Sunday, March 12, 2006

Buildin' Robots

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Title: Buildin' Robots

Lot: Niles and Doris Capehart - Prosperity Falls -Niles, Doris, Justice, Bubbs, Sara and Heather

Last Visit:
The Mayor's Baby Factory

Niles Narrating: The best thing I can do is tell you that Justice has found him a girl. I 'member I told you last time he was gonna take his time finding 'the one', well he did. By golly, she is one of the alien kids born in the Falls! She is
Tomas Capehart's alien daughter! Here I have been a-wastin' all my nights tryin' to get the aliens to take me so I could get an alien child, and Justice finds a way to bring an alien into the family! I am tickled to death! Looks like I might get me an alien granchild in the future.

Well, since it looks like those two are gonna be a couple, I quit lookin' through the telescope so much. I mean, what has a guy got to do? Capehart has it down. He looked through the telesocpe and was blessed with Karin, then he got taken again by the Aliens in his dancin' machine and had another daughter, Florentilla! I found something else to do with my time.

I built me a litte workshop in the back yard, and started buildin' things. I had to take out Doris's vegetable garden to do that, but she didn't really care. She has so much to do these days with bein' the Mayor and all, and having my babies. Well, I take care of the kids too, heh, but when everything is cool in the house, I am out in the workshop. After I got a good start out there piddlin' around, Justice and Karin started goin' steady, Bubbs and Sarah had a birthday, and I had another child born, a daughter named Heather.

Bubbs Strickland
Aspiration - Knowldege
LTW - To Be A Mad Scientist
10 neat, 6 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful, 3 nice
Zodiac - Capricorn

Right after Sarah had her birthday, Justice made serious plans for college. I guess him and Karin made plans to meet up there.

Doris is gettin' along well as Mayor. Zaed Robbins is keepin' quiet these days, I hear he is gettin' on in years and has grandkids of his own to enjoy, and has an alien daughter as well. Well heck. But that is ok. I quit my job as a Visionary to devote more time to my workshop. Yep, I am out there almost 24/7. Doris has been great with it. We get along like a hand fits a glove. She realizes she has her day in the sun bein' mayor, and I have just sort of stayed in the background supporting her all the way. This is what I like to do. Woo-hoo and make kids with Doris, and work in my workshop. I don't think me and Doris will be havin' anymore, 4 is enough, she says. Ok, I can live with that. Since Justice is lookin' like he really likes Karin, I can look forward to lots of grandkids.

It seemed I could make a fair machine. This one I made would actually fly down to the local pizza joint and bring us back a pizza. Came in real handy for nights when it was just so hectic around here neither me or Doris had a chance to fix any supper for the kids. My gosh we used it so much it broke down...but it was easy to fix. Even though I am not real mechanically inclined, (Niles has 8 mechanical points) I was able to diagnose the problem and fix MunchieBot right up. Anyhow, I made lots of stuff. I made toy robots, munchiebots, cleaningbots, sentrybots, and a bot that even waters Doris's flowers. But my ulitmate accomplishment was Sam.

Sam is a Servo...does about anything around the house. Cleans, cooks, and even answers the telephone for us. I started training Sam how to make robots. He is great. There's nothin' like us workin' side by side togther out in the shop, I got him his own workbench. And he really likes the kids too.

Sam was initialized by Niles, who is a family Sim. So, Sam took on the characteristics of family wants.

Sam was there to help Heather grow up on her birthday. Isn't my daughter pretty as a pea in a pod? Anyhow, I have a Vision...hehe...that this robot thing can become something. I have lots of 'bots I made here in the workshop on the shelf, and Sam is makin' 'em too. Don't know yet what I am gonna do with 'em, but something, I am sure. Since I made Sam, I have made another Servo, but it is sitting in the corner. I haven't turned it on. Sam is still in the makin' toy robots stage, but I will work him up to better things. Well, gotta get back to work in the shop. Talk to ya later.

Odd Pic Out:

Nichole doesn't haunt her bed like most ghosts. She likes to haunt the toilet!

Notes: I had originally set Justice to marry Chantell, but she was deleted from the game due to technical issues. I was just going to let Justice find a townie to marry, until he rolled the want to invite his friend Karin over. When he went outside to greet her, he laid a great big smooch on her! Wow! Two bolt attraction! GO YOU, JUSTICE! *I quickly yank out my marriage list and re-work it. Karin was set to marry Justice's brother Bubbs.*


Alexis said...

I loved seeing Sam as a member of the family--what a great addition to the family. I'm glad to see Niles and Doris so happy!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

poor fellow not being reached by the aliens. Glad to see he changed his mind to something more workable.

I'm still trying to decide whether to buy OFB or not. Because of all the bugs I keep hearing about.

Rachel said...

I love your Servo Sam. I haven't played any Servos yet because I'm in a University phase right now.

ASimWen said...

Thanks Rachel. Unfortunately, Sam has already moved out of the Strickland house. He fell in love with Frances Delarosa when I sent Valentine Capehart to work with her in the flower shop. Sam came in to shop one day, and he and Frances had a two bolt attraction! I thought, WOW! What a great addition he would be here! So he moved right in!

Ruth...I have been fortunate and have not experienced alot of bugs with the game. There has been some incompatibility with my video driver, but I just rolled back to an older driver and everything is fine. :)

Katie said...

I don't know if I've commented on this website before but here goes... First of all I love your blog, and read it whenever I get the chance. Secondly, the toddler in that picture (suffering from temporary name amnesia), is absolutely beautiful! Also, how did you get a robot in the game? Is it a hack? Does it function like a normal sim? Confused..X.{ Thanks for sharing your stories! (P.S. Looking for readers if anyone wants to stop by my blog, Thanks!)

ASimWen said...

Hi Katie,

Thank you for posting. Yes, Heather is beautiful. She got great genes (DNA) inside of her.

The Robot, Sam is a droid that is enabled through the new Sims expansion pack, Open For Business. Sims can buy a workbench that enables them to make them. Yes, they behave like a Sim. They take on the personality of the Sim who first turns them on. Since Niles is a Family Sim, Sam took on the wants and desires of the same. He also came with the same amount of skills Niles has.

Unfortunately, Sam has moved out of the Strickland house (not blogged). He fell in love with Frances DeLarosa from the flower shop in Bluewater and now lives with her. He does all the 'back' work helping her run her home business. I will probably blog it the next time I play this house.

Heather/Simaholic said...

HEY! It's my namesake! Oooh and she is a cutie! ::grins:: Oh it is so exciting having a sim named after you that isn't in your own game!

Go Justice! That is awesome that he and Karin seem to work so well together. They are both really good-looking too so they should give you some fine looking babies :o)

Very cool about Sam. I don't have a servo in my game yet. I've been debating if I want to give it a try or not. I'll watch this family closly to see how it goes :o)