Saturday, January 28, 2006

University Week 11

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Title: University Week 11

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Editors Note: I will not be doing story entries for University any longer. Let's face it, if you are a hardened Simmer like me, you know Uni is boring, and it is only played out for the benefits of the jobs and money that come with it upon graduation.

For the Prosperity Challenge, there are lots of opportunities for points in University. Those being, Secret Society, Greek House, and Big Sim On Campus. Every single Sim born in Prosperity Falls has attended Sim State. All will continue to go for the point advantage and the money. I can't hardly afford NOT to send the teens of Prosperity Falls.

So, there will only be one University entry per round, with a few pics and highlights so you, the reader, can keep track of who went. Thanks. - ASimWen

Two of the new entrants to Sim State in week 11 was Terrance McClelland and Maris Strickland. I tried to put them in the house where Shauntasia Strickland's ghost haunted but apparently the lot was corrupted. I moved the kids in via the move in screen in neighborhood view, then the game would crash upon attempted entry. So, I moved them back out to a new lot. *sob* (lost alot of great stuff in that house)

Unfortunately, that brought Jane Placeholder with them. She hangs around all the different houses and keeps the money with the lot. Poor Jane still hasn't finished her freshman year. lol I occasionally play her for about a Sim day then I move on, putting her back in the SimBin.

Terrance quickly fell in love with Maris's 1950's look, he found it endearing. The two lovebirds can be found any time of the day or night woo-hooing. One thing Terrance did not like was Maris's penchant for going to town to find new lovers. So, Maris decided to clean up her ways and turn over a new leaf. At the end of Sophomore year, she rolled the dice and switched from Romance to Family Aspiration. Her new LTW is to become Captian Hero. Like the Falls needs another one of those. Terrance is a Knowledge Sim, so they will make a good match. They are currently at the end of their Junior year, and will graduate next round. They will probably start a new lot.

Next, Jati Robbins and Samarah McClelland enrolled. I do not understand this; usually Anotothians are all over their earth women, but Jati backed off from Samarah's advances. Could it be he thought her too plain to carry on the Anotothian race and DNA? If you are lookin' at Jati's appearance, you will notice he has the Strickland skintone, not the typical Anotothian look. :) That came from his Grandpa Chevy Strickland. Samarah, however, carries nothing special. She is exhibiting the light skintone of her grandma Tosha Go, and carries her dad's dark skintone as the recessive. (Johnson McClelland) I am having a blast watching how these skintones are playing down through the generations. I started out this challenge with four custom skintones. Freckles for the Bostics, this special Caucasian (body hair for the males) for the Stricklands, the golden skintone for the Robbins, and snow leopard for the Capeharts. It has been fascinating.

Samarah decided to get a new look. She turned out to be very exotic looking with the slanted eyes inherited from her mother Tosca Capehart. She began to hope with all hopes that this makeover would catch Jati's attention.

Well, it wasn't long before Jati was all over that, and the two were quickly engaged in their sophomore year after they finished getting their challenge points. Now to just finish playing them out the last two years. Samarah is Family, Jati is Fortune. These two are turning out to be one of my favorite couples to play. I have many more pics I took of them, it was hard to choose for this blog entry.

Next the graduating kids. Twin sisters Mackenzie and Madelyn Capehart, then cousins Barry-James and Bulldog Strickland. Bulldog and Madelyn are engaged. Barry-James hasn't asked Mackenzie yet for her hand, but watch for a wedding at the ex-mayor's house in week 12. Barry-James and Mackenzie will be the heirs to the ex-mayoral residence, and will bear the first of the 4th generation in Prosperity Falls. Incidentally, I think I see a pattern here. Barry-James was the first born of the 3rd generation, and his dad, Marc-Henry, was the first baby born in the Falls. Marc-Henry will pass to the great Sim Beyond in week 12, but not before Barry and Mack tie the knot.

As for the future of Bulldog and Madelyn, well, they are both Family Sims, so watch for Bulldog to take after his mom and dad and wear Madelyn out with 10 kids. Errr...maybe I should get them a bigger house. I initially moved them into a tiny one. Maybe there won't have to be 10 pregnancies since Madelyn is a

Accomplishments this round: All received Greek House membership, Secret Society, and Big Sim on Campus Points. All graduated Summa Cum Laude. Also - Barry - James won perma plat by meeting his LTW, making 20 best friends.


KeyKel69 said...

Oh come on.. you know all of those captain heroes are needed to combat all the criminal masterminds from the knowledge aspiration.. :-)

BTW, where did you get that old fashioned hair? I find lack of hairstyles (especially since my sims love to reproduce.. anything they alter for childhood stage too) so bothersome, but it's hard finding good work (especially FREE)...

Okay.. on to read the rest of the entries.. :-)

ASimWen said...

Eerrr yeah...I think you hit the nail on the head. Nothing FREE. I got both of the custom styles in this story at The Sims Resource. That is the only pay site on the net I indulge in.
Maris already had that hair style before I sent her to Uni, and the game gave her that outfit that fit it so well. :) For Samarah, I tried many different styles, and that one looked great on her. I immediately pictured her with the big hoop earrings...also gotten at TSR, and Waa-Laa! :)

KeyKel69 said...

Sigh... Unfortunately TSR has a lot of junk too and I have issues w/ some of the management, but I used to d/l from there all the time. It's so clogged now it's hard to find good hair. I do love the stuff by Janna and I've d/led from her site before.

FYI, I belong to the prosperity group (don't post much since in the middle of my own prosperity esque challenge, but no points, no rules... but simultaneously aging an insane number of houses where I track the extreme DNA features... and right now, trying to breed out some of it... :-).. Okay, babbled enough.. OH! Quavi... off to read..

Smirnoff said...

Samarah & Jati are a nice couple :) They'll make pretty babies!! Lots of good looking graduates. I share your feelings about

Simaholic said...

I don't blame you one tiny bit for not doing elaborate stories with Uni. It gets so tedious and monotonous. You've always done a great job making it interesting though. I too have enjoying seeing your genetics play out. I love how long the custom skins have lasted. I bet part of it is all the intermarrying you have been doing. Good luck with Bulldog and Madelyn and their 10 kids. You are a brave, brave woman :o)