Friday, January 13, 2006

A Fat And Nekkid Start

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Title: A Fat And Nekkid Start

Lot: New - Strickland.3 - Roz and Shane Trimble

Last Visit: Roz Was Last Seen in
Chevy's TV Breaks Down

Roz Narrating: Hay ya'llses! It's me, lil' ol' Roz. Hay I wanna tell ya's about my weddin'! See that house? Well, thet is whar me an' Shane put up housekeepin'. Yep. An' you know what? We haven't been married thet long. Well honey, it was hard when we first started. Why, I 'member when it was nuthin' but an empty field.

I graduated from Sim State, and moved back in with momma and daddy for a while, ya know, hepped my momma with my younger siblins' fer a while. Well she was gettin' on in age and it was jest gittin' hard for her. You know? Why I started invitin' my love I met at State, thet bein' Shane Trimble. (see how they met in Manuel Capehart Caught Cheating!) Momma had a problem with him 'cause he had an itty bitty tendency to walk around nekkid right in front of anyone...well momma could tell we was really in love so she told me to get my butt scootin' out of the house so's me and Shane could start our lives together.

Yep....we got married in an open field. Nothin' there. Shane was good enough to rent 4 porta-potties to serve the natural needs of our guests. All the Stricklands came. But my my was so sad. None of Shane's people came! No sirree! They was all off in Alaska diggin' fer gold. Ya see...Shane's people like money. Shane loves it too....(Shane is a Fortune Sim) so thet is how we ended up with thet beautiful house you see pictured. Anyhow, we had a table with cake and wine on it, my beautiful weddin' arch and a few chairs. Thet was it. But nobody seem put out by the lack of luxuries!

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Oh I 'member we had such a good time! I knowed Shane was all uncomfortable in thet tux he was warrin'....he told me in private he would rather got hitched in the buff. Well. Thet might've been mighty fine fer him, but me I can't git used to bein' nekkid all the time myself. I was jest fine an' comfortable in my weddin' gown.

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We did go fer a quick afternoon at the local spa for a honeymoon, why neither me nor Shane was real interested in a get away. We wanted to get busy and get to work on our new place. We brought us a computer from our afternoon out and we got to job huntin' raght away. I did git a job in show biz, and why raght the next day I was already an Icon. My oh my, the money I got fer thet. I did a couple other things thet brought big money. An' mah beautiful man Shane is workin' to be a business tycoon but hasn't quite made it yet. I will stand bah him to make sure he makes good.

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My my my...I really didn't know a man and woman could love each other so much. Shane tells me a I am the prettiest apple on the tree...all braght and red an' shiny. Mah Shane is the tempest of love. Ya'll prob'ly think I am real corny. Thet's ok. I know what me and Shane have is real. Oh, bah the way, me and Shane will probably start a family real soon. We wanted to git a fine house first for our family. Raght now, Shane wants a better car, then we kin have a child. I can't think of anything better then the fruit of Shane's loins comin' to be!

Odd Pic Out:

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Roz gives being casually "nekkid" a try but couldn't quite make herself do it!

Accomplishments this round: Roz - LTW and Top of Career - Mad Scientist. Top of Career - others...went through two or three. Impossible Want - Maxed All Skills


Rachel said...

Lovin' the stories as usual. DO you remember where you got Roz's red/purple hair? I had my hair almost that exact color for awhile in college so I'd like to get my sims that as an option.

Simaholic said...

I love how the streaker always tends to run around naked even after they are no longer the streaker!