Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Hard Knocks Of Life

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Title: The Hard Knocks Of Life

Lot: Capehart.2 - Tosca, Johnson, Kelsey, Samarah, Regis, and Andrew

Last Visit:
Under Invasion!

Kelsey narrating: Man oh man but I messed up big time with Jodi-Ann. I am real embarrassed about it. But hey first I am gonna tell ya everything that has happened with my mom and dad, maybe what I did won't seem so bad. Heh.

Well you all know that my dad has never held a job. Nope, just lays around the house gettin' soft and well, takin' care of us kids. I guess it is backwards. My mom goes to work when she's not preggo. Hey she finally got the job she has talked about all my life...she is finally a Captain Hero. What - EVER. Psssft. Anyhow, my dad is always talkin' about gettin' more kids. Heck, he wanted one so bad he had one himself! Yeah! He managed to get them aliens to take him for a ride, and he got pregnant himself! (see Under Invasion!) Well, he got my brother Regis from that. Mom accepted him okay and everything. Like one of us I guess.

Yeah, that's him with me, after my birthday. Gosh it seems like Regis follows me around like some irritating little kid. It's like I paid attention to him when he was really little and everything now he thinks I am IT. Aww, I guess it is okay. As long as he don't cramp my style with the chicks. Speakin' of my birthday.

Kelsey McClelland
Aspiration: Romance
LTW - To Woo-Hoo 20 Different Sims
7 neat, 5 outgoing, 4 active, 4 playful, and 5 nice
Zodiac: Cancer

I grew up to be one good lookin' dude. ;) One of the first things I did was look up Jodi-Ann (she is Kerris and Marc-Henry's daughter). Man, and we went out for a date! Downtown and everything, took my dad's truck. Jodi was real nice and everything, and we had a kiss. Heh. Things was goin' real good, then I decided I wanted to date somebody else. But hey, I really did love Jodi.

I don't remember this chick's name. But hey, see where she is tellin' me she wants to make out with me? Man that was like music to my ears. What kind of guy is gonna turn that down? Oh yeah, I met her through a match making service. That is lame I know, but you know. I wanted to have a little fun. She turned out to be really HOT. So now I know yer sayin' if she was so hot, how come you can't remember her name? Well, it is like this. Jodi-Ann happened to be walkin' by the diner and saw us all over each other.

She came bargin' into that place like she owned it or somethin' and started tellin' me off. Well, my date walked away real fast and left me there to face Jodi. I didn't think much of that. I just stood there and took it. I was real sorry Jodi had to come along and catch us....I really do love Jodi-Ann Strickland. Well, when she was through yellin' and she left, I went to find my date but she was gone. I did see my bud Jati Robbins though.

Well, we got to talkin' about a bunch of junk, and he told me he was gettin' ready to leave for Sim State. Thought maybe he would meet somebody there, and I said, wow, my sister Samarah is about ready to leave for State too. Maybe they would see each other. He said, yeah, maybe....then I started talkin' a bunch of smack about Jodi-Ann. I really shouldn't have, but I was still feelin' raw from the public screamin' she did.

For now, Jodi is still madderin' heck at me. I reckon I can't blame her. But gosh, the call of the chicks is too much! Here is how it is. I want Jodi-Ann to live me for the rest of my life, yeah, I already know it. But, I am gonna have my fun!

Well anyway, I told you how my dad always wants more kids. He talked my mom into one more kid. That makes five of us now. Mom had a boy, named him Andrew. So it's like this...Terrance, me (Kelsey), Samarah, Regis, and now Andrew. Four boys and a girl. Dad said he wanted 5 more for an even ten, but mom refuses. Said she ain't a baby factory! Yeah. Catch ya later....I'm gonna go see if I can get Jodi-Ann to talk to me....

Editor's note: I am going to fire my photographer. She neglected to get any photos of the teen Samarah, her excuse was she used up all her film on the break up drama between Jodi and Kelsey. There are many more photos than actally seen here. You will see them when Jodi tells her side of the story. :) Here are Samarah's stats:

Samarah McClelland
Aspiration: Family
LTW - To Become Captain Hero
9 neat, 9 outgoing, 3 active, 2 playful, 3 nice
Zodiac: Aries

Accomplishments this round: Tosca - LTW and Top Career, Captain Hero, puts her in perm plat.


Simaholic said...

Awww, so Kelsey is a romancer. Too bad about Jodi-Ann. Are you going to try and repair the relationship and pair them off or just let Kelsey continue his romancing ways?