Sunday, January 29, 2006

Building An Army

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Title: Building An Army

Last Visit: The Dynasty Marches On

Lot: Robbins.2 - Quavi, Daphne, Aazia, Zaine and Mich

Daphne Narrating: My goodness! I never knew life with Quavi would be like this. It seems almost as if he is keeping me pregnant every day of the month. In school he was so fun and everything. We went downtown all the time to clubs and partied. We would talk about our lives together some after we graduated from State, but it was just in general terms. Not specifics. But here we are, we have three kids, and another one on the way.

Quavi is being the best provider. He worked so hard in show business and became an Icon. I was glad when he quit that paranormal job. It was creepy. Well anyway, it seemed like he wan't happy with the show biz job, so he got one in a restaurant. Now he does cooking shows on
TV with Manuel Capehart. He is still a celebrity even though he got out of show biz.

Well, me, I want to work in politics but I am pregnant all the time so I never get a chance to go to work. Quavi insists I stay home. A while back his mom Meadow died, and he didn't even hardly acknowledge it. He got a little pittance for it. I don't understand Quavi. He seems to be all about family and everything, but didn't even go to his mom's funeral. When we found out I was pregnant with our fourth child, he told me we were gonna have 10 kids. My gawd...I don't know if I can do all that. But at least he pays me lots of attention. (They must have an in-home date everyday to keep in platinum. Since Daphne is pregnant all the time, she can't go to town to indulge in her Pleasure-Sim lifestyle. She needs to stay in gold or plat to use the energizer to take care of the kids and be pregnant).

Diary of Quavi Robbins: The army is coming along nicely. So far in our fortress we have added Aazia, Zaine and Mich. We have another child in production. I have a strong daughter who will no doubt bear lots of Anotothian children on this earth, and two fine sons who will go forth and spread their seed, thus spreading the Anotothian DNA. I have been thinking extensively about the possibilities of a concubine to convert even more of my seed into children. It seems that Daphne is doing an admirable job of carrying my children to term. I do not think it is appropriate to bring my concubine here to this building. I shall start another building where my concubine will live and bear children. Ah! Now to choose the best earth woman to do the job. It would be admirable if I could find one that possibly has Anotothian DNA already.

I work with the children as much time as is allowed to me. Yes, it is quite easy to impregnate Daphne with my seed, but quite another to work with the kids once they are born. I must go forth into the world of humanity every day to work for simoleons. In other words, it costs lots of money to do this. I have already gone forth on three different jobs and brought home many rewards with which I will train my children. I shall endeavor to keep finding jobs that bring such opportunities for my army.

My first son Zaine grew quickly to a fine figure of a boy. He carries the skintone of the Stricklands. I have yet to produce a child that has the Anotothian skin outwardly, but I shall persist. Oddly, he has blazing red hair. Not the ordinary red of my wife and my father Timo. Bright red. I find this fascinating. I shall check into it. Perhaps having this blazing hair will help him to think and train to become a strong Anotothian. Or even, it is a genetic DNA mutation. Ahh...such thoughts excite me!

The moment my second son Mich was born, I called the home office. I got my nephew Xaun on the phone and excitedly relayed the news of another addition to our mission....another boy had been born. He has the skintone of the Bostics...freckles. However I have tested him, and he does carry the Anotothian DNA skintone. That is good enough!

Aazia and Zaine wait for the school bus to come. Daphne and Quavi partake in a little romance.

I find that my earth woman Daphne is more agreeable to my advances to deposit my seed if I 'woo' her. That is an earth term for romance. I must do this right in front of our children. I even to this when she is already pregnant so as not to build any suspicion for my reasons in doing it.

Ah. It is time for me to leave for my human job. I am a celebrity chef. While it is not unpleasant work I have already reaped the benefit of the chocolate maker I received for it. Aazia has already done much training on it, thanks to Daphne's excellent tutelage. I shall move on to other human jobs. You see, I can do any job I want. I have full skills to work any human job. Until next time! I hope to tell the news of my new concubine!

Accomplishments this round: Quavi - Top of Career in Show Biz and Culinary.


My Boaz's Ruth said...

Paranormal AnD Show Business job? How'd you do that?

ASimWen said...

Oh well..he just quit the paranmoral one...then got a job in Show Biz. Which incidenally, he quit that one, and got the job in culinary. My sims don't stay with jobs long...heh. He used the sim vac to get about 1/3 of his skills.

Smirnoff said...

So Quavi's putting the mating room to good use. lmao...I like Zaine's hairdo! Loved the back episode showing the fortress ;0))

My Boaz's Ruth said...

But I thought you could only take a University career if you had the appropriate degree, and you can only have the degree for one of them

ASimWen said...

Well, you can take any job you like as long as you have a degree of some sort from Uni. If you take a job in your degree area, for instance, taking the job Natural Science with a degree in Biology or Mathematics, you will start out at a higher job level then say, if you got job in politics with the same degree.

Simaholic said...

Wow, Quavi is really going head-strong into this whole army-building thing. Poor Daphne though, she had no idea what she was getting into and I hate to think how she would react if she knew Quavi's plans to have a concubine.