Sunday, January 01, 2006

Under Invasion!

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Title: Under Invasion!

Lot: Capehart.1 - Tosca, Johnson, Terrance, Kelsey, Samarah and Regis

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Little Mamma Tosca

Terrance narrating: Oh man! Hey as you can tell, Prosperity Falls is under invasion! And this time the action was at my house! Well, sorta. OH hey, but lots of other stuff happened before the invasion. Lemme tell ya.

Well, my granny Tosha finally passed away. I was real sad about it, so was mom and dad. I just lost my grandpa not too long ago. But, now granny and grandpa are together. Mom and dad had started a family grave yard in the forest behind the house...that is great 'cause grandpa was a full blooded snow leopard, and mom is half snow leopard and all. I guess that makes me 1/4 quarter snow leopard. I dunno if I wanna be buried in the forest though.

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So okay. Despite the fact that granny and grandpa wasn't around anymore to help me grow up, I did pretty well anyway with the help of my friends. I brought a new friend home on the bus with me just about every day!

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Editor: Take a look at this picture. It contains future college mates and spouses: Maris is slated to marry Terrance, Kelsey is slated to marry Jodi-Ann. While not in the picture, Cousin Jessie Capehart is slated to marry Maris's sister Gertrude Strickland.

Dad is always real happy to make us burgers and stuff. Well, he doesn't go to work or nothin'. Mom does though. Hey in fact she got promoted in her career, she became a Hall of Famer, but didn't like the noteriety, so she got a different job. She is now on the SWAT team and wants to be a Captain Hero. I guess she has wanted that job ever since she was about my age. Me, I haven't done nothin' except grow up. Yep, I had a birthday to teen-agerhood.

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Terrance McClelland
Aspiration - Knowledge
7 neat, 10 outgoing, 4 active, 3 playful, and 4 nice
LTW - To Max All Skills
Zodiac sign - Leo

Now that is one good lookin' dude! And oh hey, I do have a girlfriend and everything, her name is Maris Strickland. She likes to do lots of different stuff, like to go town on dates. I don't get alot of chances to do things with her because I am studying for Sim State though. But we have already shared our first kiss, so all is cool. Anyway, lemme tell ya about the Invasion.

Well it came out in the news about Tryce Capehart havin' an alien kid and all after seein' flyin' saucers. Nobody believed him until he actually had the kid. (See Two New Daughters) Then his brother Tomas was abducted too by the aliens, but his kid hasn't come yet. But man oh man does he look real domestic waddlin' around in maternity clothes! (See The Expectant Mother(s)). Well, my dad was concerned that this would happen to him, the aliens seemed to only show themselves to the adult males of Prosperity Falls.

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Well dad took his chances one night and started stargazing. I think he had a scared/but I wanna chance it excitement thing going. Sure enough, the aliens came for him. He was gone for about three hours. While he was gone I reassured mom he would be back, but you know how mothers are. She cried and made a big fuss. Dad did come back, and none worse for the wear.

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The aliens came down awful close to the ground and just sorta spilled dad out onto the ground. Me and Kelsey was waiting outside for the schoolbus to come. I was all about asking him about what happened while he went for his alien joyride, but he couldn't tell me anything, just kept crying, and the bus came anyway. He went in the house to rest just as me and Kelsey got on board and went to school.

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Well, dad ended up giving me, Kelsey, and Samarah a new brother who he named Regis, after Regis Philbin from that TV talk show. Dad said Regis Philbin is teeney and has a voice like an alien anyway and belongs on Mars. Mom is OK with Regis. She says it is nice havin' a baby in the house again. Samarah is growing up quick.

Right after Regis was born, there was a reporter snooping around outside of the house, I went outside and found him one night. His name was Berry Nosey, and I asked him, what did he want? He said he was just lookin' around, but I think he wanted to know about Regis. I didn't tell him anything. I just asked him to leave.

The next day was election day, and mom went to vote for her cousin for Mayor, Doris Capehart. Since I turned 18, I was able to go vote too. I voted for my cousin Doris. I haven't had a chance to follow the elections much since all this alien stuff has happened, so I just voted for family. We will see how it turns out, the votes are still being counted.


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Jayrus Capehart makes his first appearance as a ghost since passing to the great Sim Beyond. He checks in on his two grandsons, Terrance and Kelsey. Jayrus is a content ghost, did not scare anyone.


Scally said...

Sorry Wen, but who is Regis Philbin? Being in New Zealand, I haven't heard that name before. Great updates though, and happy new year!

Zaine said...

Great uppdate!! Can't wait to see Terrence in university! I wonder who's going to win...

Simaholic said...

Terrence is a cutie! I love how you have Tosha and Jayrus buried. It looks so pleasant and nice. A lovely final resting place. I wonder who will win the mayoral race.

straberiwine said...

Regis sounds like and alien and belongs on Mars? Too funny!