Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Capeharts, Week 11/A Contented Tryce

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Title: A Contented Tryce

Lot: The Capeharts, Original House - Tryce, Michelle, Jessie, Joslyn, Joy, and Tanu

Last Visit:
Two New Daughters

Tryce narrating: Hey if I look content to you in that picture, then you are right. I am extremely content. See there? I have two wonderful daughters that my beautiful wife Michelle just put to bed. I am waiting for her in our bedroom for a little woo-hoo. Hey with all these kids around you take it when and wherever you can get it. Anyway, our son Jessie is asleep upstairs. He can just stay there a while. *grin*.

Jessie Capehart
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW - To Earn $100,000
7 neat, 2 outgoing, 10 active, 7 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac - Cancer

Speakin' of Jessie. Jess grew up to a teen-ager and immediately wanted to get an after school job. I said, "Son, that really isn't necessary. You can make plenty of simoleons sellin' paintings or writing novels, more than you can make workin' after school at some dead end job." Well, bein' a teen-ager he thought he knew everything. He got a job workin' for Mayor Doris Capehart in her political offices. He worked to the top of his job, as far as he could go. Me, I make extra money on the side writin' books. I have written 5 or 6 so far, hard to keep track. I make pretty good simoleons like that when I am not acting. I can't bring myself to look through the telescope anymore, not that I don't love Joy my alien daugter. The whole thing was just so creepy scarey.

Well Joy had a birthday too. Michelle has finally warmed up to her and has been helpin' her develop skills. Joy is a little slow when it comes to anything physical, but put her in front of anything that requires any thinkin' and she outshines all of us. She is smart as a whip. My other daughter Joslyn ain't dull.

Michelle got busy with her and helped her learn to study, gave her some pointers. Oh and I guess you are noticing her belly is big. No, she ain't been eatin' lots of grilled cheese sandwiches. The little daliance we had the other evening I was tellin' ya about a while ago? Resulted in pregnancy. Yep, I was gonna be a dad again, but thank god the kid wasn't growin' in my belly! Once is enough for me! Women are built for that stuff, men ain't. Against nature.

Well, it wasn't long before my second son, (and last child) was born. I named him Tanu. I don't think me and Michelle will have any more kids, 4 is enough! Jessie will be leaving for my alma matter, Sim State real soon, and Joy and Joslyn will be following closely behind. Yep, things have been mighty quiet since Joy was born. No flying saucers have visited us since. Jessie did do some peekin' through the scope, but his feet stayed right here on this earth. That is somethin' I don't want to wish on anyone!

Accomplishments this round: Michelle - LTW and Top Career - Criminal Mastermind. Perm Plat.


Simaholic said...

Hehe, Tryce is cute! Glad that Michelle has warmed up to Joy. It isn't Joy's fault she's a little bit different.