Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I love doing the Prosperity Challenge. I just started week 12 tonight. But, it gave me a headache. I am taking a break for a while and I am going to try a different challenge...the "I'm Surrounded By Idiots" Challenge. Be sure to check out the blog.

Thanks. - ASimWen

PS - After much gnashing of teeth and listening to the boo-hoos of my loyal readers about the above announcement, I have decided this. I will take turns by weeks with the two challenges. This week I am doing ISBI, and will post to it February 5th. Next week it will be Prosperity. The next update for Prosperity will be posted February 12th. Check my profile page for the link to the ISBI Challenge. Thanks again.

A Coupla Pups

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Title: A Coupla Pups

Last Vist: New lot, Strickland.4

Bulldog and Madelyn Last Seen:
University Week 11

Bulldog narrating: Hey me and Maddy had our wedding in our little house. Yeah, I know it was a tight fit. We had already put together our big four poster bed in the bedroom, but had to move it right out to the side yard to make room for the wedding arch in there. Well, we was gonna do it in the living room, but it is even smaller then the bedroom. We had just enough room for the wedding arch and 6 chairs. We had invited 8 people, so two stood, my brother Niles and Maddy's sister Mackenzie.

Everything went off without a hitch. Maddy and I have both dedcided we want a big family. I come from a large family, I have 9 brothers and sisters, and I have always dreamed of have a big family of my own. 'Course, Madelyn is a twin, so there is a very good chance we could have twins. I am keepin' my fingers crossed. The one thing I am NOT gonna do is name all my kids after characters on a television program. That is what my dad Chevy did. Except for my oldest sister Synclare, the rest of us are named after the cast in the TV show Fraiser. My dad Chevy loves that program. Instead, I will name my children after my friends I have gained on the Internet. I know that sounds a little off the wall. But ya gotta name your kids something.

Madelyn got a job in law enforcement. She really hasn't been to work much because we have already started our family. Well, we had alot of money left after we closed on the house because we had bought most of our furniture when we were still in college, so we have quite a few simoleons to live off of until I can really bring some income. I want to join the military. I am thinking I can join the Gaurds, you know, like the local military. I figure I can serve my local community, the great people of Prosperity Falls, and still be home with Maddy and the kids. Yeah, I said kids. Me an Maddy are already daddy and mamma.

Mom and Dad came by the house on our oldest girl's birthday. See there? I am still in my pajamas. I guess not goin' to work every day is makin' me a little lazy about getting dressed. Well, when I do nothin' but care for kids all day and stuff like that, I tend to forget things like gettin' dressed. Not like my sister's husband. My sister Roz married Shane Trimble, the resident streaker from college. So it's like you have to be careful when you go visit them in their big and expensive house 'cause he is walking around with it all hangin' out. I guess rich people can be eccentric, huh. But he don't get dressed on purpose.

But anyhow, what I was sayin' about mom and dad stoppin' by. Mom and dad have so many grandchildren. Jeannie made their 17th grandchild. They don't get around to all the birthdays, but they came over for Jeannie's. What with them being retired now and all I guess it is easier for them to get out and do more things. Mom has taken to dressing like a hippie, and dad goes around in his bowling shirt all the time. More power to 'em I say. I couldn't believe what mom was tellin' me though. Her and dad are thinkin' about adopting a kid~! After raising 10 of us, can you believe it!

Well if you will notice in Jeannie's birthday pic, Maddy is pregnant. We had another daughter, Felicia. I am proud of my two girls. And Maddy is pregnant again aleady. Like I said, we want lots of kids. I hope she has twins this time.

Odd Pic Out:

I love the baby growing up pics. Here is Jeannie growing to toddler. I never tire of them!

This story wraps up week 11 in Prosperity Falls. The next entry will be Feburary 12th, and will feature the Bostic residence. The start of week 12. During the neighborhood round, the birth of generation 4 will occur in the residence of Marc-Henry Strickland. A great milestone~!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Building An Army

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Title: Building An Army

Last Visit: The Dynasty Marches On

Lot: Robbins.2 - Quavi, Daphne, Aazia, Zaine and Mich

Daphne Narrating: My goodness! I never knew life with Quavi would be like this. It seems almost as if he is keeping me pregnant every day of the month. In school he was so fun and everything. We went downtown all the time to clubs and partied. We would talk about our lives together some after we graduated from State, but it was just in general terms. Not specifics. But here we are, we have three kids, and another one on the way.

Quavi is being the best provider. He worked so hard in show business and became an Icon. I was glad when he quit that paranormal job. It was creepy. Well anyway, it seemed like he wan't happy with the show biz job, so he got one in a restaurant. Now he does cooking shows on
TV with Manuel Capehart. He is still a celebrity even though he got out of show biz.

Well, me, I want to work in politics but I am pregnant all the time so I never get a chance to go to work. Quavi insists I stay home. A while back his mom Meadow died, and he didn't even hardly acknowledge it. He got a little pittance for it. I don't understand Quavi. He seems to be all about family and everything, but didn't even go to his mom's funeral. When we found out I was pregnant with our fourth child, he told me we were gonna have 10 kids. My gawd...I don't know if I can do all that. But at least he pays me lots of attention. (They must have an in-home date everyday to keep in platinum. Since Daphne is pregnant all the time, she can't go to town to indulge in her Pleasure-Sim lifestyle. She needs to stay in gold or plat to use the energizer to take care of the kids and be pregnant).

Diary of Quavi Robbins: The army is coming along nicely. So far in our fortress we have added Aazia, Zaine and Mich. We have another child in production. I have a strong daughter who will no doubt bear lots of Anotothian children on this earth, and two fine sons who will go forth and spread their seed, thus spreading the Anotothian DNA. I have been thinking extensively about the possibilities of a concubine to convert even more of my seed into children. It seems that Daphne is doing an admirable job of carrying my children to term. I do not think it is appropriate to bring my concubine here to this building. I shall start another building where my concubine will live and bear children. Ah! Now to choose the best earth woman to do the job. It would be admirable if I could find one that possibly has Anotothian DNA already.

I work with the children as much time as is allowed to me. Yes, it is quite easy to impregnate Daphne with my seed, but quite another to work with the kids once they are born. I must go forth into the world of humanity every day to work for simoleons. In other words, it costs lots of money to do this. I have already gone forth on three different jobs and brought home many rewards with which I will train my children. I shall endeavor to keep finding jobs that bring such opportunities for my army.

My first son Zaine grew quickly to a fine figure of a boy. He carries the skintone of the Stricklands. I have yet to produce a child that has the Anotothian skin outwardly, but I shall persist. Oddly, he has blazing red hair. Not the ordinary red of my wife and my father Timo. Bright red. I find this fascinating. I shall check into it. Perhaps having this blazing hair will help him to think and train to become a strong Anotothian. Or even, it is a genetic DNA mutation. Ahh...such thoughts excite me!

The moment my second son Mich was born, I called the home office. I got my nephew Xaun on the phone and excitedly relayed the news of another addition to our mission....another boy had been born. He has the skintone of the Bostics...freckles. However I have tested him, and he does carry the Anotothian DNA skintone. That is good enough!

Aazia and Zaine wait for the school bus to come. Daphne and Quavi partake in a little romance.

I find that my earth woman Daphne is more agreeable to my advances to deposit my seed if I 'woo' her. That is an earth term for romance. I must do this right in front of our children. I even to this when she is already pregnant so as not to build any suspicion for my reasons in doing it.

Ah. It is time for me to leave for my human job. I am a celebrity chef. While it is not unpleasant work I have already reaped the benefit of the chocolate maker I received for it. Aazia has already done much training on it, thanks to Daphne's excellent tutelage. I shall move on to other human jobs. You see, I can do any job I want. I have full skills to work any human job. Until next time! I hope to tell the news of my new concubine!

Accomplishments this round: Quavi - Top of Career in Show Biz and Culinary.

Nekkid Comedy

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Title: Nekkid Comedy

Lot: Strickland.3 - Roz, Shane and Sheri

Last Visit:
A Fat And Nekkid Start

Roz Narrating: Hay Ya'llses! Glad ya'll could come and sit some. Put yer feet up. Hayelle, I put mahn up too, soon as ah git our coffee. Want a 'lil sumthin' extra in yers? No? Well, if ya'll don't mahnd I just put a shot of sumthin' in mahn...heh...no, no, the baby has come so ya'll don't worry yerselves about thet. Hey we got some tahm to chew the fat whilst Sheri is takin' a nap. Okay? I wanna tell yas about mah daddy's first trip down here after me and Shane got hitched.

Well honey, you know ah don' mahn tellin' the whole world how beautiful Shane's body is. Hayelle, he don' mahn tellin' everybody himself. Mah goodness, he spends loads of tahm...I mean LOADS workin' out on the machines he had installed on the back patio. Says he's gotta keep that six-pack goin'. Ah count myse'f to be one fortunate woman, Ah do. Ya'll know how some men start lettin' themselves go after all the "Ah Do's", well Shane isn't lahk thet. So. Well, Ah found out ah was pregnant. Yes, me and Shane are multiplyin'!

Ah actually found mahse'f wonderin' how a smart girl lahk me got pregnant...Ah mean you know...we all know 'bout the birds and the bees an' all, but ah don' remember outwardly sayin' "ok now Shane, let's git pregnant, raght now." You know whut Ah mean? Well, one of the first things Ah thought about, was mah figger goin', ya know, but Shane was so good to me honey...he tol'e me not worry naught about it. Said if Ah had any thoughts at all 'about him not bein' attracted to me just 'cuz Ah was gonna temporairily expand a teeny bit, why, thet was just silly. After all, Ah was gonna bear the fruit of his loins.

Well anyway after Ah got it straight in my head 'bout Shane's thoughtfulness, Ah decided to call my mamma and daddy and tell 'em the good news. Our baby would make mamma and daddy's 16th grandchild. So the next thing Ah know, daddy is knockin' on my door. Now mahnd you, mamma always had this thing about nekkid people around. So Ah guess thet there is why she sent daddy on ahead. Nobody had dared come 'round and visit me and Shane since we got married. Well, daddy came raght in the house when nobody answered at first. Ah was dead on mah feet tired, so I was layin' down. Shane was workin' out on the back patio. Daddy just came in and sat down to wait fer us.

Well, the phone started ringin' and Shane came in from his workout to answer it. Well, mah Shane didn't see daddy at first. Ah had to knowed what daddy's was thinkin'....mah goodness. He sure was startled. Well honey he knows all about Shane's affinity to the state of au naturel. So really....daddy was probably thinkin' and wonderin' if this house was fit fer his lovely wahfe, my mamma, to come visit.

Well finally Shane ended his telephone conversation. When Shane walked across the floor to the kitchen, daddy was startled all over again'. Shane had invited daddy to sit fer a bowl of chili and daddy was thinkin' he couldn't possibly sit and concentrate on his food whilst suppin' with a nekkid individual. Ah reckon Ah am used to it. Ah really don' think much at all anymore about Shane nekkidness. We sup together all the tahm with him lahk thet.

Well daddy happened to have a water balloon in his pocket, which he threw at Shane. Shane didn't think much about it. Mah man is such a happy and carefree person, let me tell ya! But Ah really don' think Ah recall ever seein' daddy throw balloons at folks. Ah was wonderin' if daddy wuz jest testin' Shane...to see if his mood really matched his outwardly carefree manner. Ah think Shane passed the test.

Daddy and Shane started exchangin' jokes and all...and havin' a good tahm. Ah was real glad to learn of thet. It is real important to me and Shane fer mah family to approve of us and of Shane's commitment to his lifestyle. Well Ah have to tell ya the visit ended with daddy tellin' us he tought everythang was alright.

Daddy kissed me on the cheek an' tol'e me he approved of Shane himse'f...but he didn't know if he was gonna be able to convince mamma to make a visit. Mah daddy is jest the kindest man in the whole worl'. Ah am sure he will be able to convince mamma to come, especially now thet they have a new grand daughter. Ya'll, meet the most darlin' little girl you will every set yer eyes on....

Sheri Trimble. Ah am sure now mamma will come. Whut? Tahm fer you to go? Ah, okay ah understand. Yeah, it is almost tahm fer Shane to come home from his job as a smuggler. Even tho' daddy is used to seein' Shane in all his glory, ya'll need tahm ter git used to the idea. Okay...well...talk to you later. Thanks fer stoppin' by.

Accomplishments this round: Shane - Top Of Career - Business Tycoon. Is now working for LTW of Criminal Mastermind. Roz - Top Of Career - Visionary.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


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Title: Done

Lot: The Strickland Farm: Fraiser, Camryn, Kolton, Karen, Kyanne, and Trudy

Last Visit:
More Farm Hands

Fraiser Narrating: Well, things have been mighty quiet 'round the farm lately. My crops are doin' well, just waitin' for harvest. I am glad I got out of the crime business. I feel peace in my heart. Since the crops are growin' I do have some time on my hands. I got the kids now to help with the chores, and I find I git a might tired real quick these days. I piddle around on the computer some and I stargaze. I keep thinkin' I still might get a ride with the aliens, but they don't appear. That's all right. My feet was meant to stay on this earth, I reckon.

My boy Kolton has been usin' up the money right on that he earned a while back datin' girls. This one right 'chere, Mary Bertino was so happy with Kolton's company she brought him a stove as a present. Well hayelle, Kolton didn't know what to do with that....so we just stored it in the shed. One of the other family members might need it down the road. (actually it went into Kolton's inventory). Anyway, I am glad to see the boy is gittin' a might popular with the gals. He is happy.

Karen Strickland
Aspiration - Fortune
LTW - To Become Chief of Staff
6 neat, 4 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful, 5 nice

My girl Karen is growin' right up. She had a birthday the other night, and Kolton was right there with 'er celebratin'. Well, I was at work, and Camryn was in bed, gettin' ready to birth our 4th and last child. These kids is growin' up hard. Well, them two older ones, Kolton and Karen will be leavin' for Sim State soon, my alma matter. Then they will start their own life out there. If they do well, that means that me and their mom have done a good job.

Kyanne had a birthday too, and again, Kolton was right there fer it. He has always been supportive of his sisters, in what ever they have endeavored to do. But on the flip side, he is always lookin' for a new girl. Welllll...I reckon that's alright. As long as he keeps up the family obligations. See there Jodi-Ann comes to visit us quite often. I hear she has all kinds of boy troubles...with Kelsey McClelland. I don't know about that boy. I know his mom is our Captian Hero now since Ricky Cromier passed away, and his dad got a visit from the aliens. Lemme see here now...Jodi-Ann is my cousin twice removed. Nice to have family come visit. She was here the night Trudy was born.

Her and Karen helped with Trudy's birth. I have to say, I wasn't around for any of the kids' births. But Camryn was lucky to always have women around her when her time came. I am mighty proud of my beautiful wife. What a woman.

Well my girl Trudy is growin' right up too. All my kids stick together, I reckon Camryn and I don't have anything to worry about. The kids will do fine. Camryn is done...done birthin' babies. Four is enough. Until next time.
Odd Pic Out:

Kyanne eagerly gets on the school bus for her first day of school with a huge grin on her face. She thinks about big brother Kolton bringing up the rear.

Accomplishments this round: Kolton is 10 dates into his 50 1st dates LTW.

University Week 11

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Title: University Week 11

Last Visit: I'm Keeping An Eye On You

Editors Note: I will not be doing story entries for University any longer. Let's face it, if you are a hardened Simmer like me, you know Uni is boring, and it is only played out for the benefits of the jobs and money that come with it upon graduation.

For the Prosperity Challenge, there are lots of opportunities for points in University. Those being, Secret Society, Greek House, and Big Sim On Campus. Every single Sim born in Prosperity Falls has attended Sim State. All will continue to go for the point advantage and the money. I can't hardly afford NOT to send the teens of Prosperity Falls.

So, there will only be one University entry per round, with a few pics and highlights so you, the reader, can keep track of who went. Thanks. - ASimWen

Two of the new entrants to Sim State in week 11 was Terrance McClelland and Maris Strickland. I tried to put them in the house where Shauntasia Strickland's ghost haunted but apparently the lot was corrupted. I moved the kids in via the move in screen in neighborhood view, then the game would crash upon attempted entry. So, I moved them back out to a new lot. *sob* (lost alot of great stuff in that house)

Unfortunately, that brought Jane Placeholder with them. She hangs around all the different houses and keeps the money with the lot. Poor Jane still hasn't finished her freshman year. lol I occasionally play her for about a Sim day then I move on, putting her back in the SimBin.

Terrance quickly fell in love with Maris's 1950's look, he found it endearing. The two lovebirds can be found any time of the day or night woo-hooing. One thing Terrance did not like was Maris's penchant for going to town to find new lovers. So, Maris decided to clean up her ways and turn over a new leaf. At the end of Sophomore year, she rolled the dice and switched from Romance to Family Aspiration. Her new LTW is to become Captian Hero. Like the Falls needs another one of those. Terrance is a Knowledge Sim, so they will make a good match. They are currently at the end of their Junior year, and will graduate next round. They will probably start a new lot.

Next, Jati Robbins and Samarah McClelland enrolled. I do not understand this; usually Anotothians are all over their earth women, but Jati backed off from Samarah's advances. Could it be he thought her too plain to carry on the Anotothian race and DNA? If you are lookin' at Jati's appearance, you will notice he has the Strickland skintone, not the typical Anotothian look. :) That came from his Grandpa Chevy Strickland. Samarah, however, carries nothing special. She is exhibiting the light skintone of her grandma Tosha Go, and carries her dad's dark skintone as the recessive. (Johnson McClelland) I am having a blast watching how these skintones are playing down through the generations. I started out this challenge with four custom skintones. Freckles for the Bostics, this special Caucasian (body hair for the males) for the Stricklands, the golden skintone for the Robbins, and snow leopard for the Capeharts. It has been fascinating.

Samarah decided to get a new look. She turned out to be very exotic looking with the slanted eyes inherited from her mother Tosca Capehart. She began to hope with all hopes that this makeover would catch Jati's attention.

Well, it wasn't long before Jati was all over that, and the two were quickly engaged in their sophomore year after they finished getting their challenge points. Now to just finish playing them out the last two years. Samarah is Family, Jati is Fortune. These two are turning out to be one of my favorite couples to play. I have many more pics I took of them, it was hard to choose for this blog entry.

Next the graduating kids. Twin sisters Mackenzie and Madelyn Capehart, then cousins Barry-James and Bulldog Strickland. Bulldog and Madelyn are engaged. Barry-James hasn't asked Mackenzie yet for her hand, but watch for a wedding at the ex-mayor's house in week 12. Barry-James and Mackenzie will be the heirs to the ex-mayoral residence, and will bear the first of the 4th generation in Prosperity Falls. Incidentally, I think I see a pattern here. Barry-James was the first born of the 3rd generation, and his dad, Marc-Henry, was the first baby born in the Falls. Marc-Henry will pass to the great Sim Beyond in week 12, but not before Barry and Mack tie the knot.

As for the future of Bulldog and Madelyn, well, they are both Family Sims, so watch for Bulldog to take after his mom and dad and wear Madelyn out with 10 kids. Errr...maybe I should get them a bigger house. I initially moved them into a tiny one. Maybe there won't have to be 10 pregnancies since Madelyn is a twin...hmmm...lol

Accomplishments this round: All received Greek House membership, Secret Society, and Big Sim on Campus Points. All graduated Summa Cum Laude. Also - Barry - James won perma plat by meeting his LTW, making 20 best friends.

Jodi-Ann's Love Life

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Title: Jodi-Ann's Love Life

Lot: Strickland.2 - Marc-Henry, Kerris and Jodi-Ann, Prosperity Falls

Last Visit:
Marc-Henry The Peace Maker

Jodi-Ann Narrating: Gawd! That Kelsey McClelland is such a dork! And to think I gave him my first kiss and all, and we fell in love. He is such a cheater! Such a coward! He thought he could just drink a love potion and make me not mad at him anymore. Ok, here is what happened.

Well to start off with, me and Kelsey have known each other for a long time, ever since we was little kids. Well, we just sorta decided we liked each other when we got started in Prosperity High and we started goin' steady, see. I didn't know my future without Kelsey in it. Our parents got us into private school, and we kept up our realtionship there too. My whole life was Kelsey. Well, one Saturday afternoon, Kelsey was supposed to come and pick me up, we were gonna go to town and mess around. He never showed! So I went lookin' for him. He wasn't home, his dad told me he had gone out, but didn't know where. Well, he certainly had not come to my house. I went downtown on the bus to see what I could find out...maybe he was there waitin' for me. Well, I found him all right, playin' kissey face with some ugly preppy chick. Right there where we had planned to go!

Well, I was so hurt about it I just started screamin' and I slapped him in the face. As soon as I did that I felt real bad. But I couldn't help it. I was bleedin' on the inside....I left the place cryin', and he was just standin' there starin' after me like he didn't believe what just happened. That girl he was with disappeared somewhere.

LATER: He invited me over to his place, and we went out. He even rented a limo and everything, it was hard for me to stay mad at him really. I could tell he was really tryin' to make up. He took me to a real nice place to eat, and started tellin' me all the stuff I wanted to hear.

He started talkin' about startin' a life together and everything...how we were gonna get married and have kids and stuff. Well all that was sounding like everything I had dreamed about. I started thinking maybe he wasn't so bad.

Later on that day, I saw my Aunt Synclare (Synclare is married to Zaed Robbins, brother to Jodi's mother Kerris)and she told me I needed to be careful with Kelsey. She said she had heard he liked to go out with all sorts of different girls, told me she thought he could never be true to one girl. I told my Aunt Synclare I didn't care, I was saving myself for Kelsey. He was going to be my first....once he had me, he wouldn't want anyone else. (Kelsey is a romance Sim, Jodi is a knowledge Sim). Aunt Synclare said she hoped it worked out for us. Hmm I do too. Kelsey is so cute.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Well, in the meantime, I have been getting ready to go to Sim State. My dad has been teaching me lots of skills I am gonna need at school, like how to make lots of friends and stuff like that. In fact, I am ready to go. I guess I will see Kelsey there. We aren't completely back together. I mean, he did a bad thing to me. I don't know how long it will take us to get back to where we were before he cheated on me. But I am looking forward to college. So, see ya next time.

Accomplishments this round: Jodi-Ann - IW for Knowldege Sims - Max All Skills.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


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Title: Changes

Lot: Capehart.4 - Manuel, Lillith, Marsha, Janelle, Valentine and Vonfirmath

Last Visit:
Manuel Does Right By Lillith

Manuel narrating: Well folks, here I am in my new shiny house, I have a new son. I am doing well in my job as a Celebrity Chef, and Lillith is doin' great in hers as a Mad Scientist. My moms Janelle and Marsha are doing great in their jobs. You would think the outlook was great for me. Well, no. Especially not for Lillith. One night whilst on an outing downtown, Lillith was bitten by the resident Grand Vampire of Prosperity Falls. She didn't even know him. The guy just went and did it...bit her like that.

Did he know that changed her life forever? I don't know. I mean, Lillith hasn't really changed that much...just has a coupla fangs and sleeps downstairs in the basement of the house in a special room I fixed up for her. She insisted she needed a creepy looking coffin to nap in. Oh well. It isn't like we sleep together alot anyway. I have been doin' lots of star gazin' at night lately...and I help with the rest of the household during the day when I'm not workin' or sleepin'. Before I get around to the big news of my new son, I will keep you up on other events that happened. Lots of stuff to go through. Here goes. Number one, my grandma Mercedes passed away. And number two, my grandpa Ricky passed away, on the same night.

Click on the thumbnails to get a better look, then "back" on your browser.

Well I can say Ricky is at peace now...he was goin' through alot of strife in his life. He loved Mercedes until the end, but she would never give him a child. Ever. But, he did manage two children in his lifetime but his heart was broken because his beautiful Mercedes was not their mom. (Andre was birthed by Ramey Bostic, and Ricky's other child Chantell was birthed by Dovie Bostic, Ramey's daughter). Ricky worshipped the ground she walked on. But he had to have children. (Ricky changed his aspriation from romance to family in college). And he was unfaithful to get them. Anyway. On to other things.

Since Lillith became a vampire, she has taken on peculiar characteristics. One, she goes around hissing all the time and saying "bleh". I guess I can get used to that. Then she can turn into a bat! Yes....she can fly from one spot to another. It is a good thing she has a night time job...she doesn't have to worry about burning up to death in the sunlight to get to work. If she does happen to be up during the day she gets tired so quick and has to get to bed right away. Even the Energizer doesn't help her much. But all the really important parts of her worked good. Apparently her human reproductive stuff didn't change, because she gave birth to my son Vonfirmath. Gosh..that name sounds real vampiric, doesn't it? She named him.

The labor and delivery went as usual for a human, but it happened during the day. As soon as Vonfirmath was born, she had to hop right back into the coffin. I took care of him as a newborn. I was relieved to see he didn't appear to have taken on any of Lillith's strange DNA, and as a toddler he had normal looking teeth. I was scared there for a while.

Vonfirmath is a strapping young boy, and does not question anything about the strange habits of his mother. Hmm...in fact Von has the Bostic DNA...he is sprinkled with freckles from his grandma Kirstee, and has my brown hair and eyes. A good looking boy if I do say so myself. Well, with grandma and grandpa gone, at least I have my two moms Janelle and Marsha to help with Von's care. What with Lillith sleeping most of the hours of the day away. Well, there is Valentine too, but she will be leaving for Sim State soon, and who knows where she will settle down when she graduates.

Valentine Capehart
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Graduate 3 Kids From College
(thank god not another Captain Hero!)
6 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful, 5 nice
Zodiac - Aries

Well, I am glad I have a son and a daughter. One thing I am finding strange, is that bein' a scientist and all, Lillith hasn't done much toward findin' a cure for her vampiric state. She claims she wants to be this way for a while to experience it. Ok, I love my wife and I will live with this for a while. :) My Lillith is lovely no matter what. We are talkin' about another child. Von's birth wasn't that hard on Lillith, we are going to try again. Until next time.

Accomplishments this round: Ricky Cromier died plat - death benefited 11 people. He was 81. Mercedes - Died plat, top influence, her death benefited 27 people. I found it strange she died on the same day. Her life meter had a long way to go. Ricky had swallowed two doses of elixir to age him. Mercedes was 75.

The Mayor's Baby Factory

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Title: The Mayor's Baby Factory

Lot: Capehart.3 - Niles, Doris, Justice, Bubbs and Sarah

Last Visit:
Doris Capehart-Strickland Wins Mayor's Race!

Niles narrating: I ended my last report to ya tellin' ya Doris had won the mayor's office here at the Falls. Things have been going great. CM Zaed Robbins hasn't tried any shenanigans since Doris got the job as head crime deleter. I think maybe she is a deterrant. One thing Doris is keepin' an eye on is a
big fortress Quavi Robbins has built on the edge of town. Quavi is Zaed's brother. The whole thing is real secretive. But so far, doesn't look like anything is goin' on. My sister Daphne married Quavi. Why is it my sisters seem to get in with mud? My sister Synclare married Zaed, and thinks he is just the cat's meow.

Well anyhow, I told you Doris and I were expecting another baby. She gave me another son, I named him Bubbs. Don't ask about that. I had a strange Vision one night, some chick from Houston was there saying...'Name your kid Bubbs....name your kid Bubbs...' and it stuck in my head. They say we Art types are strange. (Niles is a Visionary in the Art World). Well anyway, I took the bonus money I got a while back and added a second story to the house what with the family expanding and all. 'Cause Doris got pregnant again right away.

It was all so sad though because before my daughter Sarah was born, Doris's mom Nichole passed away. She had a full life, but too bad she didn't live long enough to see her twin girls Mackenzie and Madelyn graduate from college and start a family. Me, I am just thrilled to be gettin' so many kids, what with Doris so excited about her new job and all. (Niles is a Family Sim). I had heard stories circulating around the Falls about guys gettin' abducted by aliens and havin' a kid themselves...I have even been tryin' that, but it hasn't worked for me. It ain't for want of tryin' though. I am out there every night all night long lookin' through the telescope like the other guys did.

Justice Strickland
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Become Captian Hero
8 neat, 9 outgoing, 1 active, 3 playful, 10 nice

Here is the birthday pic for both of my boys. Justice seems to be leanin' toward a family life like me. If I couldn't swear on a stack of Bibles, I'd say he grew up to look alot like that fellah Ben Long that lives in the neighborhood, but I know my Doris has been faithful to me. :) Besides, she couln't afford a scandal in her job. That is for sure. Anyhow, Justice has my eyes. :)

Justice is gonna be a good boy. I let him call that match makin' service to get a date...not that he really needs help. He is very outgoing. The old lady got Justice a date with Ivy Copur. She seemed to be a nice girl and all, but Justice didn't take to her. They had a good date. (Justice is set to marry Chantell. She is still a baby at this time). All in due time...he says he is gonna take is time findin' "the one" that he will marry. Good for him, I say. Well, until next time. I hear Sarah cryin'. Talk to you later.

Odd Pic Out:

Niles acts as though he doesn't know what all this baby stuff is about during Sarah's birth.

Accomplishment this round: Nichole passes in plat. Sixteen people benefited her death.