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The Bostics, Week 11/As The Disease Turns

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Title: As The Disease Turns

Lot: The Bostics - Original House - Dovie, Chantell, Andre, Yasika, and Zeon - Prosperity Falls

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Passin' Patches
Andre and Yasika Last Seen:
I'm Keeping An Eye On You

This installment starts week 11 in Prosperity Falls

Andre narrating: That was the last meal me and mom had together. I wasn't home from State but two days and she passed away. I brought Yasika home with me, and we had a quickie wedding right in the living slept right through it. That is how quick it was. Me and Yas was so excited about gettin' hitched we just went ahead and did I wished I would have bothered makin' sure mom was up. But that ain't the only thing that has happened at our house. Gawd, some of it makes my stomach wanna turn. Damn that Dovie...wait 'till I tell you what she did. But first, I wanna tell you all the good stuff that happened for me and Yasika. Save the bad for last. In a nutshell...we got the jobs we wanted, got promoted, and had a baby. Yeah. Zeon. I know...strange name, but Yasika picked it out. Little stuff like that don't matter to me. A boy. goes...

Yasika must have gotten pregnant the first night we was married. Life was good. Yasika practically glowed with the pregnancy! I never thought I was the daddy type, but once she started showin' I started comin' around. I really kinda did think she was usin' the pill, but I guess I just assumed it. The subject never came up when we was under the blankets doin' the wild thang back at school. But anyhow. The pregnancy and birth was easy for Yas...she just slid through it. My son Zeon was born in no time at all.

My would never know that Yas had just had a baby, because she was all over me after he was born as if she had never had a baby at all! (Remember Yasika's promise to her brother Quavi to behave 'wontonly'.) Well I of course could turn none of that down. Heh. She wanted it a coupla times a day, and I was happy to oblige. Man, gettin' a son. Here I am, got a son, I am in the Hall of Fame..and I have a beautiful wife.

Oh well, Yas got her dream job as well. She went into law enforcement. But I don't think she is gonna stay with that long. After she had Zeon, she realized she was pregnant again, and started stayin' home. Heck that's okay, we have plenty of Simoleons. Mom and my Aunt Pachionetta left us well off. (The household has over $630,000, the richest in the hood). But a man has gotta go to work every day to feel like he is doin' somethin', so I go. I can do anything I want, so I might find another job since I have reached the top where I am.

I am gonna tell ya now what Dovie did. I thought all this time she was engaged to Lee Jeffries. (see Manuel Capehart Caught Cheating!). Yep, in fact I know she was engaged. So that is why I don't understand why she did what she did...and with my dad no less! OK I know yer sayin' "Hold the breaks!" Yep. My dad. OK, to refresh your memories. Me and Dovie are brother and sister, but we have different dads. That is why we look so different. My dad is Ricky Cromier, and her dad is dearly departed Lucas Turner. (Lucas died here). I guess you are a smart person...what happens when you put two an two together? It adds up to THREE....

My sister got pregnant by my dad!!!! My SISTER.....gave birth to MY SISTER....her name is Chantell. She is a purty little girl and all, but I don't know whether I am her uncle or her brother. Her and Zeon are gonna grow up together right here in this house. Well Dovie was surprised at first to find out she was pregnant. I guess nobody was more surprised than she was. The bad thing about all that dad Ricky never came back around to see Dovie anymore. I hear he is bad off. She was his 'last fling'...last chance to get a child, besides me. I did talk to my cousin Lillith down the street, and she said Ricky had planned to leave Mercedes and live with Dovie somewhere and raise Chantell. But he won't live to do all that. (see his death in a future story). So, what about Lee Jeffries? Dovie's intended? Haven't heard hide nor hair of him either. Dovie thinks about nobody but my dad.

Well. Here we are. A toddler and a baby in the house, and Yasika is knocked up again. Ya'll would think it was a baby factory around here. But that's alright. Havin' a passel of kids around ain't so bad... it does change things a little bit. Well, a lot of bit. Heh. Oh, there is one more thing. Besides becomin' a dad and all, I met up with my old friend Contessa Vyn Nanale in the park. I always knew there was something different about her....

I found out she is a vampire...I didn't think vampires existed. Well, when I was a kid I used to hang out downtown and play poker with her and all....(see Andre Earns A Car) I went to the park one evening to hang out with friends and play a little chess. I hadn't seen the Contessa since before I left for State. It had been years since I had seen her....I am surprised she remembered me. She remembered me all too well.....

In fact she was so glad to see me she gave me a vampire kiss. I am a vampire now. I sleep in the room on the first floor of the house in a special bed. Yasika says I am the same as always....loves me anyway. But gosh, the thing about it is, I can't go outside during the day anymore, and I don't know if I have food stuck in my teeth or anything....I can't see myself in the mirror. I hope I can find a cure.

Accomplishments this round: Ramey - Died plat, top influence. Her death benefited 13 people. Yasika - Top Career and LTW - Captain Hero, perm plat. Andre - Top Career and LTW - Hall of Fame, perm plat.

Editors note - I found it strange Dovie had constant thoughts about Ricky when I opened the lot. She had two bolts for Lee, and none for Ricky. She had constant wants for different romantic interactions with him. I decided to give in to her desires, and bring it into the story. Dovie didn't think about her fiancee, Lee, even once.


Simaholic said...

LOL! Oh that is interesting. Dovie and Ricky! What a complex family line. I don't think I'd want to be the one to explain things to Chantell, lol!

ruby said...

Holy Moly Wen you sure can spin a story. His sister gave birth to his sister!