reproduction obsession. ::sigh:: I'm wondering how the arranged marriage with Xuan and Joy will work. I hope Xuan doesn't find Karin cause I think he would chase her.

straberiwine said...

Wow - Jodi-Ann turned out really pretty! I'm also excited to see where you go with Xuan - what will his dad think when he finds out he has NO Anatothian DNA?