Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jodi-Ann's Love Life

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Title: Jodi-Ann's Love Life

Lot: Strickland.2 - Marc-Henry, Kerris and Jodi-Ann, Prosperity Falls

Last Visit:
Marc-Henry The Peace Maker

Jodi-Ann Narrating: Gawd! That Kelsey McClelland is such a dork! And to think I gave him my first kiss and all, and we fell in love. He is such a cheater! Such a coward! He thought he could just drink a love potion and make me not mad at him anymore. Ok, here is what happened.

Well to start off with, me and Kelsey have known each other for a long time, ever since we was little kids. Well, we just sorta decided we liked each other when we got started in Prosperity High and we started goin' steady, see. I didn't know my future without Kelsey in it. Our parents got us into private school, and we kept up our realtionship there too. My whole life was Kelsey. Well, one Saturday afternoon, Kelsey was supposed to come and pick me up, we were gonna go to town and mess around. He never showed! So I went lookin' for him. He wasn't home, his dad told me he had gone out, but didn't know where. Well, he certainly had not come to my house. I went downtown on the bus to see what I could find out...maybe he was there waitin' for me. Well, I found him all right, playin' kissey face with some ugly preppy chick. Right there where we had planned to go!

Well, I was so hurt about it I just started screamin' and I slapped him in the face. As soon as I did that I felt real bad. But I couldn't help it. I was bleedin' on the inside....I left the place cryin', and he was just standin' there starin' after me like he didn't believe what just happened. That girl he was with disappeared somewhere.

LATER: He invited me over to his place, and we went out. He even rented a limo and everything, it was hard for me to stay mad at him really. I could tell he was really tryin' to make up. He took me to a real nice place to eat, and started tellin' me all the stuff I wanted to hear.

He started talkin' about startin' a life together and we were gonna get married and have kids and stuff. Well all that was sounding like everything I had dreamed about. I started thinking maybe he wasn't so bad.

Later on that day, I saw my Aunt Synclare (Synclare is married to Zaed Robbins, brother to Jodi's mother Kerris)and she told me I needed to be careful with Kelsey. She said she had heard he liked to go out with all sorts of different girls, told me she thought he could never be true to one girl. I told my Aunt Synclare I didn't care, I was saving myself for Kelsey. He was going to be my first....once he had me, he wouldn't want anyone else. (Kelsey is a romance Sim, Jodi is a knowledge Sim). Aunt Synclare said she hoped it worked out for us. Hmm I do too. Kelsey is so cute.

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Well, in the meantime, I have been getting ready to go to Sim State. My dad has been teaching me lots of skills I am gonna need at school, like how to make lots of friends and stuff like that. In fact, I am ready to go. I guess I will see Kelsey there. We aren't completely back together. I mean, he did a bad thing to me. I don't know how long it will take us to get back to where we were before he cheated on me. But I am looking forward to college. So, see ya next time.

Accomplishments this round: Jodi-Ann - IW for Knowldege Sims - Max All Skills.


KeyKel69 said...

Uh oh.. beware of the romance sims....

Hmmmm.. I don't suppose you'll be getting back to Zaed anytime soon.... sigh... I'm anxious to hear about his raising of Jenn. :-)

ASimWen said...

Yeah...we won't be in that house again until week 12. I am anxious to get back there too! The alien kids are starting to grow up, I am gonna have lots of fun with them. In the mean time, all the men in the Falls still gaze...but no more abductions have happened!

Smirnoff said...

Hmmm...I see how Jodi-Ann is getting those skills for uni! :0)) That Kelsey is going to have a lot more slappings...i'm afraid!

Simaholic said...

LOL! I love how Marc-Henry is teaching Jodi-Ann her skills, ROTFL!