Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tossed Tosca

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Title: Tossed Tosca

Lot: Tosca and Johnson McClelland - Prosperity Falls - Tosca, Johnson, Kelsey, Regis, and Andrew

Last Visit:
The Hard Knocks Of Life

Regis narrating - Well my mom and dad are old. Yup, that is it. Ain't got much more to say than that. Well, Tosca isn't really my mom, but she raised me as her son. My dad Johnson told me all 'bout how I was born. And all that. I guess it was out of the ordinary. I have my brother Kelsey who is gone to college now, and then I have my brother Andrew too, younger than me. I am gettin' ready to go to college, maybe next year. But anyhow, I wanna tell ya about my mom and dad.

See, my dad Johnson never did get a job, you know, outside of the house. He figured it was enough of a job raisin' us kids. My mom Tosca went on to become a Captain Hero after havin' my brothers and sister, but she didn't keep that job long. She went right into the military after a while. Figured she could do more to protect Prosperity Falls if she could command a whole unit, rather than just be one person. My mom Tosca. Even though she didn't exactly give birth to me, she wanted to show me she was really my mom, in true life.

Tosca did the same thing my dad did. She gazed through the telescope at the stars, and the spaceship came for her. It was all good...she came back a little shaken and tossed, but none the worse for the wear. So now she says she knows where I came from. She understands. After all, I am different, she says.

Regis McClelland
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - Max 7 Skills
2 neat, 10 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful, 10 nice
Zodiac - Libra

Well, Tosca is now a general in the Army. My dad is still home with us. He is thinkin' about gettin' some type of job like old folks know. Like a Door Greeter or something. Soon as Andrew grows up a little, he said.

Dad said he don't want us turnin' out like the Robbins kids. He says, there isn't anything worse than parents who have a bunch of kids, then don't keep a sharp eye on 'em and raise them right. Says he is seriously thinkin' about paying a visit to Quavi Robbins about his boy and girl. Andrew brought home Zaine Robbins one day with him on the school bus, and all he did was mess up stuff while he was here that afternoon.

Finally Tosca had to get him out of the spare bedroom where he was bouncin' on the bed. Dad says that is really sad.

Well, guess that is it. I am gonna study really hard for Sim State next year. See ya.

Accomplishments this round: Tosca - Top of Career - Military

Next Update, March 12th. Ta-Tah!


Alexis said...

That picture of Aazia in the garbage can is too cute! I can't believe how many alien abductions you've had! I've been trying, but so far only one female adult has been taken...I really want an alien baby in my prosperity 'hood!

Great updates, keep 'em coming!

SpongebobTanu said...

hahaha! garbage can! You know, i really like the 'accomplishments this round' thing on your updates. do you mind if i use it too?

Heather/Simaholic said...

WOW! I cannot believe the number of abductions you've had! I think they tend to go in cycles in some neighborhoods. In my Strangetown I've had five but then in my legacy neighborhood I haven't had any. Oh and Regis is a cutie! His nose is small but big enough that it doesn't look funny and he has nice normal sized eyes :o)