Sunday, March 12, 2006

Marc-Henry Buys The Farm (or) The End Of An Era

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Title: Marc-Henry Buys The Farm (or) The End Of An Era

Lot - The Stricklands.2 - Kerris, Barry-James, Mackenzie, Jodi-Ann and Jim-Bob

Last Visit -
Jodi-Ann's Love Life

Barry-James and Mackenzie Last Seen - University Week 11

This is Kerris. Lord, but I am tired. I have seen better days. It seems like everything I ever knew has changed course. My boy Barry-James has returned from college and brought his sweetheart with him, Mackenzie Capehart. I have let this whole thing slip by me. I haven't told Barry anything about the Anotothian Mission. Zaed has mentioned it to me a couple of times, but I had all that trouble with that reporter Berry-Nosey constantly following me around when I was Mayor, so I really couldn't do much training with Barry. Barry looks so Anotothian, just minus our pointed ears. He has our golden skin and yellow eyes. My goodness. I suppose the main thing though is for him to procreate and I don't think there will be much trouble with that. Let me tell you why. I will start with his first day back from University.

The day the kids got in from college, we had a wedding in the back yard. I can't really say much for the gown Mack chose, but *shrug* it did the job. She looked very festive. *smile* All the kids' college friends came to see the nuptials. It was so nice having a wedding right at the house.

The party moved inside after the vows were taken, and we had a good time. Jodi-Ann chose this moment to tell everyone she was leaving for University that day. The way old people do, Marc-Henry, my human husband, sat there discussing his old age, and death. I guess he knew. Well, Anotothians know alot about the process of the human birth-living-dying process, but no one knows like the person it is getting ready to happen to. They just seem to know. Well anyway, after the wedding, Jodi-Ann left for college, and the newlyweds left for a short honeymoon. Just out for the afternnon. That left just me and Marc-Henry home. We had a nice talk. I knew his time was getting short. We reminisced about the humble beginnings of Prosperity Falls, and how far it has come.

Marc-Henry was the first baby born in the new settlement. His mother was Brandi-LeTourneau, and his father, Landell Strickland. His father Landell came to this town as an elder and had his two grandchildren, Chevy and Shauntasia Strickland to raise. (To reminesce along with Kerris and Marc, refer to The Stricklands, Chaper 1). Prosperity Falls, in Marc-Henry's lifetime grew from a humble population of 16 to around 96. Still a very small town, but steadily growing. Most of those Sims who originally settled the Falls have passed away now. The only ones still going are Chevy (Marc-Henry's nephew) and Kirstee Strickland. I don't know how they keep going. They are ancient fossils by now. Anyway, Marc-Henry is the one and only child Landell and Brandi had. Landell died shortly before Marc was born, so he never knew his dad.

But, Brandi did a good job raising him, and Chevy did too. I am glad I had that talk with Marc, as he passed away that night. I was glad he got to see Barry-James and Mackenzie get married, but alas, he does not know he has a grand child. Yes, Barry-James is now the proud daddy of Jim-Bob. I guess that makes me a grandma. I was so happy to get a grandchild, I retired from my job to stay home with him. I know. My time is getting short too.

Jim-Bob is the cutest little guy. He has blond hair like his great-grandma Kamika. But, that is the only thing Anotothian about him. He doesn't have our skintone, nor does he carry the gene for it. The eyes either. He has his mamma's pretty blue eyes. But my gosh...his facial features are Marc-Henry all the way. He reminds so much of him.

It won't be long before there is another child in the house. Mackenzie is pregnant again already. Perhaps the new child will be more Anotothian looking. I may not see him or her. But I know the Anotothians are progressing on earth. I can go to my grave knowing that.

Good bye, Marc-Henry

Accomplishments this round - Marc-Henry died perm-plat at top influence.


Alexis said...

So sad to see Marc-Henry go...Chevy must be devastated to see his younger uncle pass on. Kerris seems as if she is wishing she could have passed on more about the Anotothian people to her son, doesn't she? Great updates!

SpongebobTanu said...

finally got to it Wen, oh so sad to see Marc-Henry get a visit from the reaper. but i love the picture with him as a toddler.

Heather/Simaholic said...

::sniffles:: Oh, it is so sad to see Marc-Henry die. He did have a good full life though. Now he gets to meet his father. ::sniffles::

Josh said...

Sorry to be so annoying, but how do you know if a Sim carries a gene without having them have children? Is it in SimPE?

ASimWen said...

You aren't being annoying Josh. :) There is a boolprop cheat that can be used to see a Sim's DNA right away when they are born whilst you are still in the game. The directions to do it are here:

ASimWen said...

Errr...let's try this again. If you go to the official website for the game, go to forums and search 'dna cheat', click 'all' under message age. It will come right up.