Saturday, January 07, 2006

Marc-Henry The Peace Maker

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Title - Marc-Henry The Peace Maker

Lot: Strickland.2 - Marc-Henry, Kerris, and Jodi-Ann

Last Visit:
Marc-Henry Has A Birthday

Marc-Henry speaking - *Whew* I am glad all that is over, yes I am. That reporter Berry Nosey, well, I was fairly sure he was gonna ruin my life, and that of my family's. Now. Kerris is not the Mayor anymore, the good citizens of Prosperity Falls voted her right outta office. Now it's Doris Capehart. More power to her, I say. I'd like to see somebody else round up all the Criminal Masterminds. Kerris wasn't able to do it. Well, I reckon since her cousin Zaed was one of her arch enemies, didn't help matters none. After all, they was raised together in the same house as kids. (see Education).

Election night, we had a party at the house. Twern't no political party, it was Kerris's birthday party. We had friends and family over. Well, we did turn on the TV and watch the retuns some, but my Kerris, well she put on a real class act. She saw that the numbers wasn't runnin' in her favor and just started servin' up the birthday cake. And that was the end of it. Kerris can't bring her self to stop wearin' a suit out every day though.

By god, one day the new Mayor came walkin' by the house while my wife and daughter was out in the front yard. There was some unkind words exchanged to by the two ladies, I am real sorry my daughter had to witness it. Mayor Doris said something to the like that it was gonna take new young blood to clean this town up. Right about then I called Kerris to come in the house so Jodi-Ann wouldn't have to see no more. She's at a real impressionable age, you know. Speakin' of her age, she had a birthday too.

Jodi-Ann Strickland
Aspiration - Knowledge
7 neat, 6 outgoing, 2 active, 8 playful, 3 nice
LTW - To Become A Celebrity Chef????
Zodiac - Taurus

My girl Jodi-Ann finds it real hard to study, always wants to be doin' somethin' fun. Went off to school her first day as a teen-ager and didn't have her homework completed. Well, I guess it will all come out in the wash. Looks like I might hafta pull some of that 'tough love' on her. She sure likes the young man from across the street, that Kelsey Capehart. I need to keep an eye on that too. I think I am too old to be raisin' a teen-ager.

Nowadays I spend alot of time chattin' on the internet, and yes, I do still work as a Celebrity Chef. I don't work in front of the cameras no more though, Manuel Capehart now has two cooking shows on the air, it is time to let the younguns have the limelight. I now get gigs cookin' for the famous folk around the Falls for parties. I am in demand. Kerris takes it easy these days. God bless her. Hopefully Barry-James or Jodi-Ann will give us grandkids soon to fill up our time. If I can ever get that girl ready for State.

Odd Pic Out:

When Marc-Henry called up Roxanna Bostic-Capehart to chat while on his quest for 30 Best Friends, he helps her realize her 20 Best Friend want, sending her in to perm plat.

Accomplishments this round: Roxanna Bostic-Capehart - LTW - 20 Best Friends, perm plat

Editor's note - There is some confusion in the Strickland house about Jodi-Ann's choice of LTW. She is a knowledge Sim...Celeb Chef is not usually one of the LTW's a Knowldege Sims spins up. Will check that when I go back to the lot next round. Might be a glitch.


Simaholic said...

Well, Kerris seems to be taking her defeat well. Maybe she had just grown tired of constantly being in the public light.