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I'm Keeping An Eye On You

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Title: I'm Keeping An Eye On You

Lot: Residence of twins Madelyn and Mackenzie Capehart, and cousins Bulldog and Barry-James Strickland, Sim State University

Last Visit:
A Gathering of Anotothians

Barry James Narrating: Wow, we are through our sophomore year here at State, and have moved into the Greek House Crumplebottom. But alot happened before we made it over to the Big House. I like everybody over there in the Greek House and all, but that guy Quavi over there is a weirdo. Yeah, yeah, I know he is my cousin and all. (Barry-James's mother is Kerris Robbins-Strickland, Quavi Robbin's cousin.) Well, he said the strangest thing to me one day. He asked me about my mission. My mission? Heh, my mission is to love Mackenzie Capehart with all my heart, body, and soul and make a good living for her and our kids. I guess I looked at him sorta strange or somethin' he just turned around and walked back to the house. The next day when I saw him at class, he acted like everything was normal.

Well, I guess my mom was voted out of office for Mayor. That is ok. It will make life easier for me and Mackenzie. Now Doris Capehart-Strickland is Mayor...Doris is Mackenzie's step sister. So I guess we will sorta be close to the office still, but not directly in the media attention.

Too Many Pop Sims!
Aspiration Change for the Twins: Mackenzie Capehart - Fortune - New LTW - To Earn $100,000. Madelyn Capehart - Family - LTW - Become a Captain Hero. (her fiance Bulldog Strickland is also Family! Woah!)

We moved over to the Greek House the same day Quavi and them was movin' out. The first thing I knew, he was callin' us up on the telephone to come over one by one. Once we got there, he asked us to move in. Of course we went for that. So now me and Mack along with Bulldog and Maddy live in the big three story house with all kinds of toys. Big screen TV, three, count 'em three, bathrooms, maid service, and I counted 5 stereos. Man, now that is what I call livin'. Even though my mom was mayor, we never had it this good.

Quavi took some of the Greek House funds right before he moved out and bought a bunch of furniture. He said the money would be there too for me if I decided I wanted a few things when I graduated and moved out. I will need a little. I plan to move back home to mom and dad though, so I won't need everything. Mom wants me to inherit the townhouse. Well, until next time. :)

Lot: The Greek House Crumplebottom, Home of Quavi and Yasika Robbins, Andre Bostic and Daphne Strickland - Sim State University

Accomplishments: Quavi Robbins - Summa Cum Laude in Literature, Secret Society, Big Sim on Campus and Greek House. Andre Bostic and Daphne Strickland - Summa Cum Laude in Philosophy, Secret Society, Big Sim on Campus and Greek House. Yasika Robbins - Summa Cum Laude in History, Secret Society, Big Sim on Campus and Greek House.

I am Quavi! I have graduated from Sim State University, and turned over the Greek House Crumplebottom to my cousin, Barry-James Strickland. He has the experience and fortitude to lead the Greek House in a strong manner. I am ready to embark on the main part of my mission on Earth; to have many children to spread the Anatothian DNA to ensure the continuation of our race. So then.

The thought of spreading my seed is constantly on my mind. I am sure that my earth woman, Daphne Strickland, is up to the task. I have already secured a plot of land right next to that of my home base in Prosperity Falls. Daphne and I will build our home up from the ground, thus making a grand palace for all Anatothians to flock to. I am sure of it! My brother Zaed already has a start on spreading our being, he has had two sons; Jati and Xuan. I am sure he will have more! (see The Education of Zaed's Sons) My mind can rest now; what Zaed assured me has come true. Our sister Yasika did not let all of the race of Anotothians down!

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Her earth man Andre Bostic finally placed the ring of commitment on her finger. I had no doubts whatsoever that she would do her part!

I am Yasika! Of course I will do my part Quavi. You discredit me! I have even scanned the stars at night looking for peoples from our home planet. I do not understand why they have visited the homes of the earth people Tryce Capehart, (see
Two New Daughters), Tomas Capehart, (see The Expectant Mother(s))and Johnson McClelland (see Under Invasion!). I was hoping to make contact!

Quavi - Yasika, I do not know! That very question has come across my mind numerous times; I am sure Zaed has an answer for it. You know at this time he is the only one of us that has direct contact with the King!
Yasika: Yes Quavi. There is surely something going on the home planet that Zaed knows about. We will have a meeting as soon as we get back to Prosperity Falls.

Quavi: In the mean time Yasika, I know that your earth man Andre Bostic has a roving eye with it comes to earth women. (Andre is a Romance Sim). I will keep an eye on him, dear sister, to ensure that his seed goes only to your womb. If it weren't for his strong DNA and his family history of knowledge (his mother Ramey Bostic is a Knowldege Sim) I am sure we would have found a different mate for you.
Yasika: I understand, dear brother. I am a strong Anotothian indeed and I shall do all in my power to keep him faithful. I will behave as a wanton earth woman would to keep his interest!
Quavi: Good! Then we have nothing standing in our way! Onward to greatness on Earth for the Anotothian peoples!


KeyKel69 said...

Great as always Wen! I love the Anthonians.... Bring on the wantoness! :-) Thanks for not quitting the blog, I would miss seeing how it plays out.

Alexis said...

Those Anatothians are truly an entertaining bunch. It's funny though, sometimes I imagine them as very serious aliens and other times I see them as those aliens from comedy/scifi movies that are kind of cheesy. Either way they are hilarious and I love reading updates with them in it.

ASimWen said...

Hehehe I really like the Anotothians too. I have a lot of great fun with them. However...I do have something in store for them...and BERRY NOSEY....lolol

Simaholic said...

LOL! Barry-James thinks Quavi is strange! I suppose those Anotothians do come across as a little different :o) I see that Yasika is also following along those same lines. You have really done a marvelous job with these characters.