Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Stricklands, Week12/New Beginnings?

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Title: New Beginnings?

Lot: The Stricklands, Original Lot - Chevy, Kirstee, Gertrude, Martin, and Carla

Last Visit:
Aliens From Outer Space On Rampage

This 'cher's Kirstee speakin' mah mind. Me an' Chevy realized sumpthin' in our old age. Everbody 'round us is passin' on. Seems lahk our bank account is goin' up from alla the inheritance we receive on a weekly basis. Why thar was three just this week. Makes a body wonder how come we are still here? Why haven't me and Chevy sucummed to the Sweet Hereafter? (elixir - and lots of it). Mah oh mah. I tell you, once mah baby Martin growed hisself up Ah really didn't know how to fill mah tahm.

One evenin' whilst me an' Chevy was takin' our sup, Ah foun' mahse'f speakin' of a young man from mah Ah was attracted to him an' all as a youngun. Lordy, Ah don' even 'memer his name. Chevy, bless his big 'ol heart, set there an' listened to mah ramblins'. Ah am so blessed to have a man lahk mah Chevy. He is so patient and kahnd.

Well honey, Ah realized whut had come outta mah mouth, and Ah quickly tried to change the subject to sumpthin' more high brow, lahk the art world. Well his answer to alla thet was he 'membered thet young man too, and how Ah had alla thet attention from him back in mah college years. But then, me an' Chevy realized thet young man was probly 6 feet under bah now. We started thinkin' we needed to start a new chapter in our lahves. Then Chevy, bless 'is heart, went and done it the very next day. Started a new chapter, thet is.

Chevy got on the horn and made the call. Yep, we was adoptin' us a youngun. After all, we are used to 'em. Don't know lahf without 'em.

Now ya'll maght be sayin'....what the hayelle! Thet Chevy and Kirstee possibly openin' up their home and their' alla their love and their another youngun? Ya see, thar's Gertrude an' Martin. Yep, mah babies. The last two Ah give birth to all them years ago. Lord, but me an' Chevy love 'em with all we got. But, the way nature is, honey, Ah can't carry no more babies. Ah sure would iffen Ah could.

Thet is why Ah cain't understand whut mah neice Dovie went and done. Sendin' her daughter off to the convent lahk thet. Me an' Chevy's grand-neice! Lord had Ah knowed she was gonna do thet, Ah woulda took Chantell faster then laghtenin' flashin'. Ah woulda. An' Ah know Chevy woulda loved havin' 'er here.

Well the day came when our new lil' youngun Carla came into our lahves. Chevy named her Carla after his dear momma who is buried in the back yard beside his grandpa Landell. Honey Ah felt like ah wuz a whole woman agin. Ya'll kin call me crazy iffen you want to, but Ah love them midnight feedin's and rockin' a child to sleep. Yep, an' Chevy too. Hayelle, bein' thet we're both retired from our jobs, we kin spend alla our tahm with our new girl. We git a maghty nice stipend ever day from our retirement.

Once we got our lil' Carla, it seemed lahk alla our conversation centered 'round adoptin' children or havin' more grandchildren. Alla our bein' is for th' children in our lahves. Well, and thet is why me an' Chevy has made this big decision Ah'm gitten ready to tell ya about. See, Martin is our heir. Yep, he gits the house, lock stock 'n barrel. Me an' Chevy decided thet when Martin comes back from Sim State and takes up official residence, we are gonna move out and git a new boardin' house...thet is, we are gonna become foster parents. Yep we jest cain't bear th' thought of no younguns in our house. An' mebbe if we become foster parents, well, then things won't happen to some children lahk whut happened to Chantell. Thet is still havin' a momma, but never gittin' to see her. Bein' raised by strangers.

Well, Carla is startin' to grow up lahk kids do. She is just the purtiest thing Ah ever did see. Jest has th' sweetest smile. Makes me wonder, whut happened to her momma? Why did she give up an angel lahk Carla? Mebbe her momma an' daddy are dead. This sure as hayelle wasn't no open adoption. Well, Ah reckon that is all fer now. Me an' Chevy have 'nother adoption in the werks. You better believe it. Hopefully next tahm Ah kin tell ya all about 'nother new youngun. See ya.

Odd Pic Out:

Martin maxes all skills, and becomes perm plat. Note: I found I had an LTW hack in my downloads folder that caused Knowledge Sim Martin to have an LTW of Celebrity Chef. I removed the hack, then used JM Pescado's lot debugger to run a new LTW for more akin to Knowledge Sims. Martin rolled 'Max All Skills'.

Accomplishments this round: Martin - LTW, Max all skills, perm plat. Both Martin and Gertrude have left for Uni.


Smirnoff said...

Awww, Carla is lucky to have parents like Kirstee & Chevy!

Love Kirstee's v-day antennae.

Katie said...

I love the idea of Sims running a foster home, how cool! That would be so neat to have so many different children under one roof with just a set of elders in the house. Will make for great stories, I'm sure. Keep them on the elixer 'cuz now I'm hooked, okay? Happy simming.

ASimWen said...

I found it difficult to imagine Kirstee and Chevy in their elder years doing nothing but painting and watching TV... (and talking about past loves) They are definetly Family Sims all the way. I can't bear to let them 'go to the sweet hereafter'. :) Had to find a way to legitimately keep them going!

Heather/Simaholic said...

OMG I think Kirstee and Chevy have lost their minds, lol. I can't imagine after them having 10 kids them going and adopting a bunch! It will be interesting to see what happens to them if they start up a foster home. Neat concept.