Sunday, February 26, 2006

Strange Disappearences

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Title: Strange Disappearences

Lot: The Gentlemen's Club - Tomas, Roxanna, Markey, Karin, Scally and Florentilla

Last Visit:
Morgan-Rose Returns

Alfred Hitchcock narrating - Good evening. It seems the Capehart Family located in the Gentlemen's Club has been swindled out of a normal family life. Case in point. Since the house was
purchased by Miss Morgan-Rose Bostic, there has been nothing normal about these walls. First it was a haven for lewd behavior between consenting adults, a mysterious and questionable death occured, then and last but not least, an alien child was born here of a male Sim, Tomas Capehart. Now there has been mysterious disappearences and then again reappearences.

It started with 5 beings in residence in the house. Tomas, Roxanna, Markey, Karin and Scally Capehart. And 3 graves in the family graveyard. Kamika Robbins, Morgan-Rose Bostic and Lucas Turner. First of all let me say, Miss Morgan-Rose Bostic cannot seem to leave well enough alone! It started on the same balmy summer evening.

The master of the house Tomas Capehart had decided to take a spin in a contraption that was supposed to trim his body. That doesn't seem unusual, as Mr. Capehart was still trying to lose the baby fat from the birth of his Alien Child, Karin. On that same night, Miss Morgan-Rose Bostic decided to haunt her old home. And, her roomate, Kamika Robbins decided to make an appearance as well. However, it seems the feud the two had in life has carried over to death. The two were still going at it! Whilst Mr. Capehart was languidly spinning and taking some enjoyment in his venture, Morgan-Rose did the unthinkable!

She stole the grave of her nemesis, Kamika Robbins. Poor Miss Robbins had been haunting at the time. When her gravestone disappeared, so did she. Notice Miss Bostic in the darkened photo. See how she is gloating beside the family graveyard, where there used to be three grave markers. Now there is only two. Morgan-Rose Bostic is certainly a peice of work. How she managed in her ghostly state to steal an entire tombstone is a mystery to be sure! Now then, as the title of this story implies there has been more than one disappearence. Whilst Mr. Capehart was spinning in the orb, Miss Bostic stole the grave of Kamika Robbins. Then, Mr. Capehart himself disappeared. One moment he was there, the next, he was gone.

Notice how he is curled up in a fetal position. This is something to take note of. Right before he disappeared, his body contorted into this position, then *poof* he was gone. Just like that. So. We have Morgan-Rose Bostic floating about the property gloating about finally getting her former roommate and graveside companion Kamika Robbins out of the area. Mr. Tomas Capehart was sent to places unknown to his wife, Roxanna Bostic. Mr. Capehart's children Markey, Karin and Scally were enjoying a quiet evening at home oblivious to all this going on outside. Well. Mr. Capehart made his reappearence, after only two hours. Really, what is two hours? My friend, alot can happen in two hours.

In the light of the next morning, Mr. Capehart began to suspect the unthinkable. His body immediately reacted, it had been through this before. It appears the aliens who had abducted him before with a spaceship, had done so through the orb. Mr. Capehart was once again with child. An Alien. Certainly, he was thinking, why him? Indeed.

Markey Capehart
Aspiration: Romance
LTW - To Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
4 neat, 9 outgoing, 7 active, 7 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac - Aries

By this time the eldest son Markey had a birthday. Of course the main topic of conversation in the Capehart home was alien abductions! Poor poor Markey. For some reason unknown, he wants to have many lovers like his Grandma Morgan-Rose. What kind of life is he in for? Had he not heard the stories, seen the frustration of her appiration and those of Lucas Turner and Kamika Robbins? What makes Markey Capehart think this is a good path in life to follow?

Karin Capehart
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become Chief of Staff
8 neat, 0 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac - Cancer

On the other hand, his alien sister Karin has chosen an aspiration in life befitting her circumstances. Extremely wise on her part, don't you think? She will have a fine and profitable life!

Now then, as suggested all things that disappeared, had reappeared at a later time. We did see that Mr. Capehart had returned from his jaunt-to-who-knows-where. What of Miss Kamika Robbin's grave?

Somehow, Kamika Robbins came back. (Editor's note - I had closed the game. The next day when I reopened the lot, there was Kamika waiting by the mailbox!) She had had quite a journey to be sure. Her tombstone had lost it's beautiful gold and pearl coloring. Even though Tomas Capehart was big with Alien Child, he managed to place Kamika's grave back within the confines of the family gravyard. To be sure, it was an unpleasant task. So unpleasant, Mr. Capehart called an immediate family meeting.

After much discussion, it was decided. The family was moving out of the spooky victorian mansion that was thrust upon them by prior generations. After all, there were three children in the family, with a fourth on the way. The home only had two bedrooms. However, Markey had thoughts about this house. He rather enjoyed the stigma attached to it. So then. He knew he would be coming back. Re-appearing, as it were.

Odd Pic Out:

Tomas Capehart moves his family to an empty lot right across the street from the old victorian

Accomplishments this round: Roxanne - Top of Career - Icon


SpongebobTanu said...

Yay sphere abduction!

Florentilla said...

Oh, you have some problems with that lot. That's a shame!
But you made a great update out of it.
And I can see a green Florentilla!
Thanks Wen!

ps: You may be interested in Pescado's hack for fixing romance sim's tombstones, if you haven't seen it already.

Heather/Simaholic said...

Those spheres are great for increasing the alien population! Karin is gorgeous! Much better looking than her alien relative Joy. Xuan will be disappointed that he couldn't have hooked up with her, lol.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know they could be abducted through the spheres!

I dropped my jaw completely!

ASimWen said...

To jungfrun68: The sphere abductions work only if the Sim has had a prior abduction via telescope.