Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Bostics, Week12/The Baby Market

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Title: The Baby Market

Lot: The Bostics, Original Lot - Dovie, Andre, Yasika, Zeon, Java Jan, and Raleigh

Last Visit:
As The Disease Turns

Dovie narrating - Psst! Over here...hey. I have found a GREAT way to make money. I mean, you wouldn't believe how easy it was! See, I was stuck with this kid. Chantell. A girl likes to have her fun you know? I work hard all the time, and hey, I see whoever I want. Well, I kinda got it bad for Andre's dad, Ricky. You KNOW.....I found Rick to be the most irresistable thing...we got carried away one night and a few weeks after that I found out I was
pregnant. Hey. I am not the mommy type, okay? I gave it a good try, I really did. But man, I just couldn't get into the parenting mood. I like to work and make simoleons...and see Lee, my fiancee. Me and Lee, well, we don't have nothin' serious goin'. I agreed to get engaged to him so I could get the ring. Man, it is a big rock. Well anyway, Lee and I sorta went our separate ways for a while, and I started seein' Ricky. Of course in the past he was mom's lover, that is how Andre was born. But, mom is deadern' a doornail now, so hey, I went for it.

Anyway, I met this lawyer, see? I don't even know his name. It was all real secret like. He told me he could find a good home for Chantell, and we could both make a lot of cash. He met me at the house one night and we discussed terms. Yep, I made a nice bundle off the deal. And I don't miss the brat one minute. Nope, not one second. Man! This could turn into something! Heh. It was all so easy too, because I didn't have to get permission from Ricky to do a darn thing. He is dead too. Gawd, he was such an old codger when we did it. So it was just me, myself and I makin' the decisions here.

The bad thing about it was I had to think up something to tell Andre and Yasika. I just told 'em I sent Chantell off to a convent to be raised by nuns in a boarding school. Well they know I am not the mommy type, so I guess they wasn't really surprised. Geesh. They love the little stinkers....Yasika has squeezed two more out. My lovey-dovey brother Andre now has three kids.

They had a girl...they named her Java Jan....well...Yasika is a coffee nut and was constantly drinkin' it. Man, lots of espresso. It is a wonder the kid doesn't run around here 'till she wears out. The brat looks real creepy though. She has those same yellow eyes Yasika has. Then...they had a boy they named Raleigh. Gawd..he looks alot like Ricky. After all, Ricky is his grandpa.

He is gonna give me nightmares, I know it. OOOohhhhhOOO! There is Ricky comin' back to get me for sellin' his daughter! I'm scared! *hysterical laughter* (Laughter dies away...and Dovie wipes a tear from the corner of her eye) Oh gawd. How funny is that. Well, I am gittin' out of here. Lee is on his way over, and we are hittin' the town. See, he never knew about Chantell. I just stayed away from him while I was biggern' a whale. And I managed to retain my youthful figure, with no stretch marks. Lemme tell ya...I was real lucky in that respect! Now I am tryin' to get back in Lee's graces after tellin' 'im so many times I didn't wanna see 'im. I'm really just gonna see what he has to offer me. I am thinkin' this workin' stuff is a bunch of hooey if a girl can find other ways to make money.....

Yasika narrating: The Anotothain plan was nearly thrwarted in this house! The earth man that is giving me seed to grow Anotothians in my womb was nearly ruined. Andre Bostic was turned into a Vampire by Contessa Vyn Nanale one evening in the park where he had gone to partake the social event playing chess. The vampires on this planet are a peculiar being. They have pointed teeth they use to puncture the necks of humans, thereby creating two holes which they use to pass their saliva into the bloodstream of the human. In turn, the saliva creates a chemistry change in the DNA of the human, turning him or her into a vampire as well. If only it were that easy to get Anotothians on this planet! But no, we must marry a human and pass our DNA through reproduction. That is such a long and slow process!

At any rate, I bought a potion from the Matchmaking Services in Prosperity Falls. With it, those beings that have been turned into a Vampire can revert back to their human state. I gave it to Andre, and he was grateful to get it. I was glad he took it, his seed needs to be pefect!

He drank the potion right down, and in a matter of seconds was restored to his human form. He was inclined to tell me it was a horrible experience. Not only being a vampire, but the conversion process itself was very unpleasant.

At any rate, on to more pleasant subjects. I have managed to get Andre to give me a total of three children now. He does have a roving eye for earth women, but if I keep him passing seed at least twice a day, he does not get desires to see earth women. I even get him to pass me seed when I am already pregnant! What a feat! He believes it to be the most wonderful thing!

I keep him interested in no one but me! My womb must be fed like a hungry child. Secretly, I am glad Chantell left this house. That leaves more room for Anotothians! Andre did take that hard emotionally. He said, after all Chantell was his sister. Double time. I did not understand what he meant by that. He was very sad about it until Java Jan grew up a little and Raleigh was born. I am working hard to get another child growing. We must populate!

Editor's note - Chantell's character file became irreversably corrupted and I had to use SimPE to delete her out of the game. I contemplated different ways to explain her disappearence. While reviewing the pictures for this round it came to me when I saw the pic of Dovie on the porch at night with the man whose silhoutte we see. It especially hit home with the simoleons in her thought bubble. Dovie only has two nice points and has always been a trouble maker. Look forward to more nastiness from her in the future.


Scally said...

Neat way to write out the kiddo! Shame we couldn't trade sims. I'd love to get another nasty one in amongst all the sloppy ones that I've got.

KeyKel69 said...

Yeah! An update (I am reading the other challenge too though)! Nice way to write out the glitch (I was wondering what you'd done since you'd most likely lose ALL the kids if a social worker had come). Any idea what caused the corruption? More Athonians!

Smirnoff said...

That Dovie is a piece of work! Great idea for that fortune sim to rake in the bucks for the kid!
Love how Yasika talks about her womb & "passing seed" LMAO :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Glad to see "my" Raleigh in your story even though this baby turned out to be a girl. =)


ASimWen said...

Aww...Raleigh is a boy. :)

Heather/Simaholic said...

Too bad about Chantell being corrupted but nice job writing her out. I guess it worked out pretty well for Dovie, she never struck me as the mothering type. Clearly I was not wrong in that assumption. I am impressed that Yasika has been able to keep Andre faithful as long as she has. It must be that Anotothian charm ;o)