Sunday, March 12, 2006


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Title: Badges

Lot - Manuel and Lillith Capehart - Manuel, Lillith, Janelle, Marsha, Valentine, Vonfirmath and Veronica

Last Visit -

Manuel narrating: Life is going on here with Lillith still a vampire. I hear the Grand Vampire that turned Lillith into a vampire has done the same thing to other folks in town. I managed to get her to the bed a couple of times; she got pregnant and did give birth to another daughter, Veronica. But that isn't to say it was easy. She got caught in the sunlight a couple of times and made a run for the coffin. I put a lock on her door so nobody but her could get to her bed. My two moms kept wanting to get in Lillith's coffin to sleep because it is so comfortable. She says she kinda likes this life; she doesn't seem to be aging. While I do. She likes retaining her youthful skin and appearance. I guess she is prepared to make the sacrifice of never being able to live in the sunlight again to stay young. I don't want to think about the future. But it seems she can still make babies. That is the important thing right now.

Well, during the time she had off during her pregnancy with Veronica, she set up a little thing in the basement of the house.

She set up a table with all kinds of parts and tools, and made a little machine that automatically watered the plants around Grandpa Ricky and Grandma Mercedes's graves. That is one hard workin' little machine. Bein' that we have lot of flowers in our landscape, it was constantly working. All Leo the gardner had to do when he came was cut back the shrubs. Well, that hydrobot really saves us some serious coin. But, the machine wasn't perfect.

One day while my mom Janelle was watchin' after things, the little hydrobot went crazy. Started spewing water everywhere, and the bot Lillith made to clean up messes was followin' it around trying to clean up all the water puddles it was leavin'. Mom finally got the hydrobot turned off, and Lillith fixed it that night when she got up. Mom could have fixed it, but seems she couldn't remember how. Mom is gettin' funny these days. Don't remember much at all. (Valentine sim-vaced most of her skills from Janelle). But she did remember how to pick up the remote control and turn the hydrobot off. Valentine was relieved the hydrobot got fixed, seems she is into plants and such. Says she has a dream of opening her own greenhouse someday.

Valentine has been doing a study at home course for making flower arrangements. But she knows she gotta go to college and all before she can open her own place...I think she is lookin' for an after school job, tryin' to get on with Francs Delarosa in her flower shop over in Bluewater to get some experience. (Valentine earned a gold badge in flower arranging in just 5 days. I kept her aspiration up and made her work nonstop with the use of the energizer, not counting taking time off for school and sucking out alot of Janelle's skill points).

In the meantime, my boy Vonfirmath is growing up. He seems to like to sit and read alot, so he is getting alot of studying in like Valentine. How is it my kids like to keep to themselves? (Manuel is a pop sim). Man, I always wanted friends over and such when I was growing up. Well, all the same. I quit my job as a celebrity chef and got one as a Hall of Famer. Yep, we now have a cool looking punching bag at our house to keep us fit. I had to get on it to run some fat off before I could actually get promoted to the top. Man I love it up here in the Hall of Fame. I still get the adoration of fans.

Yep, mom is slowing down a little these days, and seems to take more of in interest in the kids than she used to. Veronica is growing right up, and mom really loves her. With Lillith sleeping most of the time, the kids need somebody around. Mom is doing a great job. Well, gonna go and see what is up. See ya next time.

Accomplishments this round: Manuel - Top of Career - Hall of Famer. Not counted for points but cool anyway - Gold badge in flower arranging for Valentine, and a gold badge in robotics for Lillith. Yes, she earned a gold badge just working at night in 6 nights. She has 10 points in mechanical skills.


Alexis said...

You've just got everyone gearing up for their own businesses, don't you? The kids these families produce are always so good looking!

Rachel said...

A funny note, I have sisters named Valentine & Veronica in my Legacy Challenge family. :) Oh and Valentine rolled romance, I thought that was appropreiate

ASimWen said...

Valentine got her name 'cuz Valentine's Day was looming in the future in RL time. I was worrying what to get my husband. It is very appropriate for sure that she is a red head, and grew to teen in red clothes. She is Family Sim...I think, appropriate. :)

Katie said...

Ooooooohhh....I think I get the robot thing. Is that part of OFB? I really am dying to get that expansion. Looks cool! Oh well, gotta move on and catch up with your other updates!

Heather/Simaholic said...

You know, I'm not sure I'd be willing to give up sunlight just to stay young. But to each their own :o) Vonfirmath's eyebrows make him look a little sinister in that picture of him. The girls are lovely.

Josh said...

Wait, I thought that Mercedes was Janelle's sister... Why does Manuel keep saying Grandpa Ricky and Granma Mercedes if that's his aunt and uncle?

ASimWen said...

Hey Josh...well...the referral to Mercedes and Ricky as grandpa and grandma was used as the sentence right before referred to Lillith's pregnancy. :)
Thank you very much for being so observant!