Sunday, March 26, 2006

Devious Plans

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Title: Devious Plans

Lot: Robbins.2 - Quavi, Daphne, Zaine, Mich, Joan and Jessica

Last Visit:
Building An Army

I am Quavi! My seed is so potent, I can put more than one Anotothian at a time into my earth woman's womb! Think of it! I have surely produced more for the mission now than my brother Zaed. Bah! Zaed is a
withered old man. His earth woman is withered too, unable to produce anymore children. Already I have beaten him. But, he has the one thing I do not have, and that is an Alien child. But no matter! My sheer numbers will outweigh that any time! And, I have a plan that will keep my seed working, even after I too become wrinkled with age. It will not matter that my earth woman's womb will no longer accept my seed. But before I tell you my plan, let me show you my army.

Aazia Robbins
Aspiration - Popularity
LTW - To Become A Captain Hero
1 neat, 9 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac - Gemini

The first child I made with Daphne, Aazia, has come to age. She is extremely comely, and she does carry the Anotothian DNA! Yes! That means more yellow eyed and gold skinned Anotothians on Earth. We will carry on! Daphne has no clue. She does not question the strange lessons I give my children, nor does she question the constant woo-hooing. Speaking of Daphne. She has given birth to two girls...yes...twins. At the same time! How did she get two children growing in her womb? I shall study this. So far, all the notes Zaed and I have conclude only one child at a time can grow. My brother is extremely jealous that this did not happen in his household, but at the same time he is finds glory in it for the Mission. I am only happy that it occured. At any rate, Daphne has now given birth to 5 children for me, for the cause. The second child, Zaine, has also come to age.

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Zaine Robbins
Aspriation - Fortune
LTW - To Earn $100,000
1 neat, 9 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac - Gemini

Even though Daphne does not question my motives, I did notice that she was beginning to tire. I realized that having two children at once was rather draining on her human system. Why, in Anatoth we give birth to more than a dozen at once. So, I did not spill my seed to her for a fortnight. In fact, she went back to her job in Mayor Doris Strickland's offices.

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I cannot risk wearing her out with all the childbearing. A rest was good for her, she is with child again. In the future it will not matter if she is pregnant or not as my seed will still be working without her.

The boy Mich is growing and learning. He seems to have a strong creative streak in him that is fed by the canvas. That is good! He shall find more creative ways to contribute to the Mission. Zaed contributes by communicating with the King and finding mates for everyone. I contribute by finding ways to spread my seed. My sister Yasika contributes by birthing many.

What will my son Mich do? More's the question, what will the twin females do? Ahhh! More wombs to spread the Anotothian DNA! My nephew Jati will ensure they find compatible males to give them seed.

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Ah you see there...I mention my nephew Jati. But the time Joan and Jessica become of age, Zaed will be dead, and Jati will be running the command center. I shall be dead too, probably. I do not know, it makes no difference as my children will be ready for the Mission, and my time will be through here.

Ah. Here is my plan. I have been planning a way to keep producing Anotothians long after Daphne was unable to do so any longer. The reproductive time for humans is remarkably short. Which means, I needed another womb for my children to grow. One is not enough. I have been on the look out for a concubine...preferably one with Anotothian DNA, but it seemed that was close to impossible.

Then I met my nephew Xuan and he told me of his dilemma....and it occured to me the fix for my problem! I did meet with Xuan on the side...he came to my fortress one evening. I tested him, and what I thought was true. Not only did Zaed not make very many children, he created one without Anotothain DNA! No wonder Xuan has no thoughts for the Mission! Xuan was relieved, but out of respect for his father, he stated he did want to keep a pretense of participating. So we made a plan together. He knew someone that could help us, and solve both of our problems....

Accomplishments this round: Daphne - LTW and Top Of Career - Mayor, perm plat.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Job Promotions and Improvements

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Title: Job Promotions and Improvements

Lot: The Trimbles - Roz, Shane, Sheri and Robin

Last Visit:
Nekkid Comedy

Hay ya'llses! It's just me, Roz. Have Ah told ya'll lately how much Ah love Shane? Well iffen Ah didn't Ah'm tellin' ya now. Thet man went and built me a lovely fireplace, on both the first and second floors of the house, then he installed an elevator! Yes! Then, he went around and put lovely vases of flowers everywhere. (Shane is a regular shopper at Frances Delarosa's place). It shore was a comforting thing to me to have a warm fireplace, an' flowers bein' so fragrant in the house. With a new babe comin' and all. See there how big my tummy was? Oh mah oh mah...what a hippo Ah make! But it is all fine. Shane and Ah have 'nother lovely daughter.

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But before Ah go an' whip out her picture, here is Sheri as a toddler. Ain't she the cutest thing? Mah little girls look lots alike, but you better believe me and Shane was able to tell 'em apart. Here is Robin's toddler picture.

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See there? They look a whole lot alahk...but different in other ways. Ah am so sad though. I have still been unable to git mamma to come and visit fer a while since Shane and I have been hitched. She gits nervous around casually nekkid folks. She loves Shane and all, but won't come because she is afraid he will conveniently fergit to put on his clothes after bathin'. So thet means Ah am always towin' the girls down to see her and daddy at the house. Ah guess mamma and daddy are gittin' ready to move out of the old house and start their own foster home. Mamma says soon as Martin gradutates from college and comes home, then her and daddy are splittin' out. Ah cain't imagine mamma and daddy not havin' younguns around. That will be just the best thing in the world fer them and the kids.

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Shane has been werkin' so hard fer us. He had a great job werkin' for Zaed Robbins, but Shane says he really don't lahk bein' a criminal mastermind, really ain't cut out fer thet type of stuff. Although he hasn't quit, he lahks the money but has problems with the legalities of it all. Well, he went and bought the gym in Bluewater Village. Ah said, "Shane, whut are you gonna do with a gym?" He said he was gonna make simoleons with it! Ah kin believe it! Now iffen his customers kin git over his affinity for nekkidness, Ah think the place will score bigtime.

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Ah really cain't see how bein' nekkid in a gym would hurt sales, do you? My man Shane just gits out there and tells it lahk it is....and Sims will pay him! This man here, didn't even seem to realize Shane was nekkid. Mebbe it is 'cause one might exepect to see something lahk thet in the gym. Lahk in the shower room, most lahkly.

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Well one of these days our girls will inherit the gym. Shane sez thet ain't the only business he will buy, he wants 3 or 4 more! He is gonna be busy. Not only with thet, but the fact thet mah Shane got to see the Aliens. Yep, it looks lahk we are gonna be the proud mamma and daddy of an alien child! It had been goin' around fer years now, alien visits to our town. An' you know whut? The men-folk get pregnant with an alien child when they git back from their rahd. Well. Ah had thought Sheri and Robin would be all the younguns we would have, but the heavens had a different idea. Mah goodness, Shane don't even look into the scope much! Ah mean, when does he have tahm? He werks every night until midnight or so, then he runs the gym too! See, Shane luvs me so much he is willin' to bear the same burden of childbirth thet Ah did.

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Well, now the kids are gittin' old enough ter sit at the table with us and sup. Mah goodness, you would think Shane is eatin' fer more than jest two! Mebee three! Oh mah! How fun thet would be to have more than one alien child! Well hun Ah hafta go now...I hear Robin squeakin' in her crib. Ah will talk to ya later, okay?

Odd Pic Out:

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Shane had come home from work as a Criminal Mastermind and went right to the telescope to get a little fun.

Accomplishments this round: Shane - Top of Career and LTW - Criminal Mastermind, perm plat.

Camryn's Happiness

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Title: Camryn's Happiness

Lot: The Strickland Farm, Prosperity Falls - Fraiser, Camryn, Kyanne, and Trudy

Last Visit:

It is me, Camryn. This farm is a lot of hard work and me and Fraiser are slowing down, alot. Why, we just now saved up enough to buy a new truck to help with the work. Kolton and Karen have left for University, so that is two more sets of hands gone. We both had to take outside jobs because the farm wasn't paying out like Fraiser had said it would all these years. I had a job as a Professional Party Guest, but I guess when I turned older I wasn't as good as I used to be. I lost that job...yep...was fired. But I don't care. But that is cash gone to run the farm with. I reckon Fraiser and I will just have to hope our children will do well and take care of us in our old age.

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But let me tell you, when I got home that night I was so happy to be relieved of that position, I shouted my joy! I was too tired to keep up! But at any rate all is well. Let me tell you. I had a golden anniversary party here for Fraiser and I. Invited all kinds of people. It was real strange to see Fraiser and his mother deep in a conversation. I mean, they looked like they could have been married.

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Sometimes I think my in laws Kirstee and Chevy Strickland will outlive everyone. Anyway, Fraiser was working as a block buster director, and got demoted down to supporting player because he decided to give a new kid a chance on a script. Well, that is alright. We will survive. Fraiser is talking about selling the farm. It is so much work and upkeep, that will relieve us. With only two kids at home now, Kyann and Trudy, no help there. Kyanne is getting ready to go to University shortly and has been working hard studying. More working hands gone.

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Kyanne Strickland
Aspiraton - Knowledege
LTW - To Become Chief of Staff
9 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful, and 6 nice.
Zodiac - Aries

My Kyanne wants to be a doctor. That is going to cost big simoleons to put her through college then med school. I really don't know where the money is going to come from, but we will manage. Fraiser has had hair-brained ideas over the years that sucked up any cash we had. Like getting printing plates from Zaed Robbins to make conterfiet money, and spending money on that expensive telescope hoping to see aliens. Number one, the money is gone he spent on the telescope. Number two, all the time lost lookin' through the blasted thing when he could have been working the farm. Ah well, we all make mistakes. I love Fraiser anyway. He gave me four lovely children. Fraiser has always been a dreamer.

Our daughter Trudy is growing up quickly. Seems to have lots of energy and is running around all the time.

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My oh my...I can't believe there aren't any babies in the farm house. It is a sad thing still being here. I think I will talk to Fraiser more about selling the farm. There really isn't a reason to be here.


Camryn - LTW - To Reach Golden Anniversary, perm plat. Top of Career - Professional Party Guest

University Week 12 - Second Entry

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Do The Smustle!

Title: University Week 12 - Second Entry, for rnd 12

Lot: Residence of Martin Strickland and Joslyn Capehart

Martin and Joslyn are getting ready to start their Junior year, and opted not to change their aspiration after final exam for Sophomore year. Martin is a Knowledge Sim, and Joslyn is a Fortune Sim. They pretty much stick to the program, going to class, makin' the grade and spending quite evenings together. Both have gained entrance to the SS, and are still working on the Big Sim on Campus and the Greek House points. Those will come easily in their Junior year. Although they are terrible in love and have two bolts for each other...Martin did have a small daliance on the side.....

Joy Capehart
(Name incorrect in the Pic...should be Robi Charvat)

Joy is 9 woo-hoos into her Woo-Hoo 20 Sims want. Her public/private woo-hoo list includes: Xuan Robbins, Goopy Gilsboro, and Prof. Seth London. Her private woo-hoo list includes: Bug Man Robi Charvat, Professor Elmer Schehl, and Martin Strickland. Joy was going to limit her woo-hoo's to folks who lived outside of the Falls only, but Martin rolled repeated wants to flirt with Joy despite being in love with Joslyn. He only has one bolt for Joy, while he has two for Joslyn. This leads me to wonder if Knowledge Sims have a special attraction to Aliens??? At any rate, Joy was glad to accomodate Martin and gave him an Alien woo-hoo whilst Joslyn was at class. Next round, he will get his public woo-hoo with her. ;)

Joy got herself a makeover to try to be more attractive to other Sims. It seems she was having trouble with other Sims constantly making fun of her and pointing at her in public because she looked so....well....Alien. She feels better about herself now and has more confidence and the woo-hoo's are pouring in.

Jessie Capehart and Gertrude Strickland

Next is Jessie Capehart and Gertrude Strickland in the Greek House Crumplebottom. These two have ZERO bolt attraction. Ah well, not all matches are made in heaven, especially in the Sim World. Both have accomplished SS and Greek House (obviously) but are still working on Big Sim. They will have plenty of time for that over the next two years. Gertrude is a Knowledge Sim, and Jessie is a Fortune Sim, they both prefered to stay with their aspiration at end of Sophomore year. Even though Gertrude is maxed out on skills, her cooking isn't always great. Jessie thinks this is stupid.

Samarah McClelland and Jati Robbins

Samarah and Jati have one year left in University, then it will be off to the Falls to further the Anotothian Mission. Both have accomplished all Uni points. Samarah is a Family Sim who didn't have much time to develop skills before moving on to Uni. She had to go when Jati was ready. He was maxed out in skills and ready to turn adult. Had to get out of Zaed's house. Samarah had managed to get all the skills needed to fulfill her LTW, that of a Captain Hero. Jati will move his earth woman into his father's house, as Zaed's heir. Xuan was going to move in as the heir with his Alien bride Joy, but he has other ideas. (In truth, Jati carries the Anotothian DNA, where as Xuan carries none at all. The Editor wanted to keep the bloodline in the house. The fact that Xuan has NO Anotothian DNA will play a large part in future storylines).

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Xuan Robbins

It is I, Xuan! The greatest lover the Earth World has ever seen! You see? I can get the women to do my school work and kiss me too! I never have to write my own papers. The girls are willing to do it to get a chance in my bed later on! The earth women are so soft and alluring..unlike that Alien Joy Capehart to whom I am betrothed by my father Zaed. I respect Zaed and all the studies he has written. I respect the Anotothian Mission. But I just cannot see myself partaking! I must go forth and give my seed to her and produce childen with her. BAH!

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I came upon my Uncle Quavi in town and we began discussing the Mission. I explained that I would rather be kissing the earth women than slaving at an earth job and coming home every day to that green skinned thing. Uncle Quavi smiled and nodded, like he really understood. YES! Perhaps if I can get someone else in the Family on my side, my father Zaed will understand my dilemma. I can only hope!

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Xuan has accomplished 8 of the 20 Woo-Hoos he needs to get to LTW. His private/public list includes: Joy Capehart, Virginia Jitmakusol and Professor Brenda Sims. His public only list includes Melanie Kody and Christy Stratton. He has moved out of the Pinenut Plaza dorm and into the Greek house with Jessie and Gertrude so he will have access to the photo booth so he can accomplish both public/and private woo-hoos with out danger of being caught.


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Freshmen Justice Strickland and Karin Capehart

Justice is the son of Doris and Niles Strickland, and Karin is the Alien daughter of Tomas Capehart. Justice and Karin discovered they were destined to be together just this week. Karin wasn't quite ready to leave for Uni skills wise, but Justice was ready to turn adult in just two days, so had to get the heck outta his dad's house. Karin has a difficult road ahead of her to get the skills needed to reach her LTW of Chief of Staff. Justice is maxed on skills. They have already in their freshman year been admitted to SS and the Greek house. They are living in the haunted rental.

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Freshmen Kelsey McClelland and Jodi-Ann Strickland

Jodi-Ann left for University the day of her brother's wedding, and the day of her father's death. She got a nice in heritance from Marc-Henry, as did Kelsey who was also a friend of Marc's. They were able to fix up their new rental with the $7,000 they received in addition to their high scholarships. They did their house with the Mission style furniture, and Jodi-Ann spent a few simoleons on a makeover. She turned out to be extremely pretty and exotic looking. She has her mother's Anotothian eyes, but not her skin.

They have accomplished SS and Greek House, still working on Big Sim. Kelsey is one unhappy camper because unlike Joy Capehart and Xuan Robbins, he has not been allowed to pursue his Romantic tendacies. He will reroll at the end of his sophomore year.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Marc-Henry Buys The Farm (or) The End Of An Era

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Title: Marc-Henry Buys The Farm (or) The End Of An Era

Lot - The Stricklands.2 - Kerris, Barry-James, Mackenzie, Jodi-Ann and Jim-Bob

Last Visit -
Jodi-Ann's Love Life

Barry-James and Mackenzie Last Seen - University Week 11

This is Kerris. Lord, but I am tired. I have seen better days. It seems like everything I ever knew has changed course. My boy Barry-James has returned from college and brought his sweetheart with him, Mackenzie Capehart. I have let this whole thing slip by me. I haven't told Barry anything about the Anotothian Mission. Zaed has mentioned it to me a couple of times, but I had all that trouble with that reporter Berry-Nosey constantly following me around when I was Mayor, so I really couldn't do much training with Barry. Barry looks so Anotothian, just minus our pointed ears. He has our golden skin and yellow eyes. My goodness. I suppose the main thing though is for him to procreate and I don't think there will be much trouble with that. Let me tell you why. I will start with his first day back from University.

The day the kids got in from college, we had a wedding in the back yard. I can't really say much for the gown Mack chose, but *shrug* it did the job. She looked very festive. *smile* All the kids' college friends came to see the nuptials. It was so nice having a wedding right at the house.

The party moved inside after the vows were taken, and we had a good time. Jodi-Ann chose this moment to tell everyone she was leaving for University that day. The way old people do, Marc-Henry, my human husband, sat there discussing his old age, and death. I guess he knew. Well, Anotothians know alot about the process of the human birth-living-dying process, but no one knows like the person it is getting ready to happen to. They just seem to know. Well anyway, after the wedding, Jodi-Ann left for college, and the newlyweds left for a short honeymoon. Just out for the afternnon. That left just me and Marc-Henry home. We had a nice talk. I knew his time was getting short. We reminisced about the humble beginnings of Prosperity Falls, and how far it has come.

Marc-Henry was the first baby born in the new settlement. His mother was Brandi-LeTourneau, and his father, Landell Strickland. His father Landell came to this town as an elder and had his two grandchildren, Chevy and Shauntasia Strickland to raise. (To reminesce along with Kerris and Marc, refer to The Stricklands, Chaper 1). Prosperity Falls, in Marc-Henry's lifetime grew from a humble population of 16 to around 96. Still a very small town, but steadily growing. Most of those Sims who originally settled the Falls have passed away now. The only ones still going are Chevy (Marc-Henry's nephew) and Kirstee Strickland. I don't know how they keep going. They are ancient fossils by now. Anyway, Marc-Henry is the one and only child Landell and Brandi had. Landell died shortly before Marc was born, so he never knew his dad.

But, Brandi did a good job raising him, and Chevy did too. I am glad I had that talk with Marc, as he passed away that night. I was glad he got to see Barry-James and Mackenzie get married, but alas, he does not know he has a grand child. Yes, Barry-James is now the proud daddy of Jim-Bob. I guess that makes me a grandma. I was so happy to get a grandchild, I retired from my job to stay home with him. I know. My time is getting short too.

Jim-Bob is the cutest little guy. He has blond hair like his great-grandma Kamika. But, that is the only thing Anotothian about him. He doesn't have our skintone, nor does he carry the gene for it. The eyes either. He has his mamma's pretty blue eyes. But my gosh...his facial features are Marc-Henry all the way. He reminds so much of him.

It won't be long before there is another child in the house. Mackenzie is pregnant again already. Perhaps the new child will be more Anotothian looking. I may not see him or her. But I know the Anotothians are progressing on earth. I can go to my grave knowing that.

Good bye, Marc-Henry

Accomplishments this round - Marc-Henry died perm-plat at top influence.


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Title: Badges

Lot - Manuel and Lillith Capehart - Manuel, Lillith, Janelle, Marsha, Valentine, Vonfirmath and Veronica

Last Visit -

Manuel narrating: Life is going on here with Lillith still a vampire. I hear the Grand Vampire that turned Lillith into a vampire has done the same thing to other folks in town. I managed to get her to the bed a couple of times; she got pregnant and did give birth to another daughter, Veronica. But that isn't to say it was easy. She got caught in the sunlight a couple of times and made a run for the coffin. I put a lock on her door so nobody but her could get to her bed. My two moms kept wanting to get in Lillith's coffin to sleep because it is so comfortable. She says she kinda likes this life; she doesn't seem to be aging. While I do. She likes retaining her youthful skin and appearance. I guess she is prepared to make the sacrifice of never being able to live in the sunlight again to stay young. I don't want to think about the future. But it seems she can still make babies. That is the important thing right now.

Well, during the time she had off during her pregnancy with Veronica, she set up a little thing in the basement of the house.

She set up a table with all kinds of parts and tools, and made a little machine that automatically watered the plants around Grandpa Ricky and Grandma Mercedes's graves. That is one hard workin' little machine. Bein' that we have lot of flowers in our landscape, it was constantly working. All Leo the gardner had to do when he came was cut back the shrubs. Well, that hydrobot really saves us some serious coin. But, the machine wasn't perfect.

One day while my mom Janelle was watchin' after things, the little hydrobot went crazy. Started spewing water everywhere, and the bot Lillith made to clean up messes was followin' it around trying to clean up all the water puddles it was leavin'. Mom finally got the hydrobot turned off, and Lillith fixed it that night when she got up. Mom could have fixed it, but seems she couldn't remember how. Mom is gettin' funny these days. Don't remember much at all. (Valentine sim-vaced most of her skills from Janelle). But she did remember how to pick up the remote control and turn the hydrobot off. Valentine was relieved the hydrobot got fixed, seems she is into plants and such. Says she has a dream of opening her own greenhouse someday.

Valentine has been doing a study at home course for making flower arrangements. But she knows she gotta go to college and all before she can open her own place...I think she is lookin' for an after school job, tryin' to get on with Francs Delarosa in her flower shop over in Bluewater to get some experience. (Valentine earned a gold badge in flower arranging in just 5 days. I kept her aspiration up and made her work nonstop with the use of the energizer, not counting taking time off for school and sucking out alot of Janelle's skill points).

In the meantime, my boy Vonfirmath is growing up. He seems to like to sit and read alot, so he is getting alot of studying in like Valentine. How is it my kids like to keep to themselves? (Manuel is a pop sim). Man, I always wanted friends over and such when I was growing up. Well, all the same. I quit my job as a celebrity chef and got one as a Hall of Famer. Yep, we now have a cool looking punching bag at our house to keep us fit. I had to get on it to run some fat off before I could actually get promoted to the top. Man I love it up here in the Hall of Fame. I still get the adoration of fans.

Yep, mom is slowing down a little these days, and seems to take more of in interest in the kids than she used to. Veronica is growing right up, and mom really loves her. With Lillith sleeping most of the time, the kids need somebody around. Mom is doing a great job. Well, gonna go and see what is up. See ya next time.

Accomplishments this round: Manuel - Top of Career - Hall of Famer. Not counted for points but cool anyway - Gold badge in flower arranging for Valentine, and a gold badge in robotics for Lillith. Yes, she earned a gold badge just working at night in 6 nights. She has 10 points in mechanical skills.

Buildin' Robots

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Title: Buildin' Robots

Lot: Niles and Doris Capehart - Prosperity Falls -Niles, Doris, Justice, Bubbs, Sara and Heather

Last Visit:
The Mayor's Baby Factory

Niles Narrating: The best thing I can do is tell you that Justice has found him a girl. I 'member I told you last time he was gonna take his time finding 'the one', well he did. By golly, she is one of the alien kids born in the Falls! She is
Tomas Capehart's alien daughter! Here I have been a-wastin' all my nights tryin' to get the aliens to take me so I could get an alien child, and Justice finds a way to bring an alien into the family! I am tickled to death! Looks like I might get me an alien granchild in the future.

Well, since it looks like those two are gonna be a couple, I quit lookin' through the telescope so much. I mean, what has a guy got to do? Capehart has it down. He looked through the telesocpe and was blessed with Karin, then he got taken again by the Aliens in his dancin' machine and had another daughter, Florentilla! I found something else to do with my time.

I built me a litte workshop in the back yard, and started buildin' things. I had to take out Doris's vegetable garden to do that, but she didn't really care. She has so much to do these days with bein' the Mayor and all, and having my babies. Well, I take care of the kids too, heh, but when everything is cool in the house, I am out in the workshop. After I got a good start out there piddlin' around, Justice and Karin started goin' steady, Bubbs and Sarah had a birthday, and I had another child born, a daughter named Heather.

Bubbs Strickland
Aspiration - Knowldege
LTW - To Be A Mad Scientist
10 neat, 6 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful, 3 nice
Zodiac - Capricorn

Right after Sarah had her birthday, Justice made serious plans for college. I guess him and Karin made plans to meet up there.

Doris is gettin' along well as Mayor. Zaed Robbins is keepin' quiet these days, I hear he is gettin' on in years and has grandkids of his own to enjoy, and has an alien daughter as well. Well heck. But that is ok. I quit my job as a Visionary to devote more time to my workshop. Yep, I am out there almost 24/7. Doris has been great with it. We get along like a hand fits a glove. She realizes she has her day in the sun bein' mayor, and I have just sort of stayed in the background supporting her all the way. This is what I like to do. Woo-hoo and make kids with Doris, and work in my workshop. I don't think me and Doris will be havin' anymore, 4 is enough, she says. Ok, I can live with that. Since Justice is lookin' like he really likes Karin, I can look forward to lots of grandkids.

It seemed I could make a fair machine. This one I made would actually fly down to the local pizza joint and bring us back a pizza. Came in real handy for nights when it was just so hectic around here neither me or Doris had a chance to fix any supper for the kids. My gosh we used it so much it broke down...but it was easy to fix. Even though I am not real mechanically inclined, (Niles has 8 mechanical points) I was able to diagnose the problem and fix MunchieBot right up. Anyhow, I made lots of stuff. I made toy robots, munchiebots, cleaningbots, sentrybots, and a bot that even waters Doris's flowers. But my ulitmate accomplishment was Sam.

Sam is a Servo...does about anything around the house. Cleans, cooks, and even answers the telephone for us. I started training Sam how to make robots. He is great. There's nothin' like us workin' side by side togther out in the shop, I got him his own workbench. And he really likes the kids too.

Sam was initialized by Niles, who is a family Sim. So, Sam took on the characteristics of family wants.

Sam was there to help Heather grow up on her birthday. Isn't my daughter pretty as a pea in a pod? Anyhow, I have a Vision...hehe...that this robot thing can become something. I have lots of 'bots I made here in the workshop on the shelf, and Sam is makin' 'em too. Don't know yet what I am gonna do with 'em, but something, I am sure. Since I made Sam, I have made another Servo, but it is sitting in the corner. I haven't turned it on. Sam is still in the makin' toy robots stage, but I will work him up to better things. Well, gotta get back to work in the shop. Talk to ya later.

Odd Pic Out:

Nichole doesn't haunt her bed like most ghosts. She likes to haunt the toilet!

Notes: I had originally set Justice to marry Chantell, but she was deleted from the game due to technical issues. I was just going to let Justice find a townie to marry, until he rolled the want to invite his friend Karin over. When he went outside to greet her, he laid a great big smooch on her! Wow! Two bolt attraction! GO YOU, JUSTICE! *I quickly yank out my marriage list and re-work it. Karin was set to marry Justice's brother Bubbs.*