Sunday, March 26, 2006

Devious Plans

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Title: Devious Plans

Lot: Robbins.2 - Quavi, Daphne, Zaine, Mich, Joan and Jessica

Last Visit:
Building An Army

I am Quavi! My seed is so potent, I can put more than one Anotothian at a time into my earth woman's womb! Think of it! I have surely produced more for the mission now than my brother Zaed. Bah! Zaed is a
withered old man. His earth woman is withered too, unable to produce anymore children. Already I have beaten him. But, he has the one thing I do not have, and that is an Alien child. But no matter! My sheer numbers will outweigh that any time! And, I have a plan that will keep my seed working, even after I too become wrinkled with age. It will not matter that my earth woman's womb will no longer accept my seed. But before I tell you my plan, let me show you my army.

Aazia Robbins
Aspiration - Popularity
LTW - To Become A Captain Hero
1 neat, 9 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac - Gemini

The first child I made with Daphne, Aazia, has come to age. She is extremely comely, and she does carry the Anotothian DNA! Yes! That means more yellow eyed and gold skinned Anotothians on Earth. We will carry on! Daphne has no clue. She does not question the strange lessons I give my children, nor does she question the constant woo-hooing. Speaking of Daphne. She has given birth to two girls...yes...twins. At the same time! How did she get two children growing in her womb? I shall study this. So far, all the notes Zaed and I have conclude only one child at a time can grow. My brother is extremely jealous that this did not happen in his household, but at the same time he is finds glory in it for the Mission. I am only happy that it occured. At any rate, Daphne has now given birth to 5 children for me, for the cause. The second child, Zaine, has also come to age.

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Zaine Robbins
Aspriation - Fortune
LTW - To Earn $100,000
1 neat, 9 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac - Gemini

Even though Daphne does not question my motives, I did notice that she was beginning to tire. I realized that having two children at once was rather draining on her human system. Why, in Anatoth we give birth to more than a dozen at once. So, I did not spill my seed to her for a fortnight. In fact, she went back to her job in Mayor Doris Strickland's offices.

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I cannot risk wearing her out with all the childbearing. A rest was good for her, she is with child again. In the future it will not matter if she is pregnant or not as my seed will still be working without her.

The boy Mich is growing and learning. He seems to have a strong creative streak in him that is fed by the canvas. That is good! He shall find more creative ways to contribute to the Mission. Zaed contributes by communicating with the King and finding mates for everyone. I contribute by finding ways to spread my seed. My sister Yasika contributes by birthing many.

What will my son Mich do? More's the question, what will the twin females do? Ahhh! More wombs to spread the Anotothian DNA! My nephew Jati will ensure they find compatible males to give them seed.

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Ah you see there...I mention my nephew Jati. But the time Joan and Jessica become of age, Zaed will be dead, and Jati will be running the command center. I shall be dead too, probably. I do not know, it makes no difference as my children will be ready for the Mission, and my time will be through here.

Ah. Here is my plan. I have been planning a way to keep producing Anotothians long after Daphne was unable to do so any longer. The reproductive time for humans is remarkably short. Which means, I needed another womb for my children to grow. One is not enough. I have been on the look out for a concubine...preferably one with Anotothian DNA, but it seemed that was close to impossible.

Then I met my nephew Xuan and he told me of his dilemma....and it occured to me the fix for my problem! I did meet with Xuan on the side...he came to my fortress one evening. I tested him, and what I thought was true. Not only did Zaed not make very many children, he created one without Anotothain DNA! No wonder Xuan has no thoughts for the Mission! Xuan was relieved, but out of respect for his father, he stated he did want to keep a pretense of participating. So we made a plan together. He knew someone that could help us, and solve both of our problems....

Accomplishments this round: Daphne - LTW and Top Of Career - Mayor, perm plat.


Bubbs said...

Great update. Can't wait to see what happens next with this group. Loved the womb holding two, lol.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Wow, things pick it up a notch! Can't wait to read what happens next.

KeyKel69 said...

Yes! I love it! The Anotothains rock! :-) Funny how my 'hood seems to mimic their behavior (must have many children and pass on DNA)... I can't wait to see what happens next.

Alexis said... that Joy Capehart in the picture? Will they tell her they intend for her to help them with the mission or will she do this unknowingly? Can't wait to find out!

briar_rose said...

I love the Anotothains. I finally caught up again. Can't wait to find out what they are planing

ASimWen said...

Yeah, Joy the Sell-Out.....

Katie said...

Caught up again! Yay! I gave up long ago on trying to keep up with all the names and the children. I just enjoy reading the stories. Guess there's bound to be a lot of names with all those Anatothians spreading there seed every which way! Love the blog.

Heather/Simaholic said...

OH! What a twist! Quavi you are so devious. He seems even more so than the others. What is the deal with his intense rivalry with Zaed? Geez. But Joy, oh my. Quavi you are turning out to be quite the devil.