Saturday, December 16, 2006

Growing Up Alien

TITLE: Growing Up Alien

Lot: Strickland.3 - Roz, Shane, Sheri, Robin, Jenny, Kelly, Alexis, and Rocco

Last Visit: Who Said We Had Aliens?

Howdy Y'allses. Thank ya fer comin' to my Sunday afternoon tea. Mah goodness. Mah man Shane done and aged, he did. But hunny, let me tell ya, this chere week was chock fulla birthdays! An' our eldest daughter did leave fer college, yes she did. That bein' Sheri.

But lemme tell ya ever'thang that happened. Alla Shanes green skinned babes grew up this week, an' our Robin did too. But it all happened so fast, why, thar was Shane a-heppin in the nursery with the youngest babes, and he got old just lahk thet. Sort of the way it happened fer me too! He sez to me, "Roz, hunny ya know whut this means? It means thar won't be no more green skinned babies!" Ah fairly thought Ah should be happy about thet. Fer Shane's sake. Givin' birth is much harder on the men folk then it is on the wimmin folk.

The next 'uns ter grow up was Shane's first set of twins, Jenny and Kelly. They didn't have no good growin' up. Mah, goodness, they grew up in the red from toddlerhood to childhood. Both of 'em. But thet really wuz ok, we luv 'em jest the same. Jenny and Kelly did manage to do all raght in thar lessons at school.

They did manage ter git thar grades up to A's bah the time th' week wuz over. But mah goodness, th' larnin' don' come easy to 'em. But hunny, you kin bet thet me an' Shane will be thar fer 'em all th' way. Oh yer tea cup is empty darlin', here have sum more. Thar's lady finger sandwiches too.

An' Kelly seems ter be inclined to look at th'stars alla the tahm, me and Shane just hafta train 'er to do it at naght when it is easier ter see th' constallations. Th' poor dear don'seem ter "git it".

Robin Trimble
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Graduate 3 Kids from College

Our Robin had her grow up tham after thet. Yup, she was th' next one in lahn. She wants to have many children, an' hunny, thet won't bother me a bit. Ah will make a fahn granny ter any babes mah chillen bring me.

Th' next 'uns ter grow up wuz Shane's second set of twins, Rocco and Alexis. Mah oh Mah, it seems lahk thet both of 'em inherited Shane's unfortunate nose. Whar as Jenny and Kelly have very little nose at 'tall, well, see the pictures fer yerself.

But th' kids are lil' darlins anyhow. Mah goodness they are fast learners, they are! The exact opposite of Jenny an' Kelly. But hunny, ya know not all kids er the same, no matter if they come from the same set of parents. Ah reckon it is a big mystery who the momma is ter Shanes green Alien babes. Shane don't remember nothin' about the naghts thet they wuz concieved. Ah reckon ah ain't gonna think on it too much. We have these wonderful lil' mahnds and bodies in our house now. Jenny, Kelly, Alexis an' Rocco. Who could have asked fer more?

As fer myself? Since alla the babes were growin' up, Ah found tahm on mah hands. Ah met this chere wonderful white wolf thet was comin' aroun' the house. Lookin fer a hand out. Ah'd give him sumthin' an' he would play a while. hehe. Then thet misrable skunk came 'round and thought he'd git some nibblin's from the trash. Well, hunny ah left thet skunk alone. Our hired hep thet comes to clean the house ever day got in a tizzy when the skunk shashayed into our yard, an she left the garbage sit. Makes me think Ah outta hire sumone else ter clean. Ah jest cain't bare th' thought of puttin' sumeone outt'na job though. Shane sez Ah am jest too kahnd.

Mah goodness, Ah fahnd it ter be pure joy a-teachin' them babes ever day. Shane does his part too, durin' the day, then he still is a-workin' his job at naght. He still owns the gym, but he is really thinkin' about sellin' it. He has decided thet his plate is really full enough with alla the family lahf he has now. Ah wouldn't care a bit if the gym went. Why hunny, neither Shane nor Ah gained an ounce of baby fat with the birth of our babes. Why do Ah need services lahk a gymn?

It twasn't long before Alexis and Rocco grew up. They grew up in the platinum frame of mahnd, and are really happy children! It seems lahk they larn faster then Jenny and Kelly. Why in the same amount of tahm it took Jenny to get 4 cooking skill points, Alexis maxed her larnin' out! Mah goodness! Rocco ain't no slofer either when it comes to larnin'. After them two grew up to child, we sold off alla the baby furniture in the house, and invested in twin beds. Me an' Shane remodeled the nursery inta a bedroom fer Rocco an' Alexis. Shane put down starry carpet an' Ah wallpapered with scenes frum outter space. Them kids er sumthin' else, lemme tell you!

In th' meantham, alla the kids are studying. Ah am so proud! 'Specially Sheri, as she was gittin' ready ter leave for college. Yup, she chose me an' Shane's alma matter, Sim State University. She really wanted to score well on her SAT's and PSAT's. Oh you see Robin on the telephone? She is yakkin' it up with Keywon Bostic. Thet thar is his Aunt Dovie who had come over ter our house to see who called her nephew!

Future Mates

Apparently he had come walkin' bah the house one day, an' Robin thought he wuz the most adorable lil' thing. She invited him in th' house an' they had a nice visit.

Well, *chuckle* Keywon is a lil' young fer Robin. She really did like a young man she met downtown when she went to bah a cell phone. His name is Johnathan Pons. He came 'round a few tahms to ter see her. Them two lahk each other, alot! In fact, Ah understand he gave mah Robin her First Kiss. Well hunny, thet really isn't sumthin' a girl tells her momma, usually, but Ah heard it from Sheri. Apparently the girls tell secrets 'tween each other. Sheri jest passes on ter me what she thinks Ah should know.

Well, mah insahd lahn to the lives of th' kids closed, when Sheri left fer college. She wuz happy to go, and me an' Shane was glad fer her. She has spent most of her lahg heppin' me an' Shane with alla her younger siblin's, rarely takin' tahm fer herse'f. Such a givin girl! Godspeed to ya, Sheri!

Ah have to tell ya this one last thing. Me and Shane got the strangest phone call frum Zaed Robbin's son, Jati Robbins askin' us all about Jenny, Kelly, Rocco, an' Alexis, our Alien babes. Ah foun' it all ter be very strange. He wuz jest askin' questions lahk how wuz they doin' in school, an' did they seem to have any outstanding abilites an all thet. Ah really didn't wanna say much, even if he wuz Shane's boss'es son. Ah mean really. Ah tried to chalk it up to jest company concern, but Ah didn't lahk the direction the conversation went at all.

Finally Ah disconnected the lahn. Mah goodness.

Well hunny, it is tahm fer me to git this tea over with. The kids have thar hearts set on goin' to a Christmas party later on today. Ah cain't deny 'em thet. Ya'll have a Merry Christmas, an' a happy New Year, ya hear?

Accomplishments this round: I got through it!!!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Anotothians Learn Something New

Title: The Anotothians Learn Something New

Lot: Strickland Farm - Fraiser, Camryn, Kolton, Cara, Mary, Ruby

Last Visit: Wrapping It Up

Hey. Like I am all about fun. I don't care if it is with the ladies, or even somebody..uhh..that has a little extra testosterone. If you know what I mean. *wink* Yeah, I try to get downtown every chance I get, and (hushed tones) my lifelong dream is to have 50 first dates. Yep. I haven't quite made it yet, but I know I will. Nothin' like sampling everything life has to offer! I don't wanna miss out on a thing!

Well, I guess I disappointed my dad Fraiser with that life's ambition and all. He said to me, "Kolton, there is more to life than dating and fun. You have graduated from college now. You should have gotten all that out of your system by now. You are my heir. START ACTIN' LIKE IT!" *Sigh* So I had ta try to tone it down some. Dad told me this during a talk I had with him and mom at the kitchen table.

I graduated school, and came home to an empty house. By that, I mean my sisters were no where to be found. They had flown the coop and were at Sim State themselves. It was just mom and dad. We had a long talk. Ya know, just talkin'. About my plans for the future and such. Well, Dad finally got the idea I wasn't gonna work his farm. That was HIS dream, not mine. I want to keep on dating until I keel over, man! There is nothing more fun than that. Mom pipped up and said that maybe they would sell the farm then.

Dad gave her 'the look.' But he didn't say nothing.

It wasn't hard to find a house. Mom and dad started actin' all wierd when we moved in. It was a big house and said plenty of room to have a weddin'. A weddin'? Then I remembered in the throes of a good date, I had gotten myself engaged to Cara Olshfski. I lost my head. It just seemed like the next thing to do during this date with her! I wasn't myself! But. To prove to mom and dad I really did wanna try and be a good heir, I decided to go ahead and have the wedding. After all, I could really have a great party for it!

I invited Cara over to the house, and we went shoppin'. I told her to pick out some wedding duds 'cuz we was gonna get hitched. She was all for that, after all, what girl doesn't like to go shopping? I spent some big money on her dress, like $400 Simoleons. I got myself new threads too. A long tail tux. Heh. Man, was I gonna look good!

I let mom do all the work to make out the guest list. Heck. I just wanted the party. Well, I guess Cara might have helped mom some. Anyway, we had a great photographer that got lots of great shots, and plenty of 'em showin' my good side. Here ya is the wedding album.


Mother of the Groom

Father of the Groom

Sister to the Groom

Sister to the Groom

Sister to the Groom

Aunt to the Groom

Uncle to the Groom

Okay, okay...that is..ummm when we were sayin' our vows, and slipping the rings on each other's fingers. Dang! You can't see the tails on my tux. I am sure I have a better picture than that.

Here ya go! See what I mean? I looked lean in that thang. I put out serious coin to make it mine. Oh gawd...look at my sisters. They are all real close watchin' to see how it is done! Takin' lessons from da man...yeah...that's right. What is it with mom and Aunt Roz makin' like it is Christmas or something?

Yeah. By this time the vows were over, and I was a married man. Cara was mine. I was hers. I was feelin' a little frisky after the seriousness of saying all that stuff under the arch. I just HAD to do it.

GAAHHH!!! A pillow fight! Me and my lady! Everybody joined in, man it was a blast.

After that, we all just stood around and ate cake before the limo I hired came to take me and Cara to our honeymoon. It really was a great party!

Well, while we are away on the honeymoon, mom decided there was enough room in the house to bring home a coupla cats from the shelter. She said she always did want pets, but just never seemed to have the time to properly take care of em. So her and dad went and adopted a coupla stays.

Heck, I didn't care. Neither did Cara. In fact, she liked the cats...sort of... Yeah. But then somethin' bad happened to one of the cats, the one name Ginn.

Yeah! Me and Cara got back from the honeymoon, and mom was sittin' there on the sofa cryin' like it was the end of the world. She said Ginn had run away...she didn't even have him in the house a minute from bring him home from the shelter, and he ran right out of the yard. Well, that broke my heart real bad, to see mom all broken up about a little ol' pussy cat. So I got on the phone and reported him missing. For mom, you understand. Yeah.

In the meanwhile, Cara got a job right way in the Culinary field. Romance Sim, LTW - Celebrity Chef. I wasn't ready to work.

I might be a married man and all now, but that didn't mean I had to quit my fun! As soon as Cara headed out the door to go to that dreary job of hers, I got on the phone! Yeah~!

Man, I love that old matchmakin' woman. OH hey, I see that look on yer face. Nope, I really don't want nobody but Cara in my life. But geez, I can't give up that rush I get when I get a first date! It like recharges me so I can really spend time with Cara.

Heck, it isn't like she don't still have some of her old ways still inside of her. She makes it known when she is attracted to somebody else! But I don't care. She has my ring on her finger, and I am the one that spends every night with her.

What? How did this woo-hoo picture get in this album???? (This is Cara's getting pregnant picture. She didn't get pregnant until Wednesday). Errrr...sorry man...didn't mean for you to see that. Camera?, of course not. There is NO camera in our bedroom. Lemme spell it out for you. N-O CAM-ER-A... IN.... THE..... BEDROOM! GOT IT???

Anyhow. Somewhere along the lines, Cara got pregnant, and she wasn't happy about it. Man, all she wants to do is work. At that job of hers. I just don't understand that. Pfft.

Well, one day this cop shows up at the front door. Asked us if we was looking for an orange faced cat. Mom gets all excited! "Ginn's back! Ginn's back!" Well, it wasn't like he was ever here. He ran away as soon as he set paw on the property.

Dad wouldn't admit it, but he was real glad to see Ginn too. He shuffled right outside in his pajamas and greeted Ginn. He hugged and squeezed that cat for about an hour after the cop brought him back.

We got another new member of the family that day. Mary.

Ya know...I really don't remember going through adoption proceedings to get Mary. I was thinkin' maybe Cara did it. The Social Worker showed up at our place one day, and there was Mary in tow. Then Cara tells me our baby needed an older sister, so she did call the orphange for an older girl Weeeeell! The more the merrier, I say! Let the party begin! Ginn is home! Mary is adopted by me, us! Somethin' like that! (Editor's adoption this gets confusing with two adoption links in the phone list. heh.) Yep, you got it. You know me. Any excuse for a party! Pleasure Sim Kolton

I invited a bunch of buds from school. Why not?

Let's see Jodi-Ann Strickland-McClelland.....

My Uncle Martin....yeah..we were at State at the same time....

Karin Capehart, Jati Robbins, Gertrude Strickland, and Xuan Robbins. Man, what a crowd we had that day! Mom made her famous cheeseoueou oieu fomvwe mrrb.....

****Screwy static sounds....interfearence....weird Alien noises....****

Take a bite, I say!
Eat it!
Cheesecake is the fruit of my race!

Xuan: HUH????

Jati: Who's that?????

Xuan: No, Who's that????

Jati: Do not play games with me! Who are you?

Xuan: No! Who are you? What are you doing in my head?!

Jati: Xuan???

Xuan: Jati???? Awwww! MAN!

Jati: What is the meaning of this?!

Xaun: Get outta my head NOW!

Jati: I was commanding the Alien Karin to eat the cheesecake to multiply our race on earth! You heard my thoughts???

Xuan: Man, I hear your voice, but I don't see your lips moving! You are FREAKIN' me out!



Jati: My thoughts as well. I too, hear your voice and thoughts in my head, but your lips are not moving.

Xuan: Awww.... @##@!!&$!!!!
(insert Alien cuss words here) CRAP! *GASP!* Where did that come from??

Jati: It seems that here on earth we Anotothians have developed the power of telepathy, and the ability to control other's actions with our thoughts! The Alien Karin is eating the cheesecake!

Xuan: Man, this stuff is just good, that's all. Everybody is eating it. Even the Strickland woman.

Jati: I detected a single fetus in the Alien's womb, ah. Now there are two. The Strickland woman is also now carrying two fetuses, but there is none of our DNA present there.

Xuan: WHAT???? You detect a fetus???? What the.....

Jati: know what this means.

Xuan: *sigh*

Jati: I shall report this immediately to the King of Anatoth!

In the meanwhile, Xuan wonders how this will affect his status in his necessary marriage to the Alien Joy Capehart-Robbins....

Jati wonders how this is going to affect the war for control of the Command Center from his sister Jenn that he sees looming on the horizon.....


Mom made her famous cheesecake, and it was the BOMB! Everybody ate a peice of it! I mean everybody. Ahhhh! Man! Woo! Mary finally tired herself out and mom put her to bed, her first night in the house.

Mom says she feel right to sleep and looked like an angel sleepin' in the spare bedroom. Heh. Lucky it was already done up in pink, sorta, you know for girls.

Well, after that things settled down for a while. Not a whole lot going on. Cara worked, and I continued to date. On the side, I helped Mary skill a little bit. Finally the day came for our daughter Ruby to be born. Man, I never fell in love at all in my life until I laid eyes on that little one!

She takes after dad's side of the family. Dad is a Strickland, but his mother is a Bostic. Red hair and freckles. That is my Ruby. I dunno. With the kind of attitude Cara has about havin' kids, I doubt she will have any more. Maybe I will adopt again. I love havin' kids around. They are so much fun and come up with the silliest ideas that turn out not to be so silly! It is always so exciting having a kid in the house.

Cara started workin' hard to lose the baby fat she said she gained while she was pregnant with Ruby. Man, that's right! My woman won't be haulin' no wagon around. At least my Cara has some sense to keep her bod good lookin'. She said she needs to be slender for when she gets on TV as a Celebrity Chef. After all, the TV camera adds 10 pounds to your looks. Yeah.

Mom and dad really doted over Ruby. Like she was the best thing since sliced bread. They got up with her alot at night so Cara could keep good and rested for work. Dad started goin' a little nuts. You know what he did?

After Ruby had a birthday, dad got on the phone and started telling all his friends how he was best friends with Ginn and Princess, our cats. Man, is that so weird??? OH here, these pictures are out of order. Here is Ruby's birthday party pictures. Heh.

Dad was all over that. He couldn't wait to start teaching Ruby how to potty train, talk, and walk. Yep, he did alla that. Cara was workin' and I was busy with dating....and helping Mary skill.

Mom also made up Ruby a bunch of smart milk in advance. Said Ruby might need them sometime...she might not be there to make it. Well, mom don't work so I really don't kno what she meant by that. Of course, mom will always be around to make smart milk.

Well, I guess that is all for now. Man! This was fun tellin' you all this..hey...wanna party????

Accomplishments this round: 2 new Sims, Mary and Ruby.