Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Capeharts, Week7/The Last One...

Lot: The Capeharts - Prosperity Falls

Last Visit: Promotions andDemotions

Tomas Speaking: When I had my last birthday, my older sister Janelle came. I was glad because I really don't know her very well. I have older brothers, Jayrus and Trevaus I have never met, then and older sister Mercedes. (Too meet them, The Capeharts, Week 1). I guess they are from my dad's first marriage. But with my mom Calista, dad had me, Janelle and Tryce. Tryce is at college right now. But you know what, the sad part is I will never meet Trevaus. I guess he died, dad is real sad about it. (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools). The only thing dad said was, "At least he had a chance to get married and have a happy life".

The thing mom keeps talkin' about is I am the "last one". I guess I don't know what that means. Last one for what? Breakfast? The bathroom? To get up in the morning? I haven't figured that one out.

Well dad spends bunches of time in front of the computer these days. He says he ought to be retired, but keeps workin' anyway. He mostly plays some snowboarding game, then he chats alot. Every now and then he will grab mom and kiss her. YUCK! One night the computer broke down..yep, a bunch of smoke came out of the back of it. Dad said it was the power box gone bad, and he fixed it right then. He keeps a stash of computer parts under the desk, he says you gotta be prepared for anything. Dad can fix anything.

Dad also spends time with me playin' chess. He says it is good for my brain. I don't know about that, but I think it is lots of fun to play. See mom sleepin' back there on the sofa? Well she had a birthday too, a few days after mine. Now she seems to lay around alot on the sofa and stuff, she says she gets tired faster than she used to. That is the reason she says she is glad I am "the last one". When mom had her birthday, I said she looked like a total grandma. Dad told me I shouldn't say stuff like that about my mom, but I said, well, you look like a total grandpa, so now you and mom are a matching set. Dad busted out laughin' and so that kind of spoiled him tryin' to scold me. Mom is still workin' her job as a surgeon. She wants to be the top dog at the hospital. She says she will get there someday. Dad is still an astronaut. Ever since he got demoted a couple of years ago, he said he just lost all inclination to do better at his job. He mumbles every now and then he needs to retire from 'that place'. Maybe he will soon.
I ride the bus to school. Yeah, dad doesn't take me like some of the kids. Our house is the last one on the stop before we get to school. I wonder if that is what mom means when she says I am the last one?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Robbins, Week7/Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools

Lot: Robbins - Prosperity Falls

Last Visit: Zaed, The Wonder Boy

Meadow Speaking: Well, I broke the news to Timo we were going to have another child, number three. My goodness, Timo took the news very well, considering everything that was looming on the horizon for us in the next few days. But how could he know? I loved Timo with everything I am, but even he doesn't know the future. Although there were times when I thought he was real different and knew something I didn't. I always trusted him with everything as far as running the family goes. And he took his job to heart. I couldn't have asked for a finer man. Oh, I am speaking in past tense. *sniff* It is alright. My Timo passed away just a few days ago. I want to tell someone about his last days. Perhaps it will help ease my pain a little.
Yaskia was born in the middle of the night, in our bedroom. Timo was there all the way for me. I was so happy to get a daughter after having two fine sons, Zaed and Quavi. I always let Timo name the kids. Yes, the names sounded strange, but they were named after people in Timo's family. Zaed is named after Timo's father, Quavi is named after Timo's brother. And our new little Yasika is named after his mother. I never got to meet any of his family. When I mentioned it, he would wave me away and say it was of no importance. I accepted that. When Yasika was born, Timo was happy, he said she looked Anotothian. I did not understand what that meant? I asked him and he just turned away from me. I wonder to this day what that means. I guess I will never know...Timo's mind was slipping in his last days. He talked much of aliens inhabiting the earth (See Marc-Henry Gets Married), and training to carry on the race. I loved him all the same. He was my Timo.

The two youngest children had their birthdays. My boys Zaed and Quavi had both inherited my blond hair. Yasika inherited her dad's beautiful red hair, and all the children have their dad's golden skintone and peculair yellow eyes. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. But alas, I am afraid the neighbors across town, the Capeharts, have suffered a loss, at our expense. I am so sorry. Let me tell you how it happened.

It is one thing to lose your husband to natural causes. That is the way Timo died. But to lose your husband to something sudden and horrific....unexpected. Quavi had befriended our neighbor, Trevaus Capehart. Mr. Capehart had agreed to help Quavi with some physical training during the evenings when Timo was working. I was glad to see this, as I was busy with Yasika. One evening after training, Quavi went to bed as usual, and Mr. Capehart and I ate some pizza left over from earlier in the evening. He went to the bathroom sink to wash his hands, and the faucet sprung a leak. Being the good and giving man he is, Mr. Capehart took out a wrench and turned the pipes until the water stopped pouring out. I thanked him profusely, and at that moment Yasika began to cry, so I went to her. Mr. Capehart continued looking around my home for broken items, and saw the dishwasher wasn't operating, and decided to fix it. Right about this time, Timo came home from work and began to make himself a snack.

Mr. Capehart didn't have the good luck with the dishwasher he had with the sink. Alas, a spark ignited and an electrocution ensued. Mr. Capehart died on my kitchen floor. Strangely Timo's only comment was, "I have now witnessed the complete human cycle of birth through death! I must go and add my observations to my notes!" He then ran to the comptuer and typed for the rest of the night. Now, Mr. Capehart is known to haunt the dishwasher. I hope I can help his widow Nichole (Thompson) Capehart move his grave home.

It was shortly after that I had a birthday as well. I decided to retire from my job as a exorcist. Well, I figured I would have to study so much more to get to the top of the field, a cult leader, and I just wasn't up for it. I just had Yasika, Quavi was doing an awful lot of studying, and I just got the feeling time was getting short with Timo. How right I was.

He passed away one evening while tucking in Quavi. Quavi had called Zaed home from college to help him study since Mr. Capehart was dead. So our whole family was together when it happened. Somehow it didn't seem like such a sad occasion; he went peacefully. Zaed actually witnessed his passing, I was downstairs putting Yasika to bed. Quavi had gotten out of bed; knowing something was up. So he was there too. My two boys saw their father die.

We were there for each other, and that was enough. We buried Timo in the back yard beside Mr. Capehart. Zaed made the same strange comment his father did at Mr. Capehart's passing, now he had witnessed birth to death. Perhaps I will someday get an answer from Zaed what that means.

Well, while he was home, Zaed told me he would be moving home soon with the girl he was going to marry, Synclare Strickland. She is from that fine family down the street. I went to school with her parents, Kirstee and Chevy Strickland, so I know she is from a good family. I am so glad he is going to settle here with his wife and have children. I will have a part in their upbringing. I think six grandchildren is a nice round number, don't you?

Another One Flies The Coop

Lot: Strickland - Prosperity Falls
Last Visit: The Baby Factory

Brandi Speaking: My gawd they way them to carry on, ye'd think they was teen-agers. Ye'd never think, in a thousand years, that woman has had 6 kids. Yep, count 'em...six. Synclare, Fraiser, and Niles who are at University. Then there's Roz, Lillith, Daphne, and another un about to be born. Kirstee says they are goin' for 10 kids. I don't doubt it an' I don't doubt they will do each an' every one of 'em right.

Niles Strickland
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Become A Celebrity Chef
8 neat, 3 outgoing, 1 active, 3 playful, 10 nice
Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Well Niles had his birthday here recently an' I think he was relieved to git up into the ages where he could sort take charge of his own self some. Hayell, I was glad he grew up 'cause he was able to give me some hep aroun' here. Yes, his momma goes to work when she's not pregnant, and his daddy has his hands full too watchin' the TV show Fraiser and comin' up with names for the kids. But Niles doesn't seem to think that matters. He grew up a happy boy, an' like I said, heppin' around here.

He was always the first one to run an' give the younger kids a hand. In fact, he mentioned that he might not go to college, an' stay home an' hep. But his daddy insisted he go on and join his older brother and sister there. I am sure gonna miss thet one. Me, I am still gittin' up in the middle of the night to change diapers and give bottles. My bones are achin' an' creakin'. Hayell, I think I will join my husband Landell in the sweet hereafter before I see the 10th baby born around here. Thet will be alright. I have a feelin' I will still see 'em. Just somebody else will be doin' all that labor. Heh.
Well when thet Lillith grew up, she looked exactly like Roz, you'd think they was twins. But her momma took her to town one day 'cause it was discovered the child inherited her momma's bad eyesight, and she had to get a set of spectacles. She also had a visit to the beauty parlor where her momma got her hair cut off...the child didn't want to pull a brush through the tangles. So now, we can tell the girls apart better. Now I don't get so confused. Her momma gits startled by the girl sometimes at her fast learnin' abilities. She is developin' high hopes for thet one.
Lord, but I do love spendin' time with the younguns. I think thet right there is the reason I have lived so long. I don't seem to want to spend so much time with my man-friend Abhijeet anymore I have learned what is really important. I can't remember the last time I ever laid eyes on him. But hayell, if he don't come around to let me know he is still alive, then I guess the feelin' is mutual. I reckon he might have moved on to the next young pretty thing.
We hardly ever git a chance to sit down all at the same time to have a meal. One of the reasons is thet Kirstee and Chevy have never invested in a bigger table. We all eat in shifts sometimes. Well, after Niles got old enough to operate the stove, things was a little easer. Hey, when he grows up he wants to be a chef. Lordy, that is the job I had when I first married Landell an' came here to hep take care of his grandkids, Chevy and Shauntasia all them years ago. It sure is a sad thing though, about Shauntasia. I do wonder at times what would have become of her. (See The Kids Start University). Well, when Daphne grew up to toddler, ye'd almost think you was lookin' at the face of Roz or Lillith. Except it looks like the dear child didn't inherit her momma's freckles, she has her dad's clear complexion. Well, over the years when the girls cry about all them spots, I just tell 'em they is well loved because of all them angel kisses they git every night then they go to sleep. Thet explanation seems to work when they are little younguns. When they grow to teens, the start usin' makeup to cover 'em up.

Well it was a dark night fer me when Niles left for college. By thet time, he was really thinkin' about it and had gotten used to the idea. He seemed to think he might benefit from the great teachin' halls after all. I don't know what he plans to major in, but I am sure it will greatly benefit him in life, and thet of the family he plans to have. More power to ye, Niles! Well, until next tahm...hayell, it might not be me tellin' ye what is happin' around this crazy house. But you will git the low down all the same. Toodles!


The repo man pays a visit to the Strickland home and takes the logic developing tool. Funny, nobody seemed to notice.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Bostics, Week 7/Transition Time

Lot: The Bostics - Prosperity Falls

Last Visit: Oh What A Web We Weave

Dovie Speaking: Hiya! Guess what, all kinds of stuff has happened around here this week. Two main things happened, my little brother Andre was born, and everybody had a birthday. Mom called it a time of transition. I suppose it was. Well, that pic of me is an old one. I am a teen ager now, thinking about going to University. But I am not sure when. It depends on how things go around here, with all the changes goin' on. Mom might need my help. After all, grandpa died and now mom is a senior herself. But gramps didn't pass away without having a little fun!

Grandpa decided it was time to retire from his job. He said he had worked hard alla his life, and he said it was time to get after the things he had always had his heart set on. He didn't reach his lifetime goal to make $100,000 simoleons, but he said that was ok. He had lots of good years with his family. He spent hours gazing through the telescope, and watching the brand new big screen TV he bought with his retirement money from work. But the best thing, I think, is he started a romance with my old nanny Karen.

I guess Gramps gettin' together with Karen was a good thing. She gave him something to look forward to, and she helped him realize he still 'had it'. *wink* Gramps did say he had given up on my grandma Leah who had left him years ago when mom was my age. He spent all these years raising my mom and my aunts. Now, it was time for him to do have a little fun. But it is sad. He did get to play with Karen and every thing, but he didn't get to meet my new little half sister, Roxanna. (See Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!) And my Aunt Kirstee is pregnant again too, so he won't get to see that granchild.

Grandpa passed away in peace. He had been outside using the telescope when his time came. Love you Gramps....

But anyway, like I said earlier, mom called this a time of transition. Well, I had a birthday first of all.

Dovie Bostic
- Knowledge
LTW - To Become A Crimninal Mastermind
Neat-5, Outgoing-5, Active-9, Playful-7, Nice-1.

I haven't really met anybody I want to hang out with or anything. I kinda like to keep to myself, work out on the treadmill, and maybe do some reading. I had alot of fun spending time with Andre, especially when we were both younger.
I guess he and I don't have the same dad. My dad Lucas lives across the street with my Aunt Morgan-Rose. It was my Aunt Morgan that had Roxanna. So Roxanna is my half sister. I don't question her or mom about what happened all those years ago that caused the falling out between mom and dad. (See 'Last Visit' entry, link at top of the page.) People don't always get along, do they? But I am kinda sorry I don't have a sister in the house with me. Just mom, Aunt Pachionetta and Andre. I guess that is enough to have a good family life. But anyway, Andre's dad is mom's good friend Ricky Cromier. Mom said he came along at just the right time and pulled her out of a depression and left a precious little gift behind named Andre.
Andre took Gramp's death pretty hard. Gramps had spent lot of Andre's baby and toddler years holding him and singing to him, playing with him. So Andre has stong and vivid memories of him for a little kid. No sooner than Gramps died, then mom and Aunt Pachionetta had a birthday too. We found out right around this same time that Gramps had left us all alot of fact, he left alot to friends too. His life insurance went to 14 people. So, mom and Aunt Pachionetta's birthday was really bittersweet. We were all standing around crying about Gramps, getting money deposited into our bank accounts through Gramp's life insurance policy, and watch mom and Aunt Pachionetta have thier birthdays. What a night.

Me, after all this talk and everything, I think I will go to University. Get out of the house for a while and find myself. See you there.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

University/Love Begins

Lot: Sim State University - Tech Hall

Tosca Speaking: Well, I arrived to school in one peice, with my new hair-do and my new make up intact. Geesh..the first thing that happened to me was I got into one of the clubs Johnson told me about back home. (See Tosca Get Ready For State.) The whole experience was rather scarey, and I don't know why people think it is such a great thing to get into the Secret Society. Big deal. The best thing about it was the great ride in the limo, and the nice jacket I got for my trouble. But anyway, I signed up for a major in Political Science. Maybe I will get into politics some day.

I have to tell you about Johnson though. I wondered about him when he used to come around to the house back in the Falls. I thought he was cool then. I used to wonder what he looked like under his Llama suit. I finally did ask him about it one day. Well, he told me he would never show his face to anyone, that is a girl around State, until he found someone he really cared about. He had to feel like she liked him for himself, and not his looks.

Well, I can tell you, I really started to like Johnson and I guess he felt the same way about me. He called me up on the phone one evening and had romance on his mind. I did too. He was so nice to me when I joined the Greek house and everything and sorta took me under his wing. He suggested we lay back and listen to some music on the stereo for a while and talk.
One thing lead to another, and Johnson shed his Llama suit and let me see his face. (Among other things). I knew I was in love with Johnson, and he was in love with me. He asked me to move out of the dorm and into the Greek house with him so we could be together more, and I did. I can paint here in peace...back at the dorm it was hard. Now I am half way through my Sophomore year, and Johnson just finished up Sophomore year. I am thinking of taking extra classes so I can catch up with him. I want to graduate the same time he does.

Lot: Sim State University - 80 Crumplebottom Road

Johnson Speaking: I have finally met the woman of my dreams! She is a beautiful creature named Tosca Capehart. Well, let me tell you. I moved into the Greek house and lived there for about a year and a half all by myself. Yeah, it was a little lonesome, but it was nice at the same time. I studied, made good grades, and I watched alot of sports on big screen TV. I kept it in the back of my mind that I wanted to find a soul mate, but I didn't think too much openly. It hurt me to think about it.

Well, one day I got a phone call from Tosca Capehart. I used to go see her and her folks in Prosperity Falls. She was asking me if she could join the Greek house. I went over to see her at the dorm like I do all new applicants, and my heart stopped beating. I didn't remember her being so pretty, but she grew up! Oh boy did she grow up! Now I can't imagine life without her.

One evening we got all dressed up like it was a special occasion. We had a candle lit dinner, and I asked her to marry me when we got out of school, and she said yes. I am so happy! Now she is constantly on my mind. I can't wait to get this college thing over with and start my life with Tosca.

Lot: Sim State University - Brother and Sister, Synclare and Fraiser Strickland

Synclare Speaking: Fraiser and I left for State together, even though I am older than he is. I guess he is a study wonder boy. Me, I was comin' here for the boys. Gawd, once I got here, I realized I needed to fix myself up a bit after seein' how the other girls dressed.
I went to the beauty shop on campus and had hair extension put in, and I bought some new clothes. Fraiser was callin' me vain and stuff, but hey, I just wanted to fit in. OH I have to tell you about Zaed. I remember him from the Falls...we used to play together. Well, guess who I met up with here! I had only been here a day or two.
Yeah! Zaed Robbins! I was so happy to see him, I laid a great big kiss on him. I guess he found me in the campus directory. He called me up one day and said he was comin' over to see me. I was all for it, I mean, he is a friend from my past, you know? Gawd, when I saw him walkin' up the street toward my house, I thought I saw a peice of heaven. What a peice of eye candy he is!!! Right that minute I knew I had done the right thing visiting the beauty shop. I wondered how I let him get away from me? I wanted to throw myself at him right then, but I didn't. I acted cool.
Well, we spent a little time talkin' and we did go out to the student union once. But I remember that day...when we got back from our date. We just sort of ended know....well, I had my first woo-hoo with Zaed. I don't know if it was his first time or not, but if it was, he was a master from the git-go. He was smooooooth! Everything just seems to be moving too easy for us, like it was meant to be some kind of plan. But hey, I ain't gonna worry about it. He is perfect for me. In fact, he has made me forget about any possibilities of seeing other guys. I don't even wanna.

Synclare Strickland
Aspriation Change to Knowledge
New LTW to Max All Skills

Frasier Speaking:Well, that is all well and good, Syn. I am glad you found somebody. Me, I just felt real hokey...hey we had our first college party, and look who decided to show up. Our mom. Now if that wasn't the most embarrisin' thing.

Yeah I know she just wanted to make sure we were ok and stuff. Just had to drop by. OK. Just happened to be during our party. I am just releived she wasn't here when this happened:

Yeah, that chick Camryn and I kinda got a thing goin'. It was real spontaneous you know? How sometimes you just know when you like somebody. She came up to me and just started huggin' me and stuff, and I figured she was nice. We have gone out a few times since then, and I am thinking in a direction of I say that? I really haven't had much interest in anyone else at school except her.

Man I really like Camryn. It is almost like we were meant for each other. Like Synclare said...too easy. Makes you think everything is jinxed and will fall apart some time.

Lot: Sim State University - The Haunted Rental

It is I, Zaed! I am here at the human place of learning, Sim State university. My quest is to find Synclare Strickland, and begin my assignment for the Anotothian peoples. (See Zaed, The Wonder Boy.) In the mean time, I have slid into the roll of a typical Human Student. I have taken up residence with a boy named Tryce Capehart. He is a romantic fool.

He is another matter. Never mind him. I will tell you, the first thing I did upon my arrival was contact the leader of the club called Greek House. I found it to be to my distinct advantage to become a memeber of this club for the contacts alone. I became a member almost immediately, no doubt in reference to my unique and superior abilities attributal to the thought processes for learning and my opinions. I realize I am now valuable to the Greek House Crumplebottom, and have a lot to contribute. The next thing I did was immediately get into the studies of this institution. I suppose there is still some to learn that Timo did not have access to. I am finding it extremely interesting.
I did find Synclare Strickland. For a human, she is boasts a becoming skin. As a child she had short frizzy hair, and buck teeth. Since, she made herself into something I imagine human males greatly admire. But she is mine although she does not yet know it. I shall do my utmost to keep others away from her and giving her attentions. I can already picture her belly growing with a new Anotothian. Nay, no one else will touch her. I have seen to it.
Already Miss Synclare worshipping me and singing my praises. As she should. I will give her a life like she has never known; after all, she is the cornerstone that will help the Anotothian race to carry on. I will live in the home of my father, Timo Robbins, and raise my family. There at that place there are tools for great learning, where I will carry on the teachings of my ancestors.

Tryce Speaking: Alright big shot, my turn. Yeah, yeah, I came here with girls on my mind, but now I am thinkin' maybe that isn't so important. I did date a few. Like Cindy, and that chick that wears the cow costume.

Heh, at least I think there was a girl under that heavy costume somewhere. It really didn't matter to me. They all kiss as sweetly as the next. Man, I was findin' it hard to manage all the girls though, and keepin' up my grades. I had to ask Zaed to help me with my studies. It got to the point where he was doin' my assignments for me. He might be a crazy talker with all that crazy crap he talks, but he was a basic good guy for helpin' me out with my book work. But then something happened that changed my take on everything. I saw Michelle. (See Promotions and Demotions.) Man, I did't realize how much I missed her. Old things started stirring inside of me. Well, I had gone shoppin' at the University Shops to get some new clothes, yeah...somthing I thought would impress the girls. And who was workin' there! Michelle! She was a sight for sore eyes. I sorta forgot about the other girls I was seein' when Michelle told me she was gonna be starting at State the next semester. I told her we would get together. Hey, inside of me, it means more to me more than gettin' together.

Tryce Capehart
Aspiration Change to Fortune
New LTW - To Make $100,000 Simoleons.

I have sort of have it in my mind I wanna be able to make a good living with Michelle when I leave State. I don't know what happened to is really inside my head.