Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I love doing the Prosperity Challenge. I just started week 12 tonight. But, it gave me a headache. I am taking a break for a while and I am going to try a different challenge...the "I'm Surrounded By Idiots" Challenge. Be sure to check out the blog.

Thanks. - ASimWen

PS - After much gnashing of teeth and listening to the boo-hoos of my loyal readers about the above announcement, I have decided this. I will take turns by weeks with the two challenges. This week I am doing ISBI, and will post to it February 5th. Next week it will be Prosperity. The next update for Prosperity will be posted February 12th. Check my profile page for the link to the ISBI Challenge. Thanks again.


KeyKel69 said...


Don't leave me hanging about Quavi's concubine! I'll miss my Athonians.... :-( Maybe just a quick break.. like a week.. play Uni in high speed.... get back to Zaed.. :-)

Catootje73 said...

Hi Wen,

Although I will miss Prosperity Falls, I understand you want to take a break. I myself am doing 2 challenges too, prosperity and neighborhood challenge. When I am fed up with one family or bored by a long uni session with one challenge, I switch to the next. Call me crazy but I am even preparing for a Sims neighborhood just for storytelling, not challenges.

I am looking forward to your story on ISBI.


ASimWen said...

Hey Gals...hehe just a quick break. Week 12 started with manageing two babies in a split level house, fixing a vampire...ugh. Although all the adults were perm plat, I just couldn't play it out....too easy maybe...the main couple in that house had had a minor altercation on a different lot (whilst out of my control). She caught him kissing another woman. So they were mad at each other. I as mad at them for being mad...trying to get them back together. I had gotten her preggers right before I ended the lot in round 11. The house I am talking about it the Bostic residence, main house. Andre, Yasika, and Dovie. lol ick...hard to deal with. I do have one more update I will be doing for the Falls, Bulldog and Madelyn. That will finish out week 11. :)

Paige said...

Hey there Wen! You can't give up Prosperity Falls! I love the way you have done that challenge and written the updates! And you've come so far! But I must admit that I am uber excited to read about your ISBI challenge too. I've always thought that challenge is cool. I've finally written and posted an update to my Victorian Era Saga on my blog! I've been writing it for a couple of months now, in my spare time (of which I have very little) and it's really coming along! I hope you enjoy it! And I can't wait to read whatever update you have planned for us next!