Saturday, January 21, 2006

Morgan-Rose Returns

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Title: Morgan-Rose Returns

Lot - The Gentlemen's Club - Tomas, Roxanna, Markey, Karin and Scally

Last Visit:
The Expectant Mothers

Alfred Hitchcock narrating: The mystery is finally solved. I am referring to the mysterious death of one Morgan-Rose Bostic of Prosperity Falls. You might recall the circumstances of her passing. (See Spooky Happenings). How she was found on the bathroom floor on the upper level of her victorian style home by her lover, the now deceased Lucas Turner. Did I say deceased? Yes, all of the old inhabitants of this house are dead, and the new generation has taken over.

Now then. About Morgan-Rose. We had been breathlessly waiting to get a look at her ghost...the color of it specifically. That would surely tell us the type of death Ms. Bostic suffered. Upon first glance, her ghost looks blue, doesn't it? Being that her body was found in the bathroom, one might suppose Ms. Bostic could have drowned in the bathtub, resulting in a blue ghost. But alas, that was not the cause of death. Only after Ms. Bostic's apparition was seen repeatedly swiping packets of food from the refridgerator did we realize Ms. Bostic had starved to death. How could the lady of the house die of starvation with a fully stocked larder?

I beseech you. Take a look at the ghost's trim figure. Could it be that Ms. Bostic had dieted herself to death? Well. Only Ms. Bostic knows. Now then, let us move on to more vexing questions that have risen with this unconventional family.

We ended our visit last time with the outrageous news that a man had become pregnant in this Prosperity Falls home. See the man in the picture, Tomas Capehart playing red hands with his son, Markey. The boy doesn't seem to think anything is amiss. Or does he notice at all? Perhaps it is his father's affinity to drinking beer that makes the boy not notice the 'beer belly'. Ah, but it is not the alcohol that is responsible for the roundness of Mr. Capehart's abdomen. It is an alien child growing there.

The child was finally born with little fanfare. It appears the female child has her father's brilliant blue eyes. The family named her Karin. So, that makes one boy and one girl. This begs the question, why did the aliens choose Mr. Capehart for this marvelous experiment when there are others more deserving in Prosperity Falls? Mr. Capehart has no interest in aliens or even outer space for that matter. I fear we may never get the answer to that question.

The child flourished without incident. I began to notice a turn about with this house. No longer did it seem to house sex, lust and deciet. It had begun to become a haven for a happy loving family. I am bringing myself to wonder, will the house continue on this route? Or will future generations bring something new and different. Well. That remains to be seen. Until next time, have a good night.

Editor - A new son is born shortly after Karin grows to child. Meet Scally. :)
Accomplishments this round: Roxanna - Top of Career, Captian Hero. Tomas - Top of Career and LTW - Celebrity Chef, perma plat.


Catootje73 said...

Wow, I turn up in this story, as an alien child! I wonder how Karin will continue her life. BTW feel free to add my blog:

Scally said...

Ha, love that name! And it was great to hear from old Hitch again, too. Makes me want to go and find a copy of the original Psycho to watch :)

ASimWen said...

Hi Scally...I am naming the kids in the game after my regular readers and posters at the Prosperity Yahoo Groups list. Until I run out of names, that is. As a thank you for reading. :)

ASimWen said...

Hey Karin, your link is up, you can find it on the main page. :)

Lori said...

well that is a very cool way to name the children as you have so many to name. Great idea..


Simaholic said...

So the Gentleman's Club has taken a turn on the straight and narrow. I wonder if it will ever return to the way it once was. Hmmmm...