Sunday, March 19, 2006

Job Promotions and Improvements

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Title: Job Promotions and Improvements

Lot: The Trimbles - Roz, Shane, Sheri and Robin

Last Visit:
Nekkid Comedy

Hay ya'llses! It's just me, Roz. Have Ah told ya'll lately how much Ah love Shane? Well iffen Ah didn't Ah'm tellin' ya now. Thet man went and built me a lovely fireplace, on both the first and second floors of the house, then he installed an elevator! Yes! Then, he went around and put lovely vases of flowers everywhere. (Shane is a regular shopper at Frances Delarosa's place). It shore was a comforting thing to me to have a warm fireplace, an' flowers bein' so fragrant in the house. With a new babe comin' and all. See there how big my tummy was? Oh mah oh mah...what a hippo Ah make! But it is all fine. Shane and Ah have 'nother lovely daughter.

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But before Ah go an' whip out her picture, here is Sheri as a toddler. Ain't she the cutest thing? Mah little girls look lots alike, but you better believe me and Shane was able to tell 'em apart. Here is Robin's toddler picture.

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See there? They look a whole lot alahk...but different in other ways. Ah am so sad though. I have still been unable to git mamma to come and visit fer a while since Shane and I have been hitched. She gits nervous around casually nekkid folks. She loves Shane and all, but won't come because she is afraid he will conveniently fergit to put on his clothes after bathin'. So thet means Ah am always towin' the girls down to see her and daddy at the house. Ah guess mamma and daddy are gittin' ready to move out of the old house and start their own foster home. Mamma says soon as Martin gradutates from college and comes home, then her and daddy are splittin' out. Ah cain't imagine mamma and daddy not havin' younguns around. That will be just the best thing in the world fer them and the kids.

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Shane has been werkin' so hard fer us. He had a great job werkin' for Zaed Robbins, but Shane says he really don't lahk bein' a criminal mastermind, really ain't cut out fer thet type of stuff. Although he hasn't quit, he lahks the money but has problems with the legalities of it all. Well, he went and bought the gym in Bluewater Village. Ah said, "Shane, whut are you gonna do with a gym?" He said he was gonna make simoleons with it! Ah kin believe it! Now iffen his customers kin git over his affinity for nekkidness, Ah think the place will score bigtime.

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Ah really cain't see how bein' nekkid in a gym would hurt sales, do you? My man Shane just gits out there and tells it lahk it is....and Sims will pay him! This man here, didn't even seem to realize Shane was nekkid. Mebbe it is 'cause one might exepect to see something lahk thet in the gym. Lahk in the shower room, most lahkly.

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Well one of these days our girls will inherit the gym. Shane sez thet ain't the only business he will buy, he wants 3 or 4 more! He is gonna be busy. Not only with thet, but the fact thet mah Shane got to see the Aliens. Yep, it looks lahk we are gonna be the proud mamma and daddy of an alien child! It had been goin' around fer years now, alien visits to our town. An' you know whut? The men-folk get pregnant with an alien child when they git back from their rahd. Well. Ah had thought Sheri and Robin would be all the younguns we would have, but the heavens had a different idea. Mah goodness, Shane don't even look into the scope much! Ah mean, when does he have tahm? He werks every night until midnight or so, then he runs the gym too! See, Shane luvs me so much he is willin' to bear the same burden of childbirth thet Ah did.

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Well, now the kids are gittin' old enough ter sit at the table with us and sup. Mah goodness, you would think Shane is eatin' fer more than jest two! Mebee three! Oh mah! How fun thet would be to have more than one alien child! Well hun Ah hafta go now...I hear Robin squeakin' in her crib. Ah will talk to ya later, okay?

Odd Pic Out:

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Shane had come home from work as a Criminal Mastermind and went right to the telescope to get a little fun.

Accomplishments this round: Shane - Top of Career and LTW - Criminal Mastermind, perm plat.


SpongebobTanu said...

i love Roz's accent. and yay aliens!!!

Alexis said...

This family is great. I loved the whole bit about naked Shane at the gym...used to seeing things like that at the gym, in the shower most likey *LOL*

I can't wait to see the alien babies! No matter how many times it happens, it's still exciting, isn't it?

Heather/Simaholic said...

ANOTHER ABDUCTION? Geez! It seems like those Anotothians are really taking over!

I love Shane and his nekkid-ness. A naked gym is an interesting concept. You'd have to be careful with the weights though. That could be a disaster, lol.

straberiwine said...

I have a nekkid daddy? No wonder I have blocked out my childhood :)

Wen I love what you've done with this family, of course I'm partial. And Robin and I are sisters! How great is that?