Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Coupla Pups

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Title: A Coupla Pups

Last Vist: New lot, Strickland.4

Bulldog and Madelyn Last Seen:
University Week 11

Bulldog narrating: Hey me and Maddy had our wedding in our little house. Yeah, I know it was a tight fit. We had already put together our big four poster bed in the bedroom, but had to move it right out to the side yard to make room for the wedding arch in there. Well, we was gonna do it in the living room, but it is even smaller then the bedroom. We had just enough room for the wedding arch and 6 chairs. We had invited 8 people, so two stood, my brother Niles and Maddy's sister Mackenzie.

Everything went off without a hitch. Maddy and I have both dedcided we want a big family. I come from a large family, I have 9 brothers and sisters, and I have always dreamed of have a big family of my own. 'Course, Madelyn is a twin, so there is a very good chance we could have twins. I am keepin' my fingers crossed. The one thing I am NOT gonna do is name all my kids after characters on a television program. That is what my dad Chevy did. Except for my oldest sister Synclare, the rest of us are named after the cast in the TV show Fraiser. My dad Chevy loves that program. Instead, I will name my children after my friends I have gained on the Internet. I know that sounds a little off the wall. But ya gotta name your kids something.

Madelyn got a job in law enforcement. She really hasn't been to work much because we have already started our family. Well, we had alot of money left after we closed on the house because we had bought most of our furniture when we were still in college, so we have quite a few simoleons to live off of until I can really bring some income. I want to join the military. I am thinking I can join the Gaurds, you know, like the local military. I figure I can serve my local community, the great people of Prosperity Falls, and still be home with Maddy and the kids. Yeah, I said kids. Me an Maddy are already daddy and mamma.

Mom and Dad came by the house on our oldest girl's birthday. See there? I am still in my pajamas. I guess not goin' to work every day is makin' me a little lazy about getting dressed. Well, when I do nothin' but care for kids all day and stuff like that, I tend to forget things like gettin' dressed. Not like my sister's husband. My sister Roz married Shane Trimble, the resident streaker from college. So it's like you have to be careful when you go visit them in their big and expensive house 'cause he is walking around with it all hangin' out. I guess rich people can be eccentric, huh. But he don't get dressed on purpose.

But anyhow, what I was sayin' about mom and dad stoppin' by. Mom and dad have so many grandchildren. Jeannie made their 17th grandchild. They don't get around to all the birthdays, but they came over for Jeannie's. What with them being retired now and all I guess it is easier for them to get out and do more things. Mom has taken to dressing like a hippie, and dad goes around in his bowling shirt all the time. More power to 'em I say. I couldn't believe what mom was tellin' me though. Her and dad are thinkin' about adopting a kid~! After raising 10 of us, can you believe it!

Well if you will notice in Jeannie's birthday pic, Maddy is pregnant. We had another daughter, Felicia. I am proud of my two girls. And Maddy is pregnant again aleady. Like I said, we want lots of kids. I hope she has twins this time.

Odd Pic Out:

I love the baby growing up pics. Here is Jeannie growing to toddler. I never tire of them!

This story wraps up week 11 in Prosperity Falls. The next entry will be Feburary 12th, and will feature the Bostic residence. The start of week 12. During the neighborhood round, the birth of generation 4 will occur in the residence of Marc-Henry Strickland. A great milestone~!


Bubbs said...

Great update - as always! :)

Love this line:
'cause he is walking around with it all hangin' out

Smirnoff said...

Aw shucks :) thanks for the update! Cute little Jeannie :) even has my brown hair ;) can't wait to see the other pups!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

February 12?


Catootje73 said...

Very nice update again. I hope they'll have some twins. And for now, enjoy your ISBI challengen ;)

Simaholic said...

Well, Bulldog and Madelyn are off on the right foot for reaching that 10 kids want. I hope you pick up a set of twins or two in there :o)