Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More Farm Hands

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Title: More Farm Hands

Lot: The Strickland Farm - Fraiser, Camryn, Kolton, Karen, and Kyanne - Prosperity Falls

Last Visit:
Ecological Guru Farmer Fraiser

Fraiser narrating: Well it seems the mayoral elections are over, and Doris Capehart-Strickland won, my sister in law. She is married to my brother Niles. (see
Doris Capehart Wins Mayor's Race!) Niles has his hands full now bein' "Mr. Mayor" and also had a new baby on the way. I will be so glad to be Uncle again. We Stricklands sure are populatin' Proserity Falls with amazing speed. I guess me and Camryn contributed to it, we had a new daughter Karen a while back, and yes, I did give in to Camryn's suggestion to have another child. We had a beautiful daughter who Camryn named Kyanne.

My older sister Synclare happend to be visiting that night, and helped Cam birth the baby and all. Kyanne has the purple eyes of the Stricklands, inherited from my dad Chevy. A beautiful girl. But hey, there is something else besides the population growin' and the mayoral campaigns to talk about. Apparently there has been some kinda UFO sightings in and around Prosperity Falls. Bein' out here in the country I thought I might have more of a chance to see somethin' in the sky with all the gazin' I do, but I haven't seen a thing. The Capeharts have seen plenty of action with the aliens, and our population here in the Falls have even expanded with some alien kids being born. (See Two New Daughters, The Expectant Mother(s), and Under Invasion!). The aliens have never come for me. Apparently I don't have what they want. But it is the talk of the town these days, all the way down to our kids. Well anyway, enough of town gossip.

I told you last time I talked to ya I was thinkin' about goin' into crime and gettin' some printing plates put down in the basement and do a little conterfeiting to help with money around here, bein' that Camryn has opened the flood gates of the baby factory. Well, I put them machines in the basement right along side of Kolton's bed and I just couldn't make myself do it. I started thinkin' I had lots of responsibilities now, and how could I risk gettin' caught and goin' to jail with my wife and kids dependin' on me? I got rid of 'em real quick. I have been lookin' for a different job. I feel mighty relieved. But we have some cash stored away I got from sellin' the printing plates back to Zaed Robbins, told him I couldn't use the stuff after all. We got enough to get by until I get another job.

Kolton Strickland
Aspiration - Pleasure
LTW - To Have 50 1st Dates
8 neat, 8 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac - Aries

My son Kolton had a passage of rights to teen-ager hood. Well it became apparent right away that his mind was on girls, and way out here in the country there isn't much opportunity for a young man to meet any girls. Well, I gave him permission to go into town to try and earn a little simoleons to make some date money. Turns out he is pretty good with a mic.

Freestylin' For Tips

It's pretty embarrasin' for a young man when his grandma shows up while he is tryin' to impress the ladies. Mom put money in his tip jar. I don't know how much mom put in, but he ended up bringin' home a cool $500. We sure could have used that cash around the house here, but I let him keep it. I know how it is to want to look cool in front of the girls.

Well, we had a new baby birth, and two birthdays since I talked to you last. My daughter Karen grew up too. I was might surprised by it, didn't realze my girl was growin' up so quick. Gawd love her. Until next time.

Accomplishments this round - Fraiser topped his Career and LTW - Criminal Mastermind. Perm plat.


Catootje73 said...

This update was interesting. I love the farms from TSR's Farm Week. Are they fun to play?

Keep up the good work!

Simaholic said...

Kolton is handsome! He sure grew up well :o)