Monday, January 02, 2006

Doris Capehart-Strickland Wins Mayor's Race!

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Title: Doris Capehart-Strickland Wins Mayor's Race!

Lot: Capehart.2 - Nichole, Niles, Doris and Justice

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Niles Becomes A Dad

Niles Narrating - I am glad the campaigning is over. I wanna say now maybe life will get back to normal, but what is normal? Doris and I was blessed with the birth of our first child, a son named Justice. Well, that is enough turn everything topsy-turvy in our lives. Doris ran against Kerris Strickland for mayor of Prosperity Falls, and she won! Now she goes off to the office every day and deals with city government. Well yeah, we have gotten to rub elbows with alot of important people since she became mayor. And it seems like people are always wantin' to do us favors. But Doris keeps a straight head on her shoulders.

Me, I reached the top of my career in the art world. The papers are callin' me a Visionary. I got a really cool camera that I have been snappin' pictures with. But I have to tell you this. Doris and I was at one of those political dinners where there was some of those important people when Doris was on the campaign trail. There must have been 30 people there. Well, it came time to settle up the bill, and I just paid it, wasn't thinking anything about it. I found out I really didn't have to do that it was a city paid function. But I guess the owner of the restaurant liked my style, and made a $100,000 contribution to my art. That was a nice boost to the old bank account.

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And not a moment too soon, Justice was growing like a weed....and Doris was campaigning, not really bringing in a good income. In fact she had some rather unorthodox ways of campaiging. Well she had a shindig right at our house, and she invited some very influencial people. I guess there is no one more influencial than Santa. Havin' the jolly old elf show up at the house was real exciting for Justice.

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Doris got a lot of good PR for that. How she got a hold of Santa for the invite, well, I don't know. He was a real good humored man, laughed alot, and was tellin' jokes to everyone. Nichole had baked some Christmas cookies and before you know it, here came Santa. Then, Doris had lined up some more great visitors outside! There was some genius goin' on here. Doris got Father Time and Baby New Year to make an appearence.

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Father TimeBaby New YearThe whole party went outside when there was a big ruckus. What a great idea! Doris's approval rating went through the roof the next day when the story of the party hit the papers. With the elections only a couple of days away, that was the icing on the cake, and Doris was elected Mayor. Kerris Strickland is out, my wife is in. I am glad all that election mess is over.

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Doris was so happy the day she won. Now she goes to work in a helicopter, yeah, it lands right out here in front of the house. Justice gets a charge out of that. Doris says he can get a ride in it real soon after things have simmered down. She has alot of excess baggage to deal with left from the former administration, such as the zealot Zaed Robbins....Criminal Mastermind. The buzz is also that there is a new and upcoming criminal, Dovie Bostic, evil offspring of retired Criminal Mastermind Ramey Bostic. (See Passin' Patches). Well, Doris has recruited her cousin Tosca Capehart-McClelland into training for Captian Hero. (See Under Invasion!) It won't be long before Captian Tosca will be ready to go. CH Ricky Cromier can't hardly make it to work every day, much less concentrate on protecting us. Rumor has it he has his weaknesses. (See Ricky Gives Up)

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I tell ya, it is nothin' but dancin' around our house now. My son is growing up healthy and strong, my wife is Mayor....and guess what...I am gonna be a dad again. Yep, me and Doris are going to have anther child. :)

Accomplishments this round: Niles - Reaches Top Of Career - Visionary in the Art world. Doris - Reaches Top Of Career and LTW - Politics, Mayor. Perm Plat.


Zaine said...

Woo-hoo! It's time to break out the special party fruit punch! I wonder if having a baby is going to effect her career...Great update!

Smirnoff said...

Niles & Doris are SO successful!
Cool New years bash!! Loved it!
Hopefully Ricky can retire soon and help Doris get things straightened out quickly!

Simaholic said...

Wow a new mayor. It is exciting for Doris but I feel kind of bad for Kerris. I really like Kerris. Although, I suppose Kerris is getting on in years and it was probably time for a change in administration :o)