Saturday, January 07, 2006

Manuel Does Right By Lillith

Title: Manuel Does Right By Lillith

Lot - Capehart.2 - Mercedes, Ricky, Janelle, Marsha, Manuel, Lillith, and Valentine

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Ricky Gives Up

Manuel narrating: I told ya I would make Lillith my wife. (see
Ricky Gives Up.) I went shoppin' and found the biggest rock I could find, and asked her to be my wife right in front of my mom Janelle. I figured this would make a lot of people happy in her family namely her parents Chevy and Kirstee. They are real traditional. (both are family sims). I mean, me and Lillith could care less if there was a peice of paper involved, but we figured this was something we could do to keep everything cool.

Lillith Gets A Hug

Mom welcomed her to the family right away even though Lillith had been here for a long time and had already given her a grandchild. (Valentine) After we became engaged, mom and Lillith spent loads of time planning the wedding, we were gonna have it there at the house. It was gonna be the last party that house was gonna see, as we were making plans to move. With 7 people here, in the ranch house was getting small. (Editors note: The lot became corrupted, and I had to move them with 3 days left on the rotation. No pics of the new place until next round).

The day for the wedding finally came. It was a huge party, all of Lillith's family came, all the Stricklands. Wow. With 9 brothers and sisters, that made for a full house. Right in the middle of the toasting, my two moms Janelle and Marsha decided to announce to everyone it was also their birthday. Lillith's dad Chevy was so excited by the announcement, he dropped the bottle he was feeding to Valentine. He is always exciteable at birthdays. (see a pic at Chevy's TV Breaks Down) Leave it to Chevy Strickland to think of the kids first...while we are toasting with wine, he is feeding the baby. I was sort of concerned for Ricky, bein' that he had developed the drinking problem, but he did fine at the wedding party. Didn't embarrass Mercedes.

We said our vows, it was the most wonderful day of Chevy and Kirstee's life. Another one of thier children married off. Chevy has a dream to see at least 6 of his kids married before he bites the big one. Let's see....Lillith joined Fraiser, Synclare, and Niles in the 'now married' ranks. Roz is getting married to her beau Shane Trimble real soon. Her brother Bulldog is engaged (see A Gathering of Anatothians) and if Chevy lives to see it, that will make the 6.

Right after the wedding, my sister-in-law Mercedes lost her job as a Celebrity Chef. Well I don't know why (bad chance card) but it really didn't seem to bother her that much. I picked up the slack her firing made at the TV station. I picked up her cooking program, "Cooking Shellfish That Is Healthy." or "Salmonella Is NOT Your Friend." She just started using the time she use to spend working yakking on the phone to all her friends. Mom is still working at the hospital as a Chief of Staff, she figures this is what she is gonna do for the rest of her life. My other mom Marsha only works one night a week now as an Ecological Guru.

I tell ya, I turn 10 shades of red when I see her leave for work. She doesn't seem to care, just puts on the ol' fig leaves and flies off. She says this job really fits in with her lifestyle 'cuz she can stay home most of the time.

Valentine had a birthday, she is in school now. But, *sigh* I don't have any pictures of her at our new house. Yeah, we spent some big bucks movin' into some big mansion. There is plenty of room now for me and Lillith to have another baby. We are seriously thinking about it.


Simaholic said...

Awww, they grow up so fast. Are anymore kids in the future for Manuel and Lillith? I mean, you have to get Kirstee and Chevy that 20 grandkids want :o)