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The Robbins, Week 11/Zaed Gets His Chance

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Trevaus gaily waves goodbye from his home in the Robbins Mausoleum before moving to Gothier Green Lawns

Title: Zaed Gets His Chance

Lot: Robbins, Original House - Zaed, Synclare, Jati, Xuan, Lynn, and Jenn

Last Visit -
The Education Of Zaed's Sons

The Great One speaks! It is I Zaed, and I have completed a very important task I had mapped out for my mission on earth. The King of Anatoth has seen fit that I should finally visit the home planet. I! Not Quavi, my brother! Me!

Upon my return from my home planet, I immediately sat down to enter notes into the computer. I did realize the amount of changes that occured to our bodies genetically by the scientists on Anatoth to make us seem more human; so we would blend in more with the population on earth. Our skin was colored more like a human's, and our eyes were made to be more human like. We were given noses. On Anatoth, the nose is either nonexistant, or just a tiny bud on the face.

The entire part of the mission was very important, I did learn much about genetics both human and Anotothian while there. I was able to stay a full Anatoth year! I was almost giddy. And, I was studied as well by the Anotothian men of science as well. I spent many hours patiently sitting/lying whilst they poked and prodded my body, taking examples from here and there. After all, I am half human. My mother was Meadow Thayer. I say was, as her human body passed away shortly after I returned from Anatoth. I placed her grave marker in the Robbins Mausoleum beside that of my father Timo.

I was pleased to realize a few weeks after my return that the good scientists on Anatoth and placed an Anotothian inside my body. I did meet with our King in between scientific tests on Anatoth, and the King was concerned because of the wash out of our DNA that seemed to be occuring with each new birth of our kind. My son Xuan. While he does carry the DNA, it is not outwardly apparent, nor do my sons have our ears. The scientists said the ears are not necessary because on earth they are not used to mate with like on Anatoth, so they would naturally fade away to the size of human ears. I did relieve the King's concerns that my sons are ready to partake in the Anotothian Mission on earth, that their outwardly appearance has not affected thier mental performance. They will be ready to continue!

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Before I gave birth to my Anotothain daughter, my wife Synclare gave birth to Lynn. I had planted her womb with my seed before my visit to the home planet. The Anotothian DNA is buried inside of the baby, with the exception of her eyes. She exhibits my yellow eyes. Her outwardly skin appearance is that of Chevy Strickland, her human grandfather.

Xuan Robbins
Aspiration - Romance
LTW - To Woo-Hoo With 20 Sims
9 neat, 8 outgoing, 10 active, 0 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac - Scorpio

Xuan has aged up to teen-ager hood. Now his learning will begin in earnest. Jati has been doing well in his part of learning. He reached the top of his after school job in politics. I would expect nothing less from my sons. And my new daughters Lynn and Jenn will be no different!

I finally gave birth to Jenn after what seemed an interminable amount of time. Not only did I give birth to a pure Anotothian, but I learned the birthing process from first hand! Even my father Timo had not experienced that. Again, I ran right to the computer and entered what I had learned after Jenn was born. I had witness the births of my siblings Quavi and Yasika and all my children, but knowing how it is done is different than actually experiencing it. I nearly dropped the baby as a newborn because of my excited state.

One thing the king made clear to me, was he was aware of the alarming rate of the Anotothian DNA washing out everytime we started a new generation here on earth. That is why the king and his advisors devised a plan to begin infiltrating our kind by making intermittent visits to the planet and impregnating various citizens with Anotothian seed. So far, a few have been collected and impregnated. In order to make it appear as though it is not a hostile take over, my people will take others as well for study, then return them without impregnation. I look forward to seeing more of my kind walking upon this earth!

Jenn has been a quick learner, just as I knew she would be. She learned to walk, talk and take care of herself in a sanitary manner before Lynn did. That is further testimony to the superior learning abilities of Anatothians. My wife Synclare is already thinking about how quickly Jenn has learned. I knew it would be no other way.

Lynn is a very intense Anotothian, and is ready to catch up to her sister Jenn. I have no doubts or fears! I shall finish the rest of my days on earth teaching my children and my chidlren's children. You can be sure of it!

It is a strange thing though. I suppose it is the human side of me surfacing... I am filled with such pride, and something else, when I take part in my children's teaching and their general welfare. A strange feeling inside my chest. A warmth, could it be love? I have listened to Synclare speak many times of it. Anotothians do not love, we live and work and learn. Copulating is nothing more then a means to reach the end goal of reproducing. Sometimes I just pick up Jenn and crush to her to my chest in a great human hug. It feels good . And, Jenn seems to enjoy it too. Until next time! This is Zaed!

Berry Nosey reporting: It appears there has been another alien abudction in Prosperity Falls, and a Robbins is right in the middle of it. Why am I not surprised? This does indeed reinforce my theory that Kerris Robbins-Strickland is somehow involved. Now I can expand that theory to include other branches of the Robbins family. I am of the knowledge that Quavi Robbins, brother of Zaed Robbins has been at his telescope every night. Could it be he is hopeful for a visit with the aliens? Quavi has built a suspiciously large building with many rooms and word is he plans to have many children. My reporting instincts tell my no good is afoot! Stay tuned, Alien Hunters! This is Berry Nosey, signing off!

Odd Pic Out:

Meadow's ghost has a stinky reaction to a pile of garbage left on the floor in the kitchen.

Accomplishments this round: Synclare - Top of Career, Visionary. Meadow - Died plat.


Catootje73 said...

I love this update. It is weird to see the Anotothian eyes on alien baby Jenn. But it works very well in the story.

Jenn W said...

I'm not supposed to be reading this yet because I'm behind in your story still...but I had to when I skimmed through for the shirt and saw baby me. Awww I'm a fast learner and I can take care of myself in a sanitary fashion! Go baby Jenn! (BTW my middle name is Lynn HA!)

Bubbs said...

Cool beans! I love my little self, but she needs some help in

ASimWen said...

Yeah are the daughter of the Big Guy himself...lolol Go You! (And Jenn too of course) lolol

My Boaz's Ruth said...

"I nearly dropped the baby as a newborn because of my excited state."

...It had to be excitement, right? not the pain of delivery or anything like that.

ASimWen said...

OH yeah well...Zaed would never admit any sort of weakness such as pain. Of course he was excited. He is better than humans...especially female humans. =^^=

Simaholic said...

That picture of Zaed with Jenn looks more like Zaed is put off by the green baby! I'm glad you got him abducted though. It really fit too well with the story for him to remain firmly planted on SimEarth :o)