Sunday, January 22, 2006


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Title: Changes

Lot: Capehart.4 - Manuel, Lillith, Marsha, Janelle, Valentine and Vonfirmath

Last Visit:
Manuel Does Right By Lillith

Manuel narrating: Well folks, here I am in my new shiny house, I have a new son. I am doing well in my job as a Celebrity Chef, and Lillith is doin' great in hers as a Mad Scientist. My moms Janelle and Marsha are doing great in their jobs. You would think the outlook was great for me. Well, no. Especially not for Lillith. One night whilst on an outing downtown, Lillith was bitten by the resident Grand Vampire of Prosperity Falls. She didn't even know him. The guy just went and did it...bit her like that.

Did he know that changed her life forever? I don't know. I mean, Lillith hasn't really changed that much...just has a coupla fangs and sleeps downstairs in the basement of the house in a special room I fixed up for her. She insisted she needed a creepy looking coffin to nap in. Oh well. It isn't like we sleep together alot anyway. I have been doin' lots of star gazin' at night lately...and I help with the rest of the household during the day when I'm not workin' or sleepin'. Before I get around to the big news of my new son, I will keep you up on other events that happened. Lots of stuff to go through. Here goes. Number one, my grandma Mercedes passed away. And number two, my grandpa Ricky passed away, on the same night.

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Well I can say Ricky is at peace now...he was goin' through alot of strife in his life. He loved Mercedes until the end, but she would never give him a child. Ever. But, he did manage two children in his lifetime but his heart was broken because his beautiful Mercedes was not their mom. (Andre was birthed by Ramey Bostic, and Ricky's other child Chantell was birthed by Dovie Bostic, Ramey's daughter). Ricky worshipped the ground she walked on. But he had to have children. (Ricky changed his aspriation from romance to family in college). And he was unfaithful to get them. Anyway. On to other things.

Since Lillith became a vampire, she has taken on peculiar characteristics. One, she goes around hissing all the time and saying "bleh". I guess I can get used to that. Then she can turn into a bat! Yes....she can fly from one spot to another. It is a good thing she has a night time job...she doesn't have to worry about burning up to death in the sunlight to get to work. If she does happen to be up during the day she gets tired so quick and has to get to bed right away. Even the Energizer doesn't help her much. But all the really important parts of her worked good. Apparently her human reproductive stuff didn't change, because she gave birth to my son Vonfirmath. Gosh..that name sounds real vampiric, doesn't it? She named him.

The labor and delivery went as usual for a human, but it happened during the day. As soon as Vonfirmath was born, she had to hop right back into the coffin. I took care of him as a newborn. I was relieved to see he didn't appear to have taken on any of Lillith's strange DNA, and as a toddler he had normal looking teeth. I was scared there for a while.

Vonfirmath is a strapping young boy, and does not question anything about the strange habits of his mother. fact Von has the Bostic DNA...he is sprinkled with freckles from his grandma Kirstee, and has my brown hair and eyes. A good looking boy if I do say so myself. Well, with grandma and grandpa gone, at least I have my two moms Janelle and Marsha to help with Von's care. What with Lillith sleeping most of the hours of the day away. Well, there is Valentine too, but she will be leaving for Sim State soon, and who knows where she will settle down when she graduates.

Valentine Capehart
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Graduate 3 Kids From College
(thank god not another Captain Hero!)
6 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful, 5 nice
Zodiac - Aries

Well, I am glad I have a son and a daughter. One thing I am finding strange, is that bein' a scientist and all, Lillith hasn't done much toward findin' a cure for her vampiric state. She claims she wants to be this way for a while to experience it. Ok, I love my wife and I will live with this for a while. :) My Lillith is lovely no matter what. We are talkin' about another child. Von's birth wasn't that hard on Lillith, we are going to try again. Until next time.

Accomplishments this round: Ricky Cromier died plat - death benefited 11 people. He was 81. Mercedes - Died plat, top influence, her death benefited 27 people. I found it strange she died on the same day. Her life meter had a long way to go. Ricky had swallowed two doses of elixir to age him. Mercedes was 75.


KeyKel69 said...

Wen - I don't always post, but you seem on a quest for feedback, so I shall oblige. I religiously read your Prosperity Falls entries and love them (don't you DARE stop). Currently I am seething with jealousy over the abduction craziness you're experiencing (I've only had 3.. ever.. luckily all male adults.. well 4 if you count Yerodin who got it FOUR days to elder so it was too late.. sigh..). I'm so glad Zaed got abducted, as I must admit the Athonians are my favorite family. Love the huge updates lately! Keep simming.. Hmm.. good idea.. :-) Oh, and if you need name suggestions I'm Kelly.. aka Keymaster.

ASimWen said...

Hey Kelly thanks. :) Yeah I love the abductions too. They seem to come in clumps. I get a couple, then nothing. Then it starts up again. I am breathlessly waiting for another one. :) All the eligible males of the Falls are extremely studious of the heavens lately. :)

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Have you ever had a teen abducted?

ASimWen said...

Yes, there was one abducted here.. a knowledge teen was taken while developing skills.

Smirnoff said...

Love the pics of Lilith ;) Lots of family sims! Valentine is very pretty :) Loved the update!

briar_rose said...

Hi Wen, I have recently started reading your blog. I have throughly enjoyed it. The Athonians are my favorite family.

ASimWen said...

Hi Briar_rose, welcome aboard. :)

Simaholic said...

Interesting about Mercedes going with lots of time left on her meter. I wonder what caused it. Lillith looks kinda of good as a vampire although Manuel sounds rather distraught over the whole thing. Maybe she'll find herself a cure. Oh and Vonfirmath does sound very vampirish (is that even a word?)