Sunday, February 12, 2006

Zaed's Lamentations

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Title: Zaed's Lamentations

Last Visit: Zaed Gets His Chance

Lot: The Robbins, Original Lot. Zaed, Synclare, Xuan, Jenn and Lynn

It is I. Zaed. Just as my father wrote in his notes all that time ago, I have aged in this human atmosphere. I can only look forward to losing my Anotothian faculties,
as happened with my father, Timo. I wonder, what will become of me? Will my people come and get me, take me back Home, as my usefulness to the Mission is all but over? I shall leave everything in the hands of my brother Quavi, and two my sons Jati and Xuan. I have taught them well. Hopefully, the degradation of my mind will not advance much before Jati or Xuan returns from Sim State. As I will not even know how to turn on the computer to add notes of my studies. I do not have the advantage Timo had of being 100% Anotothian, so the erosion of my faculties will be speedy.

Already Xuan has stepped in my place and began teaching lessons to Jenn and Lynn. Jenn is the female my people gave me when they came for me years ago. Alas, I was returned to this earth to continue with the Mission. At least, it was an experience Timo never had, and I was able to add vaulable notes to our collection here on earth. Lynn is the last child I impregnanted my human wife with. Ah, but how sad it all is! I only wish I could carry on. My father Timo taught me we all have a purpose in life. A purpose in the Mission. And when we have expended our usefulness, we age. There is naught I can do.

My human wife Synclare has aged as well. Ahh..but she is beautiful even in age. She seems to be the same as she always has been. I have not detected any change in her mental capabilities. But then, if I am not the same, how would I know if she changed? I can only hope she keeps Lynn and Jenn under control and that Jati and Xuan will grow to be fine Anotothians. My human mother Meadow did a fine job with me and my siblings after Timo sucummed to the human atmosphere.

Speaking of Xuan. He has met the being he is going to mate with. I could not say, his earth woman. Joy Capehart is the Anotothain daughter of Tryce Capehart. My people came for Capehart years ago, just a scant few months before me. It is only my guess why they took him before me. I am not to second guess the decisions of the King. There is a reason for it. I am thrilled Xuan gets to mate with an Anotothian. That strengthens our DNA even more on this human soil. I have planned to bequeath this building and lot to Xuan. Jati and his earth woman Maris Strickland shall take the plot of land on the other side of Quavi.

My Anotothian daughter Jenn is very beautiful, there is very little of human blood in her. Being that I am only half Anotothian, I think Jenn turned out well. The most human thing about her appearence is the presentation of a nose. Anotothians have only a hint of the member. Her Anotothian ears did not develop fully. But being that our large pointed ears are really useless on earth for mating purposes, I am supposing Jenn will still do well.

Lynn will be a fine Anotothian, and will bear many children. Her future earth man is Scally Capehart, the son of Tomas and Roxanna. Tomas Capehart was visited by my people as well, and had a fine daughter. Jenn has not yet received who her mate is going to be. The King has been silent on the issue. I can only imagine what he has in store for her. Alas, I will probably not know what is going on with her when it happens! I shall be out of my Anotothian mind.

I have given the last of the lessons I can give. Xuan is fully prepped for Sim State University, where he will pursue Joy Capehart. Being that Ms. Capehart hasn't had the advantage of growing up in the Mission Atmosphere, it is unlikely she knows anything of it. I am confident Xuan will do a fine job! (think again, Zaed!)

So, this is Zaed signing off. I do not know if I will make more entries here. Perhaps my wife Synclare will step in, or Xuan. I do not know if my mind will cope. Until then. This is Zaed, the Anotothian.

Odd Pic Out:

Zaed gets a jump on his human form like by sneaking out in the middle of the night to "Be The DJ!"


Smirnoff said...

Buck up Zaed, it's not that bad...
LOVE little Jenn...wonder what IS in store for her!!

Great updates again!!

Heather/Simaholic said...

Zaed sure is being dramatic about this aging thing. It would be cool if you could get a PT with the Anotothian eye color for story purposes. That way your aliens would really look Anotothain :o)