Sunday, January 29, 2006

Nekkid Comedy

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Title: Nekkid Comedy

Lot: Strickland.3 - Roz, Shane and Sheri

Last Visit:
A Fat And Nekkid Start

Roz Narrating: Hay Ya'llses! Glad ya'll could come and sit some. Put yer feet up. Hayelle, I put mahn up too, soon as ah git our coffee. Want a 'lil sumthin' extra in yers? No? Well, if ya'll don't mahnd I just put a shot of sumthin' in, no, the baby has come so ya'll don't worry yerselves about thet. Hey we got some tahm to chew the fat whilst Sheri is takin' a nap. Okay? I wanna tell yas about mah daddy's first trip down here after me and Shane got hitched.

Well honey, you know ah don' mahn tellin' the whole world how beautiful Shane's body is. Hayelle, he don' mahn tellin' everybody himself. Mah goodness, he spends loads of tahm...I mean LOADS workin' out on the machines he had installed on the back patio. Says he's gotta keep that six-pack goin'. Ah count myse'f to be one fortunate woman, Ah do. Ya'll know how some men start lettin' themselves go after all the "Ah Do's", well Shane isn't lahk thet. So. Well, Ah found out ah was pregnant. Yes, me and Shane are multiplyin'!

Ah actually found mahse'f wonderin' how a smart girl lahk me got pregnant...Ah mean you know...we all know 'bout the birds and the bees an' all, but ah don' remember outwardly sayin' "ok now Shane, let's git pregnant, raght now." You know whut Ah mean? Well, one of the first things Ah thought about, was mah figger goin', ya know, but Shane was so good to me honey...he tol'e me not worry naught about it. Said if Ah had any thoughts at all 'about him not bein' attracted to me just 'cuz Ah was gonna temporairily expand a teeny bit, why, thet was just silly. After all, Ah was gonna bear the fruit of his loins.

Well anyway after Ah got it straight in my head 'bout Shane's thoughtfulness, Ah decided to call my mamma and daddy and tell 'em the good news. Our baby would make mamma and daddy's 16th grandchild. So the next thing Ah know, daddy is knockin' on my door. Now mahnd you, mamma always had this thing about nekkid people around. So Ah guess thet there is why she sent daddy on ahead. Nobody had dared come 'round and visit me and Shane since we got married. Well, daddy came raght in the house when nobody answered at first. Ah was dead on mah feet tired, so I was layin' down. Shane was workin' out on the back patio. Daddy just came in and sat down to wait fer us.

Well, the phone started ringin' and Shane came in from his workout to answer it. Well, mah Shane didn't see daddy at first. Ah had to knowed what daddy's was thinkin'....mah goodness. He sure was startled. Well honey he knows all about Shane's affinity to the state of au naturel. So really....daddy was probably thinkin' and wonderin' if this house was fit fer his lovely wahfe, my mamma, to come visit.

Well finally Shane ended his telephone conversation. When Shane walked across the floor to the kitchen, daddy was startled all over again'. Shane had invited daddy to sit fer a bowl of chili and daddy was thinkin' he couldn't possibly sit and concentrate on his food whilst suppin' with a nekkid individual. Ah reckon Ah am used to it. Ah really don' think much at all anymore about Shane nekkidness. We sup together all the tahm with him lahk thet.

Well daddy happened to have a water balloon in his pocket, which he threw at Shane. Shane didn't think much about it. Mah man is such a happy and carefree person, let me tell ya! But Ah really don' think Ah recall ever seein' daddy throw balloons at folks. Ah was wonderin' if daddy wuz jest testin' see if his mood really matched his outwardly carefree manner. Ah think Shane passed the test.

Daddy and Shane started exchangin' jokes and all...and havin' a good tahm. Ah was real glad to learn of thet. It is real important to me and Shane fer mah family to approve of us and of Shane's commitment to his lifestyle. Well Ah have to tell ya the visit ended with daddy tellin' us he tought everythang was alright.

Daddy kissed me on the cheek an' tol'e me he approved of Shane himse'f...but he didn't know if he was gonna be able to convince mamma to make a visit. Mah daddy is jest the kindest man in the whole worl'. Ah am sure he will be able to convince mamma to come, especially now thet they have a new grand daughter. Ya'll, meet the most darlin' little girl you will every set yer eyes on....

Sheri Trimble. Ah am sure now mamma will come. Whut? Tahm fer you to go? Ah, okay ah understand. Yeah, it is almost tahm fer Shane to come home from his job as a smuggler. Even tho' daddy is used to seein' Shane in all his glory, ya'll need tahm ter git used to the idea. to you later. Thanks fer stoppin' by.

Accomplishments this round: Shane - Top Of Career - Business Tycoon. Is now working for LTW of Criminal Mastermind. Roz - Top Of Career - Visionary.


Smirnoff said...

LMAO...suppin' with a nekkid individual...that accent really hits home!!! :0))

Little Sheri, yippie!

Roz is a hoot!

Simaholic said...

Of course Shane has to keep himself in shape, what with his walking around nekkid all the time, hehe. LOL! Chevy looks so funny seeing Shane nekkid. LOL! The one pic of Chevy and Shane looks like Chevy is laugh at what Shane, um, has to offer, ROTFL!

straberiwine said...

I have a sim named after me! BTW, my maiden name was Trim :)