Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tossed Tosca

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Title: Tossed Tosca

Lot: Tosca and Johnson McClelland - Prosperity Falls - Tosca, Johnson, Kelsey, Regis, and Andrew

Last Visit:
The Hard Knocks Of Life

Regis narrating - Well my mom and dad are old. Yup, that is it. Ain't got much more to say than that. Well, Tosca isn't really my mom, but she raised me as her son. My dad Johnson told me all 'bout how I was born. And all that. I guess it was out of the ordinary. I have my brother Kelsey who is gone to college now, and then I have my brother Andrew too, younger than me. I am gettin' ready to go to college, maybe next year. But anyhow, I wanna tell ya about my mom and dad.

See, my dad Johnson never did get a job, you know, outside of the house. He figured it was enough of a job raisin' us kids. My mom Tosca went on to become a Captain Hero after havin' my brothers and sister, but she didn't keep that job long. She went right into the military after a while. Figured she could do more to protect Prosperity Falls if she could command a whole unit, rather than just be one person. My mom Tosca. Even though she didn't exactly give birth to me, she wanted to show me she was really my mom, in true life.

Tosca did the same thing my dad did. She gazed through the telescope at the stars, and the spaceship came for her. It was all good...she came back a little shaken and tossed, but none the worse for the wear. So now she says she knows where I came from. She understands. After all, I am different, she says.

Regis McClelland
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - Max 7 Skills
2 neat, 10 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful, 10 nice
Zodiac - Libra

Well, Tosca is now a general in the Army. My dad is still home with us. He is thinkin' about gettin' some type of job like old folks know. Like a Door Greeter or something. Soon as Andrew grows up a little, he said.

Dad said he don't want us turnin' out like the Robbins kids. He says, there isn't anything worse than parents who have a bunch of kids, then don't keep a sharp eye on 'em and raise them right. Says he is seriously thinkin' about paying a visit to Quavi Robbins about his boy and girl. Andrew brought home Zaine Robbins one day with him on the school bus, and all he did was mess up stuff while he was here that afternoon.

Finally Tosca had to get him out of the spare bedroom where he was bouncin' on the bed. Dad says that is really sad.

Well, guess that is it. I am gonna study really hard for Sim State next year. See ya.

Accomplishments this round: Tosca - Top of Career - Military

Next Update, March 12th. Ta-Tah!

Strange Disappearences

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Title: Strange Disappearences

Lot: The Gentlemen's Club - Tomas, Roxanna, Markey, Karin, Scally and Florentilla

Last Visit:
Morgan-Rose Returns

Alfred Hitchcock narrating - Good evening. It seems the Capehart Family located in the Gentlemen's Club has been swindled out of a normal family life. Case in point. Since the house was
purchased by Miss Morgan-Rose Bostic, there has been nothing normal about these walls. First it was a haven for lewd behavior between consenting adults, a mysterious and questionable death occured, then and last but not least, an alien child was born here of a male Sim, Tomas Capehart. Now there has been mysterious disappearences and then again reappearences.

It started with 5 beings in residence in the house. Tomas, Roxanna, Markey, Karin and Scally Capehart. And 3 graves in the family graveyard. Kamika Robbins, Morgan-Rose Bostic and Lucas Turner. First of all let me say, Miss Morgan-Rose Bostic cannot seem to leave well enough alone! It started on the same balmy summer evening.

The master of the house Tomas Capehart had decided to take a spin in a contraption that was supposed to trim his body. That doesn't seem unusual, as Mr. Capehart was still trying to lose the baby fat from the birth of his Alien Child, Karin. On that same night, Miss Morgan-Rose Bostic decided to haunt her old home. And, her roomate, Kamika Robbins decided to make an appearance as well. However, it seems the feud the two had in life has carried over to death. The two were still going at it! Whilst Mr. Capehart was languidly spinning and taking some enjoyment in his venture, Morgan-Rose did the unthinkable!

She stole the grave of her nemesis, Kamika Robbins. Poor Miss Robbins had been haunting at the time. When her gravestone disappeared, so did she. Notice Miss Bostic in the darkened photo. See how she is gloating beside the family graveyard, where there used to be three grave markers. Now there is only two. Morgan-Rose Bostic is certainly a peice of work. How she managed in her ghostly state to steal an entire tombstone is a mystery to be sure! Now then, as the title of this story implies there has been more than one disappearence. Whilst Mr. Capehart was spinning in the orb, Miss Bostic stole the grave of Kamika Robbins. Then, Mr. Capehart himself disappeared. One moment he was there, the next, he was gone.

Notice how he is curled up in a fetal position. This is something to take note of. Right before he disappeared, his body contorted into this position, then *poof* he was gone. Just like that. So. We have Morgan-Rose Bostic floating about the property gloating about finally getting her former roommate and graveside companion Kamika Robbins out of the area. Mr. Tomas Capehart was sent to places unknown to his wife, Roxanna Bostic. Mr. Capehart's children Markey, Karin and Scally were enjoying a quiet evening at home oblivious to all this going on outside. Well. Mr. Capehart made his reappearence, after only two hours. Really, what is two hours? My friend, alot can happen in two hours.

In the light of the next morning, Mr. Capehart began to suspect the unthinkable. His body immediately reacted, it had been through this before. It appears the aliens who had abducted him before with a spaceship, had done so through the orb. Mr. Capehart was once again with child. An Alien. Certainly, he was thinking, why him? Indeed.

Markey Capehart
Aspiration: Romance
LTW - To Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
4 neat, 9 outgoing, 7 active, 7 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac - Aries

By this time the eldest son Markey had a birthday. Of course the main topic of conversation in the Capehart home was alien abductions! Poor poor Markey. For some reason unknown, he wants to have many lovers like his Grandma Morgan-Rose. What kind of life is he in for? Had he not heard the stories, seen the frustration of her appiration and those of Lucas Turner and Kamika Robbins? What makes Markey Capehart think this is a good path in life to follow?

Karin Capehart
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become Chief of Staff
8 neat, 0 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac - Cancer

On the other hand, his alien sister Karin has chosen an aspiration in life befitting her circumstances. Extremely wise on her part, don't you think? She will have a fine and profitable life!

Now then, as suggested all things that disappeared, had reappeared at a later time. We did see that Mr. Capehart had returned from his jaunt-to-who-knows-where. What of Miss Kamika Robbin's grave?

Somehow, Kamika Robbins came back. (Editor's note - I had closed the game. The next day when I reopened the lot, there was Kamika waiting by the mailbox!) She had had quite a journey to be sure. Her tombstone had lost it's beautiful gold and pearl coloring. Even though Tomas Capehart was big with Alien Child, he managed to place Kamika's grave back within the confines of the family gravyard. To be sure, it was an unpleasant task. So unpleasant, Mr. Capehart called an immediate family meeting.

After much discussion, it was decided. The family was moving out of the spooky victorian mansion that was thrust upon them by prior generations. After all, there were three children in the family, with a fourth on the way. The home only had two bedrooms. However, Markey had thoughts about this house. He rather enjoyed the stigma attached to it. So then. He knew he would be coming back. Re-appearing, as it were.

Odd Pic Out:

Tomas Capehart moves his family to an empty lot right across the street from the old victorian

Accomplishments this round: Roxanne - Top of Career - Icon

Saturday, February 25, 2006

University Week 12 - First Entry

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Both Maris Strickland and Terrance McClelland graduated Summa Cum Laude. Maris received a degree in Psychology and Terrance in Mathematics. Both gained entrance into the Secret Society and the Greek House Crumplebottom and became the Big Sim On Campus. Terrance also realized his LTW and maxed all skills.

Title: University Week 12 - First Entry, for rnd 12

Lot: 80 Crumplebottom Road - Greek House - Residence of Terrance McClelland and Maris Strickland

The last year for Maris and Terrance was uneventful. They had already realized everything college had to offer and just wanted to get through the last year so they could go back to the Falls and begin a life together. Terrance found himself hitting the books over and above what he needed for final exam.

Although Terrance hadn't officially asked Maris to marry him it was on his mind. He had already arranged to buy the house his grandparents, Jayrus and Tosha Capehart, had lived in as newlyweds. He did not even entertain the possibility that Maris might refuse his offer of marriage and a good life with him. In his mind, it was a given. After all, he and Maris had as good as been husband and wife living alone in the Greek House Crumplebottom and sharing a bed together. This is the same building his father (Johnson McClelland) and his grandfather (Jayrus Capehart) had lived in and graduated out of at Sim State. And they had found true love, didn't they? Maris, on the other hand, did not spend one minute longer studying than she had to.

ERROR - Terrance is not wearing the lama suit. It is Peter Zaildi - the mascot!

Maris spent her time doling out advice. She had certainly adopted a "Donna Reed" approach to life where life's worse problems could be solved by a nice talk over ladyfinger sandwiches at lunch time. She seemed especially adept at sorting out the love lives of poor deluded folks. It got around campus that she was usually right on the money when it came to fixing broken hearts, and kids started showing up at the greek house on a daily basis eagerly waiting to get some help. Her degree in psychology would certainly come in handy for what she had in mind after graduation. She hoped to host an advice column in the Prosperity Falls Gazette. All she had to do was sell the editor on the idea. Oh, and there was Terrance, of course. Her love. She helped others get their love life back together, what had she done wrong? Terrance had yet to give her a ring.....

Graduation day came, and Terrance and Maris moved out of the Greek house. Maris gave up her girlish ponytail in favor of a nice updo to make her look more mature. Maybe folks would take her seriously and ask her for advice. Terrance was ready to face the world and try to make it a place that Maris would want to be...with him. Look forward to seeing Maris and Terrance again in round 12, last entry.

Next we have Jati Robbins and Samarah McClelland who were freshmen last Uni round. Jati's parents are Zaed and Synclare Robbins, and Samarah's parents are Tosca and Johnson McClelland. They took up residence in the little 5 room dorm. These two lovebirds were bitten hard by the love bug....but now reality is starting to set in. While they both have gained entry to the Greek House Crumplebottom, the Secret Society and became Big Sims on Campus, they have nothing to do now but to get through school and make friends to carry them through their careers once graduated.

To her dismay, Samarah is finding out Jati has a penchant for bathing in front of other folks. Samarah is starting to wonder what she has done! She is finding out he loves to stand up at the dinner table and pass wind on all who are eating, and laughs hysterically when someone belches. What kind of strange individual is Jati Robbins? They are now in their junior year at State.


Gertrude Strickland and Jessie Capehart

Gertrude and Jessie had never met, but both had managed to rent the same property on campus. Gertrude had a particular interest in this house; it is the one her father, Chevy Strickland, had lived in decades ago with his sister Shauntasia Strickland. Gertrude's Aunt Shauntasia was buried on the property and she hoped to see her ghost. Jessie had no interest in the house at all, but it turns out he developed a keen interest in Gertrude. You will see their romance bud and bloom next Uni update.

Gertrude's wishes to see her Aunt Shauntasia were granted, more than once. Her aspiration points are clicking!

Martin Strickland and Joslyn Capehart

These two have two bolts for each other. Martin is Chevy and Kirstee Strickland's baby, their 10th child, and heir to the Strickland homestead. Chevy and Kirstee can't wait for Martin to come home so they can move out of the house and start their foster home for children. Joslyn is daughter of Tryce Capehart, and sister to another newcomer this round, alien Joy Capehart. She is also sister to Jessie Capehart (seen above with Gertrude Strickland). Yes, Tryce and Michelle Capehart unloaded three kids at once to University. That set them back a pretty simoleon! Of course, Tryce could afford it, why, with finally becoming an Icon and a best selling author! The money is getting good for the Capehart family.

These two are gonna be an easy sell in Prosperity Falls. Me thinks the Strickland homestead will ring with the sounds of small children once again!

Joy Capehart

Joy has rented a small one bedroom home right off campus. Being a romance Sim, Joy knew she didn't want to have a roomate to snoop in her business with the guys! She has already snagged the stud Goopy Gilsboro as a lover, and another man...from her youth back in Prosperity Falls.

Yes, Joy met up with Xuan Robbins, her beau from high school. It didn't take but one kiss for the two to get back together. Joy is counting herself lucky to have snagged a good looking Sim like Xuan. After all, her skin isn't the prettiest, and her eyes are so huge and ugly. However, while he does seem to throw some attention her way, she knows he is not giving his all. Thus, the lover Goopy Gilsboro. Xaun is living in the Pinenut Plaza dorm where there are plenty of chicks to be had and sought after.....

Xuan Robbins

It is I, Xuan Robbins! Son of Zaed, and grandson of Timo! I am here at Sim State University where my assignment is to persue the Anotothian Joy Capehart, make her mine in body and mind the same so I can wed her and reproduce with her upon graduation from this institution. Pfft. I find the creature loathsome! Why must I pursue a green skinned googly eyed woman, when my grandfather had the beautiful Meadow, and my father had the gorgeous Synclare...and even my own brother Quavi has the pretty Daphne?

I have made it my business to mate with this I must bring myself to do. It is my duty. The first time I did not care...we did it right in the public eye. I shall do it with her only as much as I have to, to carry on the Mission. I imagine spending the rest of my life with this...thing....and giving her my seed to breed. That is the only thing that saves my sanity. To know that I will do my part in saving the Anotothian race. I could have Sarah....

Or Virginia.....

Or anyone of the becoming females I come in contact with on a daily basis here in the Pinenut Plaza Dorm. It is very tempting. But my father Zaed says I must not waste my seed or my mating practice on empty wishes. I must keep focused on the Mission. He tells me I am almost human with my thoughts and wants! Very much like my great-Aunt Kamika! He says. I do not know. It is very hard for me to ignore the beautiful females of the human race.

And, it is very hard for them to ignore me. I am very handsome, am I not? Ahhh...such beauty wasted on...that thing...that JOY...... She is not MY Joy! (Both Xuan and Joy are romance sims with the same want...woo-hoo with 20 sims!)

Accomplishments this round: Terrance McClelland realizes his LTW of max 7 skills, perm plat.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Capeharts, Week 12/Tryce The Commentator

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Title: Tryce the Commentator

Lot: The Capeharts, Original Lot. Tryce, Michelle, Jessie, Joslyn, Joy and Tanu

Last Visit:
A Contented Tryce

Tryce Narrating: Well mom finally put in an appearance. She had been gone a while. We sure get enough of seein' dad and Aunt Pajeria. Grandma Tonaka rarely comes to see us. They are up there on the mountian lookin' down on us. Me and Michelle will be up there someday. I really can't think of anyplace else I'd rather be when it is time for me to go. My brother Trevaus is buried in the cemetary downtown, but I'm thinkin' that is someplace I don't wanna be. High traffic and all that. Why am I thinkin' like this?

Well, I had that birthday that turned me into an old timer. Yep, I am now an official Senior Citizen. Hayelle, I can get the discounts at Four Winds Shopping now when I go sit and daintly sip expresso. (sticks pinky out and pretends to sip). Hahaha...ain't life grand? Yep, I am in a great mood. I sold three books since I talked to ya last. I have almost made it to my lifetime goal, to make $100,000 simoleons. Yeah, I know others do it long before I will. But dang. I just couldn't give up tryin' in the Show Business field. I finally made it to Icon. I have adoring fans that ride by everyday on a bus and gawk at the house. I don't care. My family don't care. Anyhow, so far the largest amount I have been paid for a book is $3,900 simoleons. I wonder if it will go up with the more I write? I don't know. So, I am a renouned author, and an Icon in Show Biz. Can't beat that with a stick. Plus, the fact that I had Joy, my alien daughter. I still get reporters snoopin' around here. That one named Berry Nosey is a pain.

I wasn't the only one around the house that had a birthday. My girl Joslyn grew up too, and just like me, she wants simoleons.

Joslyn Capehart
Aspiraton - Fortune
LTW - To Become Chief Of Staff
2 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 6 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac - Gemini

Yep my girl is just like me, and Jessie too. I have raised me a passel of great kids. Well, I reckon Joy is different, well, because of the circumstances of her birth. She don't wanna make lots of simoleons. She wants something else.

Joy Capehart
Aspiraton - Romance
LTW - To Woo-Hoo 20 Different Sims
10 neat, 7 outgoing, 0 active, 5 playful, 5 nice
Zodiac - Capricorn

Remember her beau is Xuan Robbins, also a Romance with the same LTW

My girl Joy wants the boys! And by gawd, she has already found her one! It didn't take her long, that is for sure. I don't know if she has some kind of natural reaction to boys er what, but that Xuan Robbins didn't waste no time to come sniffin' around my girl.

I was at work the first day he came by. In fact, Michelle just let it go on. She told me not to worry about it, it is just a teen-aged crush. I call it teen-aged lust. Well, I am tryin' hard to keep myself from diggin' a brand new fresh hole in the back yard that is conveniently 6 feet deep. Hayelle, it ain't been that long since I was a young snow leopard. I remember how them hormones seem to make a young man all crazy. I tell you what...if my girl comes up...well you know. I can't make myself say it. I just hope I can get her shipped of to college before anything like that happens. 'Cause I know it will. If something happens to my Joy, Robbins will answer to me! (Puffs out chest).

My boy Tanu is growin' up quick. He is just sort of oblivious to everything goin' on around him. Yeah, I have a wonderful family. Now if I can just get that dern reporter to stay away...

Berry Nosey reporting! I have been staked out on this mountain for months watching the comings and goings on of this very interesting family. It seems the resident alien Joy Capehart is in love with none other than Xuan Robbins! The family of Mr. Robbins has long been under scrutiny by myself and others in the field of investgative journalism due to the unusual appearence they present, and the lack of a history, or a family tree. It is as if they appeared out of nowhere! During my observations of the recent alien abductions in Prosperity Falls, I have noticed a definet corralation between the Robbins and the aliens. Zaed Robbins himself gave birth to an alien girl whom he named Jenn. And now his son Xuan is going to marry one of these creatures?

I present to you my theory. What if...what if...the family of Robbins came from someplace else. Not meaning a foreign country. Meaning a place not of this earth. It is far fetched, but could be imaginable due to the recent rash of flying saucers seen over the Falls. There I leave you with that thought. This is Berry Nosey, signing off!

Accomplishments this round: Tryce - Top of Career - Icon. All three of the eldest kids have flown the coop for Uni. Jessie, Joslyn and Joy.

Next Update: February 26th

Zaed's Lamentations

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Title: Zaed's Lamentations

Last Visit: Zaed Gets His Chance

Lot: The Robbins, Original Lot. Zaed, Synclare, Xuan, Jenn and Lynn

It is I. Zaed. Just as my father wrote in his notes all that time ago, I have aged in this human atmosphere. I can only look forward to losing my Anotothian faculties,
as happened with my father, Timo. I wonder, what will become of me? Will my people come and get me, take me back Home, as my usefulness to the Mission is all but over? I shall leave everything in the hands of my brother Quavi, and two my sons Jati and Xuan. I have taught them well. Hopefully, the degradation of my mind will not advance much before Jati or Xuan returns from Sim State. As I will not even know how to turn on the computer to add notes of my studies. I do not have the advantage Timo had of being 100% Anotothian, so the erosion of my faculties will be speedy.

Already Xuan has stepped in my place and began teaching lessons to Jenn and Lynn. Jenn is the female my people gave me when they came for me years ago. Alas, I was returned to this earth to continue with the Mission. At least, it was an experience Timo never had, and I was able to add vaulable notes to our collection here on earth. Lynn is the last child I impregnanted my human wife with. Ah, but how sad it all is! I only wish I could carry on. My father Timo taught me we all have a purpose in life. A purpose in the Mission. And when we have expended our usefulness, we age. There is naught I can do.

My human wife Synclare has aged as well. Ahh..but she is beautiful even in age. She seems to be the same as she always has been. I have not detected any change in her mental capabilities. But then, if I am not the same, how would I know if she changed? I can only hope she keeps Lynn and Jenn under control and that Jati and Xuan will grow to be fine Anotothians. My human mother Meadow did a fine job with me and my siblings after Timo sucummed to the human atmosphere.

Speaking of Xuan. He has met the being he is going to mate with. I could not say, his earth woman. Joy Capehart is the Anotothain daughter of Tryce Capehart. My people came for Capehart years ago, just a scant few months before me. It is only my guess why they took him before me. I am not to second guess the decisions of the King. There is a reason for it. I am thrilled Xuan gets to mate with an Anotothian. That strengthens our DNA even more on this human soil. I have planned to bequeath this building and lot to Xuan. Jati and his earth woman Maris Strickland shall take the plot of land on the other side of Quavi.

My Anotothian daughter Jenn is very beautiful, there is very little of human blood in her. Being that I am only half Anotothian, I think Jenn turned out well. The most human thing about her appearence is the presentation of a nose. Anotothians have only a hint of the member. Her Anotothian ears did not develop fully. But being that our large pointed ears are really useless on earth for mating purposes, I am supposing Jenn will still do well.

Lynn will be a fine Anotothian, and will bear many children. Her future earth man is Scally Capehart, the son of Tomas and Roxanna. Tomas Capehart was visited by my people as well, and had a fine daughter. Jenn has not yet received who her mate is going to be. The King has been silent on the issue. I can only imagine what he has in store for her. Alas, I will probably not know what is going on with her when it happens! I shall be out of my Anotothian mind.

I have given the last of the lessons I can give. Xuan is fully prepped for Sim State University, where he will pursue Joy Capehart. Being that Ms. Capehart hasn't had the advantage of growing up in the Mission Atmosphere, it is unlikely she knows anything of it. I am confident Xuan will do a fine job! (think again, Zaed!)

So, this is Zaed signing off. I do not know if I will make more entries here. Perhaps my wife Synclare will step in, or Xuan. I do not know if my mind will cope. Until then. This is Zaed, the Anotothian.

Odd Pic Out:

Zaed gets a jump on his human form like by sneaking out in the middle of the night to "Be The DJ!"

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Stricklands, Week12/New Beginnings?

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Title: New Beginnings?

Lot: The Stricklands, Original Lot - Chevy, Kirstee, Gertrude, Martin, and Carla

Last Visit:
Aliens From Outer Space On Rampage

This 'cher's Kirstee speakin' mah mind. Me an' Chevy realized sumpthin' in our old age. Everbody 'round us is passin' on. Seems lahk our bank account is goin' up from alla the inheritance we receive on a weekly basis. Why thar was three just this week. Makes a body wonder how come we are still here? Why haven't me and Chevy sucummed to the Sweet Hereafter? (elixir - and lots of it). Mah oh mah. I tell you, once mah baby Martin growed hisself up Ah really didn't know how to fill mah tahm.

One evenin' whilst me an' Chevy was takin' our sup, Ah foun' mahse'f speakin' of a young man from mah Ah was attracted to him an' all as a youngun. Lordy, Ah don' even 'memer his name. Chevy, bless his big 'ol heart, set there an' listened to mah ramblins'. Ah am so blessed to have a man lahk mah Chevy. He is so patient and kahnd.

Well honey, Ah realized whut had come outta mah mouth, and Ah quickly tried to change the subject to sumpthin' more high brow, lahk the art world. Well his answer to alla thet was he 'membered thet young man too, and how Ah had alla thet attention from him back in mah college years. But then, me an' Chevy realized thet young man was probly 6 feet under bah now. We started thinkin' we needed to start a new chapter in our lahves. Then Chevy, bless 'is heart, went and done it the very next day. Started a new chapter, thet is.

Chevy got on the horn and made the call. Yep, we was adoptin' us a youngun. After all, we are used to 'em. Don't know lahf without 'em.

Now ya'll maght be sayin'....what the hayelle! Thet Chevy and Kirstee possibly openin' up their home and their' alla their love and their another youngun? Ya see, thar's Gertrude an' Martin. Yep, mah babies. The last two Ah give birth to all them years ago. Lord, but me an' Chevy love 'em with all we got. But, the way nature is, honey, Ah can't carry no more babies. Ah sure would iffen Ah could.

Thet is why Ah cain't understand whut mah neice Dovie went and done. Sendin' her daughter off to the convent lahk thet. Me an' Chevy's grand-neice! Lord had Ah knowed she was gonna do thet, Ah woulda took Chantell faster then laghtenin' flashin'. Ah woulda. An' Ah know Chevy woulda loved havin' 'er here.

Well the day came when our new lil' youngun Carla came into our lahves. Chevy named her Carla after his dear momma who is buried in the back yard beside his grandpa Landell. Honey Ah felt like ah wuz a whole woman agin. Ya'll kin call me crazy iffen you want to, but Ah love them midnight feedin's and rockin' a child to sleep. Yep, an' Chevy too. Hayelle, bein' thet we're both retired from our jobs, we kin spend alla our tahm with our new girl. We git a maghty nice stipend ever day from our retirement.

Once we got our lil' Carla, it seemed lahk alla our conversation centered 'round adoptin' children or havin' more grandchildren. Alla our bein' is for th' children in our lahves. Well, and thet is why me an' Chevy has made this big decision Ah'm gitten ready to tell ya about. See, Martin is our heir. Yep, he gits the house, lock stock 'n barrel. Me an' Chevy decided thet when Martin comes back from Sim State and takes up official residence, we are gonna move out and git a new boardin' house...thet is, we are gonna become foster parents. Yep we jest cain't bear th' thought of no younguns in our house. An' mebbe if we become foster parents, well, then things won't happen to some children lahk whut happened to Chantell. Thet is still havin' a momma, but never gittin' to see her. Bein' raised by strangers.

Well, Carla is startin' to grow up lahk kids do. She is just the purtiest thing Ah ever did see. Jest has th' sweetest smile. Makes me wonder, whut happened to her momma? Why did she give up an angel lahk Carla? Mebbe her momma an' daddy are dead. This sure as hayelle wasn't no open adoption. Well, Ah reckon that is all fer now. Me an' Chevy have 'nother adoption in the werks. You better believe it. Hopefully next tahm Ah kin tell ya all about 'nother new youngun. See ya.

Odd Pic Out:

Martin maxes all skills, and becomes perm plat. Note: I found I had an LTW hack in my downloads folder that caused Knowledge Sim Martin to have an LTW of Celebrity Chef. I removed the hack, then used JM Pescado's lot debugger to run a new LTW for more akin to Knowledge Sims. Martin rolled 'Max All Skills'.

Accomplishments this round: Martin - LTW, Max all skills, perm plat. Both Martin and Gertrude have left for Uni.