Friday, January 13, 2006

The Dynasty Marches On

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Title: The Dynasty Marches On

Lot - New, Robbins.2 - Quavi, Daphne and Aazia Robbins

Last Visit - Quavi and Daphne last seen in
I'm Keeping An Eye On You

Aha! It is I, Quavi! *thumping chest* Take a good look! My potent and virile seed has begun it's work here on earth! I have already reproduced the Anotothian DNA! I have built a great palace where I will house and educate my children to the Anotothian Way, and where I will mate with my earth woman, Daphne, to keep her pregnant and spawning new Anotothians to walk upon this land. We will revel in greatness here and become the richest and most powerful peoples on this planet. See the blueprints for my palace? It is specifcally designed with learning and population expansion in mind. This building will be the breeding ground for Anotothians for generations to come. Here is how I started my mission with Daphne at my side.

Firstly, I built the house. Then, I let my wife Daphne plan the merriment of a human wedding. According to my father's notes, (Timo), earth women enjoy planning parties and weddings. And what a great wedding it was. My brother Zaed came and toasted to my greatness, as well as my cousin Kerris. I can see it now! I shall out-do my brother Zaed and spawn more children then he. Yes...that is what I will do! After all, Zaed also has the responsibility to report to the king of Anatoth of the progression of the mission. I will have more time to mate and pro-create.

I did worry slightly at one point. I did not get Daphne with child the first day we lived together. I do not know what happened, it took a full 24 hours before she became with child. I was beginning to wonder if my seed was flawed. However, I learned that if I give Daphne lots of affection and kisses, she was more open to the idea of mating. It was not long before her belly began to expand with my seed, a new Anotothian was growing! In the mean while as I waited for the child to develop and be born, I worked in the earth job in the Paranormal field. I had thought perhaps if I became a UFO investigator, I might attract my people when I gazed through the telescope.

But alas, it did not happen. I worked in the investigative fields for a while, then I moved on to exorcist. I had to. It was starting to look strange to my human co-workers because I would not promote up. In order to try to keep my human profile and keep straight and true to the mission, I promoted. I eventually became a Cult Leader. It is only a facade; I will find something else to do, as I must stock my palace with learning tools for my children.

There is something I do not understand though, and I will make comment to Zaed when we hold our meeting. (see mention of the meeting in I'm Keeping An Eye On You) I will ask Zaed why Daphne still wants to mate after she has already become pregnant. (she is a Pleasure Sim. Almost as bad as a Romance Sim when it comes to Woo-Hoo!) It seems like she was constantly indicating she wanted to mate, even around her big belly! I just do not understand.

After a while, my daughter Aazia was born. She has the Anotothian eyes and carries the genes for our skin. She carries the skin color of her human grandfather, Chevy Strickland. I am happy! Only the first in a line of several more to come. I am even considering finding another female to carry my seed. I shall move her into the palace and cherish her has my Anotothian concubine, and her offspring will be as good as the children Daphne produces! I am not sure Zaed has even thought of that himself. Ha!

In the meanwhile, until I find another earth woman agreeable to use her womb to produce Anotothains, Daphne is pregnant again. I wasted no time!

Odd Pic Out:

Very uncharacteristic for an Anotothian! Quavi looks very human as he jams out to his MP3 player when first moving onto his new lot. What kind of outfit is that anyway?


Daphne's father Chevy Strickland realizes his LTW Marrying Off 6 Children.

Accomplishments this round: Quavi - Top of Career - Cult Leader. Chevy and Kirstee Strickland - LTW - Marry Off 6 Children. Perm Plat for Chevy.


Catootje73 said...

This really seems a promissing start of a population explosion. Gogogo Quavi ;) !

Scally said...

God, those Anatothians are creepy! But that's a good thing. Who wants a neighbourhood full of normal people anyway?

Anonymous said...

OHHHHH!! I can't wait to see the drama Quavi is about to cause!

Alexis said...

A concubine, huh? I wonder what his wife will think of that...

Simaholic said...

LOL! Quavi cracks me up! He has a "Mating Area" designated, ROTFL!!! And now he wants to have a concubine! Oh he is too much!