Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mercedes Falls In Love Again

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Title: Mercedes Falls In Love Again

Lot: Capehart.3 - Prosperity Falls - Ricky and Mercedes Cromier, and Janelle and Marsha Capehart

Last Visit: Ricky's Paternal Heartstrings

Ricky narrating: (Indian accent) My friends, the greatest thing has happend to me! At least, it is the next to the greatest thing to happen to me. The greatest thing that could happen to me is if my blood child were living under this roof. But, that has not happened. At least, not yet. This greatest thing that happened to me, is my lovely wife Mercedes loves me again! Yes! I will tell you all about it, but I will back peddle a little bit, if you will.

Mercedes and I had a birthday together, and we invited many people to our home. That is not an unusual thing? No? Because if you know my Mercedes, you know she is a social butterfly. (See Mercedes, The Social Butterfly) She loves having people around her, and talking to people. She has said to me, "Ricky, let's have some people over tonight." And I always say "Yes my darling, what ever you want! Your desires are mine!" And we would have a party. But I have to tell you my friends, my Mercedes is lovely no matter what her outer shell looks like. It is inside what counts. That is why I was surprised with my darling wife when she decided to get a facelift after our birthday party.

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I silently but soundly cursed myself because I did not realize there was even one unhappy bone in Mercedes' body. I did not realize my wife did not like her own appearance! I was not keeping up with my darling. I believe I was dwelling about my past transgression that resulted in the birth of Andre, my son. You say, if you are so devoted to your wife, how can you have a transgression? My friends, it was so easy. It is due to my natural softness toward my family and my friends. I want all to be happy! And when they hurt, I hurt. My friend Ramey Bostic was hurting! To be sure. She called me on the telephone one day to cry on my strong Indian shoulder, and I came to her rescue straight away. (See Oh What A Web We Weave and Transition Time). Since that time I have gotten to know my son Andre, although he lives with his dear mother Ramey. I still yearn for a child of my own to live here with me under this roof, and I have been working toward that goal. Now I have white hair and wrinkles, but I do not give up hope.

You say to me, how could that happen? Mercedes never did want children, and now she is too old to give birth? It just so happens, that my sister in law, Marsha wants a child as well, born from her womb. But her partner, Janelle (Mercedes' sister) is female as well, and cannot physically father a child! But my friends, I will tell you all about that in a moment. I wish to tell you, how my wife fell in love with me again!

I love Ramey Bostic, the mother of my son Andre. But not in the fashion you think. Her place in my heart is one of frienship, a special friendship. I could not ever leave my Mercedes and live with Ramey. It is a sad thing that happened a few months ago. I was at the bowling alley having a light supper one evening after work, when Ramey approached me. We talked, like friends do, at some length. Time was getting late. When we began to part ways, Ramey kissed me on the mouth, yes she did! My friends! Mercedes was there, and saw us. But it wasn't what she thought, but it was how it looked to her lovely eyes. (See The Big Move). From that point on, my Mercedes was furious. With me, with us. She would not look at me or even sleep in the same bed with me! I was so hurt and broken hearted. But I deserved it! I did not feel like she loved me anymore.

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Oh I was desperate, my freinds. I could not stand thinking Mercedes did not love me anymore. Nothing was there, no hugs no knowing looks across the room at each other during one of our parties that said "I love you too!" I called the old matchmaking woman, and bought Love Potion from her, number 8.5, to be exact. Yes! I was depending upon it to bring my darling back to me! No matter how much I apologized to her, no matter how much I groveled, Mercedes still turned the other way from me, as if she didn't know me. My heart was bleeding. Bleeding with desperation! I could not think of another thing I could do!

One night I bravely swallowed down the whole bottle. I did not know what was going to happen to me!

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My darling Mercedes began to hug me and kiss me, and we slow danced together! She no longer seemed so mad at me. So there it is my friends. Due to Love Potion 8.5, my Mercedes loves me again.

Now I will tell you about my desire to have my own son or daughter here. As I said, Marsha wishes a child would grow in her womb. We as a family, collectively, have discussed the possibility of going to the hospital to have my seed taken from my body, and put into Marsha's womb so she can grow our child. Artifical insemination! My friends! The solution seems so simple.~ That would fulfill both of our wants! But it is a long road, my friends, and very costly. As I speak, Marsha and I are working toward that goal, and doing much research and finding a doctor. I will keep you posted! Until next time!

Accomplishments this round:

Marsha - Career - Show Biz , Icon
Janelle - LTW - Maxed all skills, PermaPlat

Raising Up Twins

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Title: Raising Up Twins

Lot: The Capeharts.3 - Prosperity Falls - Nichole, Mackenzie and Madelyn

Last Visit:
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Editors note: I have severly cut back on the size of the stories and pictures. I realized I had reached my storage limit on photo storage at Blogger. Being that my stories are based on my pics....well...I have alot of the challenge to go, and so little storage pace. I am not even half way through the Prosperity Challenge.

Nichole narrating: Oh my, how much life has changed since Maddy and Mack was born. I had a birthday...yes I did. Now I look like an old woman toddering around. I didn't celebrate my come of aging alone, Conrad was here for me, just like he is here always for the girls. Even though I am much older than Conrad, he still tells me and treats me like he always has. Like I am the most beautiful woman in the world. Yes, I am conscious of the extra wrinkles, and my figure isn't what it used to be. But none of that has made a difference to Conrad. If you have never been to my house before, let me explain.

I have an older daughter named Doris who is at Sim State. Her father and my husband, Trevaus Capehart, is dead. (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools). When Trevaus passed away, I was extremely lonley trying to deal with his death. Well I did start talking to old aquaintences again, people I had lost touch with over the years, and Conrad came into my life again. I met and knew him when I attended Sim State. Through all that, Maddy and Mack happened. (See The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter). Now I am in my golden years, and raising twin daughters alone. I had always beleived things would be a lot different for me at this stage of my life. Trevaus and I would be sitting together in rocking chairs on the front porch every evening at sunset talking about our grandchildren. But fate has a way of taking a turn on you sometimes.

I haven't been completely alone raising Madelyn and Mackenzie. Conrad has been a great father, even though he hasn't been living here.

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He comes over nearly every day, and most certainly for all the important occasions. He has been there helping the girls with their homework, and talking about things only dads can talk about with their children. Even though Conrad has a life outside of this house, he has made this house a part of it. Before you think that Conrad is being noncommital, listen to me. Conrad and I have agreed this is best. Neither one of us wants to get married. Gawd, I don't think I could go through it again. Losing a husband, I mean.

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The girls really don't know life any other way; Conrad is here just about all the time, and slips out late in the eves after they go to bed. Quite often he spends the night with me/us. I don't know how much he talks about his girls outside of this house, and frankly I am not interested to know. As long as he is a great dad to them, that is all that matters.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Capeharts.1/Johnson Gets Fat

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Title: Johnson Gets Fat

Lot: Jayrus and Tosha Capehart, Tosca, Johnson and Terrance McClelland

Last Visit:
Party Hardy!

Tosca Narrating: I graduated from Sim State with honors. (See Univeristy/What A LuLu!) When I went back home to Prosperity Falls, Johnson was waiting for me at mom and dad's. Well the first thing we did was start lookin' for our own place. I remembered dad had said he would add on to the house to make room for me and Johnson, I realized there just wasn't enough room in his and mom's little forest bungalow. (See Party Hardy!) In fact, by the time I had arrived home, dad already had the contractors there in the back yard tripping over each other trying to build a room onto the house. Johnson and I looked at each other, and knew what we had to do. We broke it to dad and mom gently, we were lookin' for our own house.

Well, surprise, surprise, we did find a place, and mom came to us cryin' and everything to see us go. I felt so bad...the words just slipped out of my mouth..."Hey, there is an extra bedroom, for you and dad!" Mom's face bloomed like a giant sunflower, and she started throwin' stuff in boxes. Johnson poked me in the my parents were going to live with us. Oh boy.

Me and Johnson had found a great place...a nice woodsy house with lots of trees and a pond on the property, a small mountain too. Evergreens galore...their fragrance permeated everything. I felt right at home as soon as we stepped foot in the place, there was no deciding or not if I wanted it. We had the wedding outside by the pond, at the foot of the mountian.

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Johnson had taken off his llama suit for the ceremony. I guess it was an important enough occasion! In fact, he quit wearing it much at all after we got married. Alot of things changed after we slipped the rings on our fingers...for one, it seemed like Johnson couldn't quit eating, and he gained alot of weight. I found I kinda liked that. I got a job in law enforcement just like I wanted to, but I haven't made it to Captian Hero yet. I had a set back that caused me to take a few weeks off work.

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I remember sitting with Johnson that evening and telling him I thought I was pregnant. He was estatic! Of course, he is a family man through and through. He hadn't gotten a job yet, and he said he would stay home with the baby. I was releived, that gave me plenty of time to promote to Captain Hero. I am so lucky to have Johnson, I knew I didn't have anything to worry about. I told mom and dad about the baby, and I thought mom was gonna freak...she was so ready to become a grandma. Dad just sat back and smiled, and congratulated us. I knew our baby would be raised in a loving atmosphere. Well, Johnson spent alot of time after that looking through the telescope at night, studying the stars. I mostly spent my time draped over the toilet sickern' a dog. Mom would gently rub my shoulders and back for me. It seemed like a rough pregnancy.

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There were a few times when I wasn't pukin' my guts up I could do things around the house. I was having a fantastic time takin' care of Johnson and doing the homemaker thing. I was glad in a way that I didn't have to work for that while. Yeah, Captain Hero is important to me, but my baby and my husband came first.

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Finally Terrance was born. He looked alot like Johnson. I was mildly disappointed he didn't have my snow leopard traits, but hopefully he has my genes somewhere. Well, maybe our next baby will take after me. Yup, I am pregnant again. I wonder if Johnson plans to keep me that way???

Odd Pic Out:

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Terrance ages to toddler in style, dressed in a tux!

Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash

Title: Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash

Lot: The Gentlemen's Club - Lucas Turner, Morgan-Rose Bostic, Kamika Robbins and Roxanna Bostic

Last Visit:
The Young And The Restless

Editor's note: Sorry for the delay getting another entry up. I have had some trouble with the photo hosting here at Blogger, a project of finding a new place to house my photos ensued. Right now I am using Photobucket. See there link in my side bar. Easy to use. Thank you.

Joan Rivers narrating: Dear viewers, here we are again at the crazy Gentlemen's Club. You have never seen crazy, until you have visited this house, let me tell you! Now, if you will remember the last time we were together, everyone had birthdays. Roxanna the ever-smiling toddler grew up to be the ever smiling child, Lucas partied alone in the kitchen to elderhood, and Morgan-Rose threw herself a huge birthday bash. There was no expense spared there, that is for sure! Now then, it seems the most out of character thing that happened, was Kamika became engaged. YES! I said engaged. Engaged to be married to Professor Waylon. Kamika the I-hate-the-institution-of-marriage-may-I-stick-a-pin-in-my-eye-if-I-ever-get-married Kamika. Yes, now you know who I am talking about!

It seems that Kamika had become completely smitten with the academic look, and the prospect of gettin' hitched didn't seem so bad to the old girl. She apparently had taken secret lessons on how to worship her man from Synclare Strickland. (See Love Begins, The Haunted Rental.) Truely darlings, I never thought I would see the day when Kamika Robbins would bow down to any man...

Alright, so. It was Kamika's turn to throw a party, and it was to be a wedding party. Now this is where it gets very interesting. Kamika had never thown a party before, but she had been to plenty of them. Darlings, she called up all her best friends, ordered lots of bubbly, and put up the most beautiful wedding arch you had ever seen. She dressed in her best gown, and then everyone came and began tramping down all the grass in the front yard where the party was being held.. Including Professor Waylon, of course, the intended. I need to make one thing clear here, viewers. Waylon asked Kamika for her hand in marriage. And she agreed. So.

But before we get on with the wedding party, I have to tell you that Roxanna grew up to be a teen-ager, and has been dating! Yes! And I regret to say the poor dear has taken after her mother and is a Romance Sim. Look at her birthday portrait. She looks like already she is full of herself.

Roxanna Bostic
Aspiration - Romance
LTW - To be a Hall of Famer
5 neat, 1 outgoing, 10 active, 9 playful, 10 nice
Turn on - Fit body and black hair. Turn off - Glasses
Zodiac Sign - Sagitarius

It seems to me, she is in the correct house...The Gentlemen's Club. Now I hope you remember Quavi Robbins, who had been coming around as a child, and was drug away from the place by his mother Meadow. (See Last Visit). It seems, that Quavi couldn't stay away! No sir! In fact, he was there for Roxanna's birthday party, and gave her her very fist kiss! I would say that that kiss has started the girl on a road full of baudy nights with many men.In fact, the two have been seen on dates downtown, dancing and generally having a good time. Quavi became quite taken with the young lady, and left her many bunches of roses on her doorstep. Then, it came right down to the meat of the matter. Quavi asked Roxanna if she wanted to go steady, and she said yes. So it seems these two are an item! I don't know how long that will last, as it turns out Roxanna ended up leaving for university. If you all remember, Quavi has not yet left. (See Zaed Multiplies). But anyway, with all that said, let's get back to what happened with Kamika!

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Now then. As I said before, everyone came and began tramping down the grass on the front lawn, where the toasting commenced. Even that nanny was there! Everything seemed to be going great! Nichole Capehart, Randy London, oh yes, and Dovie Bostic was there, Lucas' older daughter. That was not the end of the guest list darlings, by any means! But at any rate everyone was having a good time! I will say that for Kamika she knew how to put on a good party. I tell you put a bottle of bubbly out and you are assured a great party. Ok.
Now then, there was one more guest, a party crasher if you will who came just as Kamika was ready to invite Professor Waylon to the wedding arch and say "I Do!" I want to say here, viewers, that I want to commend Kamika Robbins for finally taking the high road, and doing what is right. To settle down, get a proper grand-mamma to her daughter's son, Barry-James Strickland. (See
Marc-Henry Dabbles In Politics). Oy Vey!
This party crasher was probably the most unwelcome guest you would ever see at a party, I never thought I would witness this! No sirree!

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The gentleman's initials are GR....that is right! The Grim Reaper came to Kamika's wedding party! Really, I don't know who invited him. But he took our host with him to where ever it is the Grim Reaper goes when he takes a soul.

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Poor Professor Waylon's heart was broken. He left the party with tears streaming down his cheeks, never to be seen again at The Gentlemen's Club. However I will say, Kamika is one hell of a party hostess...the party was still a "ROOF RAISER". Can you believe it?? Notice, Kamika nearly made it to the wedding arch, her tombstone is sitting nearly in front of it. Darlings, the family ended up moving the tombstone to the back yard behind the garage under a tree.

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Now then, having Grim come to your party, well, that is something for the society pages. OK..that being said, back to Roxanna. Like I was saying she had been seen on many dates with Quavi Robbins. It wasn't long after all that darlings, that she went to the beauty salon and got a new hair style, and left for University.

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It was time for her to attend the upper echelons of learning. We will see how she will Quavi cope with his beloved so far away? And being that she is a Romance Sim, well, they aren't known to be loyal to one love! Until next time!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

University/What A LuLu!

Title: What A LuLu!

Lot: Sim State University - 80 Crumplebottom Road - Tosca Capehart, Michelle Kearney, Doris Capehart and Niles Strickland

Last Visit:
Deaths, Makeups and Breakups

Tosca narrating: Yep, another one of us left the greek house. ME! I am sooo happy so I can get home and marry Johnson. He graduated 3 semesters ago, and left me behind. I would have gone right with him but I stayed for mom and dad. Johnson moved to Prosperity Falls for me...he came from Sim City. But, he knew about us snow leopards...not liking the city. So he sacrificed for me. Well anyway, I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in political science. I plan to go into law enforcement like my mother Tosha and become a Captain Hero. (See
Party Hardy!)
Anyway, I graduated ok and everything. I decided not to have a party in the greek house, I decided to take all my greek house friends out on the town. It was me and Michelle. Then Niles Strickland and my cousin Doris Capehart moved in with us from Tech Hall, so they came too. We went to a bar called the LuLu Lounge. Niles acted all excited about going there and everything, he was the first one out of the cab and into the building.
The rest of us was quick about gettin' inside, and onto the dance floor. I had never been to that place before, and I could see there was alot to do, alot going on! Well, Niles and Doris (who are engaged) acted like they didn't need anything else to do. They only had eyes for other.We just hung out for a while, then I noticed something...that looked so completely fascinating I just had to try it! There was a girl spinning like mad in the ElectroDance Sphere....I thought I could do it. It looked like such a blast! Well, I waited and waited until it was my turn, and I got in. Some circular bars closed me in, and I hung on for dear life. Good god, that thing takes you side ways, upside down, and right side up.Everybody cheered me on, I felt so great! I rode for a couple of minutes, I guess, then I had to stop before I lost my lunch. I noticed nobody else tried it. They weren't as brave as me! After my dance in the Sphere, we all took a dance on the floor and did the Smustle. It is a line dance sort of thing everybody does together. I didn't notice while we were dancing, but Niles had left the group. After the dance was over, we girls went over to the bar to have a drink, and we was wondering where Niles was.Oh gawd, I have to tell you about this creep that was there. Komei Tellerman. He talked like he knew everthing, and when Michelle was lookin' the other way, Tellerman stole her drink and chugged it right down! It was then I realized that only creeps were left in the place, and the rest of the kids had class to go to in the morning, so we all started lookin' for Niles so we could leave.Well apparently Niles had quit partyin' long before we did. He was sacked out on the lounger waitin' on us. I don't know how long he had been there, but it had to have been at least an hour. Anyway, we returned to the greek house in on piece, and I might add...we were all sober. That is the only way to be, right? Anyway, I got to sleep in the next morning, then I made the call for a cab to go back to Prosperity Falls. I kept thinkin' I was gonna miss everybody, then I realized, all the kids I hung out with was from the Falls really...I wasn't gonna miss them. I would see them soon!

Lot: Sim State University - Oasis Dormitory - Manuel Capehart, Dovie Bostic, Lillith and Roz Strickland

Roz Narrating: Hay ya'llses, it's little ol' me, Roz Strickland, the big mouth bedlamite of the Strickland family to keep you updated here at school as well as what is goin' on back home in Prosperity Falls. Well, me and Lillith got to school and we got rooms at the Oasis Dorm. It is real teeny, only five rooms. Me and Lillith got two of them, then our friend Manuel Capehart got one, then my cousin Dovie Bostic got the other. That left one room..I dunno the girl's name, but she comes and goes and we don't pay any attention to her.We hadn't been there and settled in but for a coupla days when she showed up in all her big pregnant belly glory (kid number 9, by the way). Synclare and Fraiser warned me this would happen. Apparently it happned to Niles too....Mom paid us a visit. (See Kirstee visiting Fraiser and Synclare in Love Begins). She shows up every year when any of her kids first starts State. She says she just wants to make sure everything is ok...that we have everything we need....this time she actually went around the dorm cleanin' stuff up and 'tsk tsking' the whole time. I am glad she wasn't around when I got arrested though. Not really like the cops or anything. It was the SS...but I am gettin' ahead of myself. Do ya'll remember when I said Lillith and Manuel kinda liked each other? (See Roz And Lillith Make An Escape).Well it didn't take 'em long to start gettin' to know each other without our parents around. Manuel started to grow a little bit of peach fuzz...and Lillith, well, she is filled out a little more, if you catch my drift. Those two can't keep their eyes off each other! Well, it was one of the nights they was out side takin' a walk when the SS came for me. Lillith had already been, and so had Manuel, so they really didn't pay much attention to my predicament. When they came back from their ride, they just told me they were sworn to secrecy about everything, so I knew nothing. Those two only know each other...I dunno if that is sweet or sorry. Anyway, all four of us (includin' Dovie...) are through our Sophomore year, that means we are half way thru this stuff. I dunno what the future holds for us, but I for gonna move back in with mom and dad. I have a strong feelin' Lillith and Manuel are gonna do something else. See ya next time!

Odd Pic Out:

Manuel Capehart chugs down his ReNuYu potion to make himself more attractive to the ladies

The Capeharts, week8/The Dating Scene

Title: The Dating Scene

Lot: The Capeharts - Calista, Tryce and Tomas

Last Visit:
The Last One

Tryce narrating: Tryce here. Hey man, all kinds of things goin' since I graduated State. Both good and bad. Here it is in a nutshell. Mom has discovered there is life after death, and Michelle and I are engaged. Yeah. Well, dad passed away a while ago, he didn't live to see his dream of all six of us kids gettin' married. He missed it by two, me and Tomas. Mom didn't handle all that very well, but then things are turnin' around for her. But anyway, lemme tell ya about me and Michelle.
See, she is still at State takin' classes. She is a Junior, still has about 3 semesters to go. Bein' that we aren't together every day like we are used to, well, it made it hard for us. I call her, she calls me. With my work schedule, I can't find the time to be with her, you know? And she is busy with school. Well, to make it up to her, I took her out for a special date at a ritzy restaurant.

Hell, I don't remember the name of the place. But it was posh. It cost me alot of simoleons. But Michelle is worth it. We got seated, and we ordered some good food, I ordered for Michelle. Yeah, she don't insist in doin' everything herself on a date. Like openin' her own doors and orderin' her own food. She lets me do that for her. Man it had been so long since I had just had time alone with her, it felt good. She got me caught up on everything that was happening at school. She said my cousin Tosca graduated with Honors. (See the next installment of University yet to be announced). I told her about my new job in show business, and my plans to buy a car. She was really excited. I thought right then we should get out of the restaurant and go someplace a little less restrictive, if you know what I mean.
Well, I suggested we get out of there, and go someplace else, and well, she hugged me and kissed me a little there, and agreed to go. It was right about then this old bag Crumplebottom saw us kissing. She started puttin' a whompin' on Michelle like you wouldn't believe with that purse she carries. I pulled Michelle out of there and we were gone. She was all right. Kissed me again because I rescued her. I will give her all day to stop that kissin'!We went to some clothing store right next to the restaurant. Well we did the thing that brought us together in the first place! We had woo-hoo in the changing booth. (see Deaths, Breakups and Makeups, 80 Crumplebottom Road entry.) It was like we had never been with each other, it had been so long. Luckily that bag Crumplebottom didn't follow us over there. Anyway, I had been savin' the best for last. I wanted to make sure Michelle was gonna be there for me when she was out of school. I gave her a ring.She said yeah, she would be my ol' lady. I guess I could have picked a better place to ask her, but being the kind of person she is, the middle of a clothing store was OK with her. So it looks like Michelle and I are gettin' hitched, tyin' the knot, gettin' married, however you wanna say it. We are doin' it as soon as she graduates. We already decided to live at my place. Mom needs the company, and I can't count on Tomas to be there. Speakin' of mom...'Course with dad passin' that put mom in a terrible state of mind. Hey imagine dyin' right when you come out of the crapper...that is what happened to dad. How undignified is that? When I go I hope I am lookin' good layin' in my bed. Anyway, we buried dad on the mountain beside his mother Tonaka and his Aunt Pajeria. Yeah, we have a family grave yard there, where I expect I will be layin' someday with Michelle at my side. Mom almost didn't make it through the ceremony. It was like she went off the deep end after that. She was really hot to get another man in her life. So much so, she spent the money on a Matchmaker to come to the house and help her find one.Mom gave that woman $5,000 for what she did for her. Well, dad left her alot of money, and mom used it to try and find another man. Go figure. I look at it this way, mom was pulled in hook line and sinker for what she got for that cash. But I reckon it is the way you look at it. Mom says she got a lot for her money. She got a guy named Chandler Parker. He was dressed in some sort of sissy pink shirt, and pink gloves but mom didn't seem to mind.I guess she got her money's worth if we are talkin' about a blond haired blue eyed beach bum human. He wasn't even a snow leopard like Dad so I don't see how she was attracted to this guy. Well they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I reckon so. Mom had a good evening with Chandler, they watched tv together and talked into the night. When he finally left, mom said he was a lot of fun and she wanted to try it again. I can already see this is gonna hit the bank account hard. (fortune sim). I will have to keep a close eye on things.
Tomas Capehart
Aspiration - Popularity
LTW - To Become A Celebrity Chef
4 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 7 playful, 6 nice
Turn Ons - Custom hair and cologne
Turn Off - Stink
Zodiac Sign - Sagitarius

Before all this happened with mom, Tomas had a birthday. It was the last birthday at our house before dad died. After his birthday, he spent alot of time getting ready to go to State. He hasn't left yet, but has it in his plans.

Well, I hope the next time I talk to ya, it will be about my wedding with Michelle. Toodles~!

Accomplishments this round:
Calsita - Top of Career - Chief of Staff

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Robbins, Week 8/Zaed Multiplies

Title: Zaed Multiplies

Lot: The Robbins - Meadow, Zaed, Synclare, Quavi, Yasika and Jati

Last Visit: Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools

Zaed narrating: It is I Zaed! I have returned from the human halls of learning, Sim State University where I acquired an honor degree in Physics. I was given a diploma showing as much, and I have posted it beside my study station in my home. My wife Synclare received one for Phsycology, and I have posted it beside mine. Our children must know their parents are learned.

Upon my return to the home of my father Timo, it seemed to be a sad atmosphere, with the passing from life to death for Timo. My mother Meadow is very sad, a complete and right emotion of humans. However, I have discovered there is some new research I must do. I realized I am 1/2 human...I am after all, half of Meadow. I do carry Timo's DNA, as well as his studying and learning capabilities. It seems Meadow's emotions are dominate in me. When I returned home, I found myself actually mourning over Timo's grave! A pureblood Anotothian would never do that! I have to see if there is a way to squelch this highly undesirable attribute. I must always appear as strong and knowledgeable in all things for my children. That said, here is how I came upon my son Jati.

According to the notes my father left me, the first step to reproducing my race was to ask my earth woman Synclare to marry me. I was careful to do all the steps correctly, right down to dressing my best clothes, and getting down on one knee when I asked the important question. Synclare co-operated with me, and said yes. I knew she would, I could see it in her eyes, but I did not want a single thing to go wrong.
The next step was to actually have the marriage ceremony. I gave the project for planning it to Synclare and Meadow. I learned the women like to do this, so endeavoring to appear as human as possible I let that part of my mission go. Synclare did an excellent job. She invited many guests, mostly Stricklands from her side of the family. There are not many Robbins in Prosperity Falls, other than Mayor Kerris Strickland and her mother Kamika, Timo's sister. Kamika did not answer the invitation to the ceremony. Synclare's father Chevy was in attendance. That is very important. There was lots of food, and the daughter of Treavus Capehart, Doris supplied music. Being that Doris Capehart came to the wedding is something I must also study. Her father died in my home. (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools ) Yet she came to celebrate the beginning of a new life with us.Doris Capehart is very skilled on the piano, and made alot of Simoleons playing at our wedding, $500 to be exact. Many of the wedding attendees were putting money in her earnings jar, and there was much dancing. There was an extremely successful wedding party afterwards. I was quick to add to my father's notes that having someone play live music is helpful to a successful wedding. My father did not have that in his notes. I must give Synclare recognition for that.The next step to continuing the Anotothian race on earth, was to do the mating ritual with Synclare. I did, and released my seed to her that would start a new Anotothian growing in her womb. The mating was a success, as several weeks later, Synclare started showing the signs of the sickness that accompanies the first months of pregnancy. I realized she was carrying a child, and I felt a strange excitement in my chest. I assumed this was some of that emotion I had inherited from Meadow. Excitement at becoming a father.
During the long and humanly exhausting pregnancy, Synclare kept up her physical fitness by working out, and continued her studies. I have chosen a good earth woman. We celebrated the birthdays of my siblings Quavi and Yasika. Yasika has the red hair of my father Timo, but she does not possess the Anotothian ears. I have fear that our ears are going to be lost, as my son Jati doesn't have them either. But my brother Quavi has them.
Quavi Robbins
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Reach Golden Anniversary
1 neat, 0 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful, 10 nice

My brother Quavi grew to be a strong and imposing individual. I have discerned he is the 'strong silent type' very attractive to earth women. He has big muscles and attempts to blend in with those around him. I think he will be successful in our mission. He and I have already had numerous lessons about our mission, and he has agreed the important thing is to reproduce and is in agreement many children are in order. I can now relax somewhat concerning Quavi. He has a thorough understanding. I work with my sister Yasika every day, but being she is a youngster yet, I have yet to make a report of her part in the mission. I am a little concerned about her; during Jati's birth, Yasika chose that moment to kiss me. That is an extreme human want. I will make careful observations about her behavior; it just might be she has inherited more of Meadow's emotional traits than is manifesting at this time.

I am realizing I am a father figure for Quavi and Yasika even though I am their older brother. That is additional responsibilities I have to my mother Meadow. Of course, there is my son Jati. His lessons in our mission will commence as soon as he is a little older, but for now I teach Yasika and Quavi.The first time I held Jati, I knew he was very different. He seems to carry the mediterranian skintone of Synclare's father, Chevy Strickland. Yet he has the yellow Anotothian eyes.Quavi has been quite taken with the youngster and enjoys spending immense amounts of time with him and partaking in his care. At any rate, the 3rd generation of Robbins has begun on earth with the birth of Jati.When I see my wife Synclare holding my son, I get that odd feeling in my chest. I must investigate this. Quavi will be leaving for Sim State soon, although I am clear on the fact he wants to study a little more before leaving. Well and good! Until next time!

Odd Pic Out:

Quavi becomes exhausted waiting for Jati to age to toddler and falls asleep in his chili con carne.

Accomplishments this round:
Synclare - Fullfills LTW - Max all sklls, is now PermaPlat.